Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative

Learning to Live in Harmony with our natural world is the most pressing need of our time. As more of us are exposed to increasing streams of information there is also a need to access greater calm and compassion. In order to hear the call to live as global citizens, we need to take greater care for each other and our increasingly fragile Earth.

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative is about awakening greater environmental awareness within our own organisation, as well as collaborating and learning from others through dialogue, partnerships, UN conferences and local initiatives.

As a spiritual organisation our main aim is to help people to experience greater well-being through inner peace and higher values. Hence our environmental initiative is based on four main principles:

* Living with simplicity
* Buying compassionately
* Using economically
* Learning continuously
* Sharing generously






Osobista odpowiedzialność za zamiany klimatu_COP 19 (pdf)