The qualifications of the children who are equal and constantly seated on BapDada's heart-throne

Revised Avaykt BapDada Class
revision date 08.12.2013
original date 28.05.1977

p.txt The qualifications of the children who are equal and constantly seated on BapDada’s heart-throne

BapDada was seeing the close and equal stars. The Father always has awareness. Just as the children are embodiments of awareness, so too, the Father is also an embodiment of remembrance of His close children. When children are embodiments of awareness, they experience themselves to be embodiments of power. And although BapDada is also the embodiment of power, when there is the co-operation and remembrance of His children who are equal to Him, there is an extra addition in His Being. This is why the symbol of those who co-operated with sakar father Brahma has been shown in the form of a thousand arms.

Arms are a symbol for co-operation. The symbol for those who are constantly co-operative with the Father is the arms. So, what is the place for such children who are equal? Where do they reside? They constantly consider themselves to be seated on the heart-throne or ruling the throne of the world, that is, they remain stable in that stage.

The most important mahatmas never place their feet on the ground. Here, too, before an important person comes, a carpet is laid out along the entire path and staircase. In the same way, the feet of elevated souls never tread on the ground, but on the carpet. What is this a sign of? Where did this system begin?

Here, it is just their feet that tread on the carpet, but the children who are equal to the Father never allow the feet of their intellects to come down from their thrones. They are called those who are seated on the throne, that is, they are those who remain constantly seated on the throne; they never come down. What do those who remain constantly seated on the heart-throne and the throne of the kingdom of the world receive in return from all souls? Of course the souls who are seated on the heart-throne receive love.

However, the deeds they perform and the words they speak touch everyone’s heart, just as whatever emerges from the Father also becomes a memorial for all time. It becomes merged in everyone’s heart. It leaves a memorial for everyone. Then, after half a cycle, the memorial takes on the form of the Gita. So, the elevated versions of the Father become more elevated.

In the same way, whomever the souls seated on the heart-throne have a thought about, the heart of that person is touched by it. For instance, when you have good wishes and pure feelings for a particular soul, that soul would then feel in his heart that you have good wishes and pure feelings for him. One is to have this feeling superficially, second is to give respect because the place is instrumental for this, and the third is to accept it with your heart.

1) Your heart would be touched by the thoughts of the children who are equal to the Father, as though an arrow had pierced it. In earlier days, when they used to shoot arrows, whoever was pierced by an arrow would fall down with the arrow in him. In the same way, those who are seated on the heart-throne will be such that, firstly, whatever soul they have a thought about in their heart, that soul will automatically come in front of them to relate his own feelings.

2) Secondly, when a couple of words are spoken while stable in that stage, then even those two words of that person will give great comfort to the heart. You will feel that, although only two words were spoken, they still gave great comfort to the heart and you received nourishment from them.

3) Thirdly, you will constantly remember those souls from your heart even though they may be at a distance. What would be the sign of remembering someone with your heart? You would feel that that soul is with you and close to you, not at a distance. You would not feel that that soul is in Abu and that you are in a different land. You would feel yourselves to be personally in front of one another and in one another’s company. What do you experience when you remember the Father from your heart? Do you feel that He is very distant? You experience His companionship, do you not? In the same way, you would see the practical return from the children who are seated on the heart-throne. This is known as instant fruit.

4) Fourthly, they will be seated on the heart-throne. Who would be seated on the heart-throne? It would be those who are kings, would it not? Everyone would consider a great person to belong to them. Younger ones would consider their elders to belong to them. The sign of those seated on the heart-throne is that everyone would consider them to be their elders. You would feel that you belong to them. „Our ancestors are our elders; they are the worthy-of-worship ones.” These words are used on the path of devotion, but one generally has the intoxication of them being one’s ancestors and worthy-of-worship ones. In the same way, every soul who comes into connection with you would feel that you are their ancestors and are worthy of worship. They would have a feeling of belonging.

How many such souls seated on the heart-throne would there be? There are very few. This is the speciality of the eight jewels which those who are part of the hundred do not have.
The mother and father are also included in them, but there is still a number. Since there is a number in the first age, there would then definitely be a number in those who come afterwards.

Dadi is going (on service abroad). Why is everyone happy about this? In fact, generally, when someone goes somewhere, there is a wave of a different feeling, so why is everyone happy? Why is there a wave of special happiness? You all have special happiness because everyone has been waiting for a long time for something new to happen, that some transformation has to take place. So, seeing this part now being enacted, there are feelings of newness and transformation in everyone’s intellect. Everyone feels that Dadi is not going but that she is bringing something closer. The plan of newness and transformation has appeared to her and the thought of going has become merged in that.

Everyone’s intellect believes that their field is being prepared for some transformation. Everyone has had the thought for a long time that something new should happen, that that same scene has been continuing for a long time, and that something new has to happen. The part of going to the foreign lands is just instrumental and it is as though each of you automatically has that wave in your heart. Nothing has been said to anyone, but they all have that new zeal and enthusiasm created within them. Of course, there, they have enthusiasm, but, in Bharat as well, you feel that there will be some newness. This is why there is a new wave of happiness in everyone. You feel that the time for coming close is very near, that those scenes are coming very close. This is the feeling you have. This is why time is very closely related to the special souls.

The Brahma soul has a deep connection with time. The birth of Brahma means the beginning of the confluence age. If there weren’t the part of Brahma, there would be no confluence age. The completion of the part of Brahma in the corporeal form and the time for many other parts to begin is also a basis for bringing time closer.

The completion of Brahma’s part means the completion of the confluence age. So, just as the Brahma soul has a deep connection with time, so too, every task of the close souls who follow him have just as deep a connection with time. It is as though they become a clock to show the time. For instance, all of you who have become instruments read their thoughts. All of you check that, according to the time, this is the stage they have reached. So, what is time revealing? You are checking this, are you not?

Sakar Baba was the clock in front of all of you. When you used to see his stage, you all felt that something was going to happen. You could feel that closeness. You felt that to be the angelic form and not the corporeal form. So, he was a clock showing the time, was he not? In the same way, all of you who are instruments are also clocks to show the time. Everyone sees you with the vision of what time the clock is showing. You will feel that the part of going abroad is like a special bell ringing.

BapDada speaking to Par Dadi – Dadi Nirmal Shanta:
The drama is making you an instrument to play a part of being close. Just as these were created in the previous cycle, they are being created now too. Plans are not made by thinking about them but, against your conscious wish, your part within the drama makes you an instrument. There is great significance in this. You have this blessing. You are an instrumental soul who will glorify the name of the lokik and alokik families. This is also a special blessing. This is why, when people see you, both are remembered. The features of the lokik father are remembered, and the future that is created through the features is also remembered. The blessing of glorifying both clans is merged in your every step. This is why the drama itself is pulling you towards that seat. From time to time, the elevated versions that were spoken by BapDada are being put into the practical form. You have a special blessing and you also have a special chance for service. You have a chance to do double service, through your features and your character. Because those people (gurus) have a spiritual stage, others have a spiritual experience from their features. However, as you walk and move along, your features and character will reveal the features and character of Brahma Baba. This is a field of extra service. What will everyone say wherever you go? Everyone has a feeling of the father, do they not? So, your face is also instrumental for service. So, this is double service, is it not?

BapDada speaking to Dadi:
At present, the game of the invocation of you souls is taking place in a double form. On one side, devotees souls, without knowledge, are invoking you, in the form of their special deity of the eight. On the other side, knowledgeable souls, children who are embodiments of knowledge, are invoking you. They are invoking you in the same way that the special deities are invoked in the non-living idols. However, those people are ignorant about this and they therefore do not experience that sweetness, but even through their invocation, they will experience the attainment of blessings, and so that is double invocation, is it not?

Are two idols going, three idols, or are all the special eight idols going? This is also a special wave; everyone feels that they are also going with Dadi. What is the reason for this? This is a sign of closeness through love. You are now seeing the practical form of the return of the part that has been played for so long according to the drama. The result of your having played the part of an instrument is coming in front of you.

At present, you are playing all three parts: They have shown that the part of Brahma is that of creating, that the part of Vishnu is that of sustaining and that the part of Shankar is destroying. Of course, all of that is according to the drama, but each of them has been shown with a speciality. So, the Father was just now seeing what the special virtue of each of the three is. Which image are you? According to the present time, the special parts of all you three are being put into practice. Dadi is just going as an instrument, as an image of support, to bring zeal and enthusiasm and begin a new chapter on the field of service. So, she is going as an image of support, and everyone is especially seeing how much of an image of upliftment you are (Didi); everyone feels both to be present in the one. To make someone else an instrument means to become an image of upliftment. And this one (Par Dadi) is an embodiment of being an example. You (Par Dadi) have given the example of all of you being one in a practical way. So, an image of support, an image of upliftment and an image of being an example – each of you three has your own speciality.

At present, the part of Janak in practical service is that of a true conch shell. In London, both Sudesh and Jayanti have become instruments for service. At present, both have a good stage. You understand that you all have to give your fingers together and increase service. At present, souls who are intoxicated and have a good speed in service are visible. This is the practical proof of the atmosphere everywhere. Everyone’s vision is there. The pure thoughts of everyone are now in that direction too, that something is about to happen. There is the impact on the atmosphere.

What is the practical example of the success of your thoughts? As soon as you have a thought, it becomes practical. Did you have a heart-to-heart discussion on how to serve through your attitude and awareness? According to the present time, together with words, very good service can take place through thoughts, that is, through your awareness and through your attitude, that is, your good wishes, because everyone considers whatever they have heard to be repetition. Souls who are in contact with you a lot consider points of knowledge to be something common. However, now teach them a method to serve in a new way. Until you yourself become experienced, a new form of everything is needed. Give them a new experience. You can have a gathering and have such a service programme. Make them sit with a special aim and then ask them their experience. They will relate a great deal, just as you have had a lot of experience of serving through words, and that was the creation of all of you. Now, the addition required in service is to serve through thoughts and attitude. Make plans for that. When you begin to enjoy yourself, you will feel that it is the stage of ascent of your newness. Just as scientists remain busy in inventing something or other, in the same way, in order to invent something new from a point that you have already related, if you sit in meditation at amrit vela with this aim, you will be touched. New inventions will emerge through which others will also experience newness. Achcha.

May you be a knowledgeable and trikaldarshi soul who performs every task while considering the past and future of every task

Children who are trikaldarshi, that is, those whose intellects have the knowledge of the three aspects of time, and who act considering their past and future, achieve success in every deed. It is not that they would be so busy that they just begin to perform whatever task comes in. front of them; no. Before performing any task, instil the habit of first thinking about all three aspects (of time) of that task. Act while stable in the trikaldarshi stage and no deed will be wasteful or ordinary.

Serve with your contented and happy life and you will then be called a true server.


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