7 rays in 7 days


Violet: Chakra: The Crown Plexus (Param Chakra or Sahsrar Chakra)  
Attribute: Bliss Relationship: Child      
Blessing:   I visualise God’s Violet Bliss rays descending on the globe.   
    I am experiencing Supreme Bliss and so do millions of other souls.
    We are freed from all fears, tension, depression and discontentment
Beneficiary: Mind, Emotional Self,         
    right brain, pineal gland, inner child, immune system  
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Bliss….I am an embodiment of bliss….
Bliss    I spread the Violet rays of bliss in the whole world….  
जामुनी    मैं आनंद के सागर का सन्तान आनंद स्वरूप हूँ…     
आनंद   सारे विष्व  में जामुनी आनंद की क़िरणे   फैला रहा हूँ…..  
Indigo: Chakra: The Brow Plexus (Ajna Chakra or Third Eye)    
Attribute: Truth (Knowledge) Relationship: Teacher    
Blessing:   God’s Indigo rays of Knowledge descending on Earth as a  
    Canopy give clarity about the self, the Supreme and   
    Eternal World Drama.        
Beneficiary: Intellect, Rational Self        
    left brain,  pituitary, hypo thalamus, autonomic and motor nerves
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Knowledge;I am an embodiment of 
 Knowledge knowledge;I spread the Indigo light of knowledge in the whole world….
गहरा  नीला  मैं ज्ञान के सागर का सन्तान ज्ञान स्वरूप हूँ…     
  ज्ञान    सारे विष्व में  ज्ञान की गहरी नीली रोशनी  फैला रहा हूँ…..  
Blue: Chakra: The Throat Plexus (Vishudh Chakra)      
Attribute: Peace Relationship: Mother      
Blessing:   God’s Blue Peace rays  descending on Earth as a canopy   
    make me and other souls peaceful.      
Beneficiary: Space Element          
    ear, nose, throat, neck, wind pipe, Asthma,Sinus, stiff neck  
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Peace….I am an embodiment of peace…
Peace   I spread the Blue vibrations of peace in the whole world….  
आस्मानी   मैं शान्ति  के सागर का सन्तान शान्त  स्वरूप हूँ…    
शान्ति     सारे विष्व में शान्ति के आस्मानी प्रकंप   फैला रहा हूँ…..  
Green: Chakra: The Heart Plexus ( Anahat Chakra)      
Attribute: Love Relationship: Consort ( Sajan)    
Blessing:   Seeing the greenery I visualize God’s Love descending on earth
    as Green canopy, I & others experience selfless Love of God  
Beneficiary: Air Element          
    Lung,cardiovascular system,Angina,vericose vessels,blood pressure,CAD
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Love….I am an embodiment of love….
Spiritual Love I spread the Green fragrance of spiritual love in the whole world….
हरा    मैं प्रेम के सागर का सन्तान प्रेम स्वरूप हूँ…     
रूहानीप्रेम   सारे विष्व में रूहानी प्रेम की हरी खुश्बू  फैला रहा हूँ…..  
Yellow: Chakra: The Solar Plexus (Manipur Chakra)      
Attribute: Joy Relationship: Companion ( Sakha)    
Blessing:   Seeing yellow,I visualize God’s Joy descending on Earth as Yellowcanopy
    giving me and other souls supra sensory joy.    
Beneficiary: Fire Element          
    Pancreas, liver, spleen, stomach, intestine occular muscles,  
    optic nerve, retina, lens        
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Happiness….I am an embodiment of
Joy   happiness…. I spread the Yellow air  of joy in the whole world….
पीला    मैं सुख के सागर का सन्तान सुख स्वरूप हूँ…    
सुख   सारे विष्व में सुख  की पीली  हवा  फैला रहा हूँ…..    
Orange: Chakra: The Sacral Plexus ( Swadhisthan Chakra)      
Attribute: Purity Relationship: Preceptor    
Blessing:   I visualize God’s Orange Purity rays descending on earth absolving
    souls of all impurities in thought, vision and action.    
Beneficiary: Water Element          
    Blood, lymph, immune system, kidney, bladder, uterus, prostate,
    reproductive system.        
Drill:   I am the child of the Ocean of Purity….I am an embodiment of purity….
Purity    I spread the Orange  atmosphere of purity in the whole world….
नारंगी   मैं पवित्रता के सागर का सन्तान पवित्र स्वरूप हूँ…    
पवित्रता   सारे विष्व में पवित्रता का नारंगी  वायुमण्डल  फैला रहा हूँ…..  
Red: Chakra: The Root Plexus (Mooladhar Chakra or Kundalini Chakra)  
Attribute: Spiritual Powers Relationship: Father    
Blessing:   Seeing Red color I visualize God’s Powers descending on Earth as a 
    Red canopy. All souls experience Power to Tolerate, Accomodate, 
    Discriminate, Decide, Face, Cooperate, Withdraw, Pack up, etc
Beneficiary: Earth Elements          
    Bones, muscles, skin, adrenal, joints      
Drill:   I am the child of the Almighty Authority..I am a master almighty
All Powers: authority.. I spread the Red vibrations of powers in the whole world…
    power to withdraw…..power to pack up…..power to accommodate…..
लाल   power to tolerate…..power to discern…..power to judge….  
सर्वशक्ति   …power to face…..power to co-operate…….    
सर्व शक्ति सारे विष्व में शक्ति के लाल प्रकम्प  फैला रहा हूँ….    
    विस्तार को संकेरने की शक्ति…..समेट ने की शक्ति….समाने की शक्ति…
    सहन करने की शक्ति….परख ने की शक्ति….निर्णय करने की शक्ति….
    सामना करने की शक्ति….सहयोग देने की शक्ति…..