Shiv Bhola Bhagwan

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Dadi Janki – 17th October 2013 – Shantivan

I can increase my effort right now

Sat, chit, anand. What is truth (sat)? Think about this… We have to now become the embodiment of the truth, the living soul and blissful. When one is stable in truth then the chit (the memory track) becomes clean. I should never be one thing inside and externally another thing. I have to be liberated from all aspects now and then I can remain in ‘anand’ (bliss),

Call Baba ‘Mama’ and your fortune opens. Call Baba ‘Father’ and you claim your right to the inheritance. He is also the Teacher. His teachings are very wonderful. We are seeing everything Baba has been saying for so many years coming into practical and, on seeing this, we become the embodiment of bliss.

We are sitting below the tree; we are establishing the deity religion. It doesn’t matter where you live but you are sitting under the tree doing this work. The Iron Age is over… we are going up above. Where will you sit there? There is the incorporeal tree up there and we will sit close to God.

Even if you realise that you have not made the type of effort you wish to make until now, you can do it right now. Baba is with you… Past is past. Baba is my companion and I have to be a detached observer. It is very simple. This stage will only be experienced when there is the churning of knowledge inside. There should now only be thoughts of knowledge. Baba once asked me if I churn knowledge. I told him that I was not churning. However, since then Dadi has paid attention to churning. When one churns then you get butter milk and you get cream.

Baba gives blessings through His words. I don’t have to make effort for blessings – I need to take the blessings Baba gives in the Murli every day. When Baba’s hand is on my head then nothing is a big deal – everything is possible. Baba has told us to be Manmanabhav – for one who is such then they see madyajibhav, what they have to become, right in front of them.

It is time now; whatever Baba says, we have to do. There is then no question of what I should do or how I should do it. If I don’t do it now then when will I do it? Baba used to tell us to do what we have to do now, otherwise when will we do it… It doesn’t matter what is going on with the body because this is the confluence age. It is time to get ready to leave this body. In the golden age we will leave the body very naturally and easily, in order to take another body.

After becoming avyakt Baba has not left us. All I have to do to make Him present is to say ‘My Baba’. I have to keep hugging Baba and He will then hug me back! Hugging is not a one way thing!

Om Shanti