Conversation with God – 1

God says: Child, give everyone the message: “May you be an embodiment of Love”, “May you be an embodiment of Power”

The main points of Avyakt Murlis of 1969 were compiled in the form of question and answers to understand the teachings of God who is lovingly called as Baba, as well as to know what Baba wants children to practice and imbibe.

God-Father, whose birthday is celebrated as Shiv Jayanti (the birth of Benefactor) appeared in the body of Sri Brahma (Adam – the father of humankind), from 1936 at this iron age, who was also known as Dada Lekhraj, the founder of Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

The versions spoken since 1936 is known as sakar murlis. After Sri Brahma (Adam) left the body in 1969, Supreme Soul and Adam-Brahma’s soul together appeared in the body of Dadi Gulzar and versions spoken by GodFather through her is known as Avyakt Murlis.

Murlis are the elevated versions of Gita spoken by God Himself which were later called in the name of Bhagwad Gita. These Godly versions were recalled by Sage Vyas and since God was not known personally during that period, Sri Krishna’s name was mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita. Sri Krishna is none other than Sri Brahma (Adam) who appears as Sri Krishna in golden age.

The main points of 1969 Avyakt Murlis are compiled here and it speaks on:

1. to practice becoming bodiless every now and then and maintain bodiless stage even whilst performing actions.
2. receive subtle powers becoming bodiless
3. to become aware of soul
4. experience all divine qualities being a point
5. become free from all attachments and become independent
6. achieve success in all endeavours
7. become embodiment of love all virtues

1. Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is soul consciousness? What is the final stage?

Sweet child,
at the end, the body will become completely still and peaceful, this is known as soul consciousness. Now, because there are still some outstanding karmic accounts, your body draws your attention.

Soul consciousness means an avyakt stage. The more you stabilize in this stage,whether someone speaks or not, the more you will be able to know that one’s feelings beforehand.

If you consider yourself to be a guest, you will be able to become the final, perfect stage, whilst being in the corporeal form, you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage. A guest does not have attachment to anyone.

Everyone has to create extra time for staying in the avyakt stage. Whilst talking to one another, see each other as souls. Whilst being in the body, see the soul. This is the first lesson which is now essential.

Become a zero, without any sanskars of the past. I am a point, if you increase your practice, you will be able to stabilize yourself in that
stage for many hours, then you can experience the sweetness of that stage. Just as a whole tree is merged in the seed, Baba’s remembrance is merged in me, the soul.

Considering yourself to be a soul, you also have to come into a body and perform actions being loving and detached. Soul consciousness means an avyakt stage.

The weakness of not being able to stabilise yourself in the point form is that the first lesson is not firm. You should experience yourself to be a bodiless soul whilst performing actions. This practice throughout the day is very much needed.

You have to be detached from practical matters and then come into action. The more experience you have of this, the more you will stabilise yourself in the point form. If all of you continue to see the jewel on the forehead of each one, then your drishti and attitude will become pure and satopradhan. The main reason why your drishti becomes mischievous is that you don’t see the jewel on the forehead but you see the physical form instead. Whilst looking at the snake (body), do not see the snake.

Just see the jewel (soul). The poison of the snake will not be so poisonous if you look at the jewel. If you see the snake which is the body, you will belong to the snake. You will become like that. But if you see the jewel, you will become a jewel in BapDada’s rosary. If you want to become a jewel, you must see the jewel. Then your complaint will be transformed and you will become complete.

All of you have to perform every action whilst in the stage of a spiritual spirit; only then will there be that sparkle in service and in your actions. There will be a new sparkle when there is spirituality in your every action, every thought and in your speech. The more you consider yourself and others to be God Father’s property, the more there will be spirituality. You should create thoughts in your mind whilst considering the mind to be given to you in trust.Whether it is a student,centre or physical object,when you consider it to be given to you in trust, you will remain unattracted by it. It is only when you remain unattracted that there will be spirituality.

You have to surrender yourself to the Flame to this extent.