Music Moods

Music has an effect on your mood. Music soothes the soul and guides you to reminisce.

Music fills you with optimism and motivation and boosts your focus endurance. But music can also have a negative effect. It can be distracting, agitating….

Practice of values while siting, moving around and even while listing to different songs

when you go away – accuracy
got my mind set on you – aim
this is love – appreciation
time after time – care
this too shall pass – compassion
are you going with me – courage
don’t give up – determination
other people’s dreams – dignity
love is in the air – discernment
you should be dancing – enthusiasm
infantry is marching – equality
sound of silence – farsightedness
free as a bird – freedom
auguri, good wishes – generosity
shiv sandesh 10 (bk) – happiness
rocket man – honesty
i get by with a little help from my friends – hope
strawberry fields forever – insight
april joy – joy
it’s for you – lightness
human nature – maturity
the windows of the world – patience
here’s comes the sun – positivity
amandla – power
out of the depths – respect
that’s what friends are for – self respect
september – spontaneity
this is not america – transformation
true colors – trust
when the night is over – truth
i’ll never fall in love again – understanding
let it be – wisdom

Why not use music to your advantage. Pick the right kind of music to create the mood you want.


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with love …. Bliss
Until There’s Nowhere Left
He’s The Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge (1978)
Sounds from Erez Lev Ari
Take Me To Aruanda
Igor Stravinsky’s Disney’s “Fantasia 2000″ – Firebird Suite