Aayein Anubhav Karein – Panch Swarup

Baba – Father – ShivBaba – Allah – God is ONE Supreme LIGHT.

ShivBaba Has Given Us The Latest Direction To Remain In Remembrance of FIVE Swarup/Forms Of Us, His Sweet Children To Remain In Elevated Company, Away From Wasteful, Negatives & Vices.

Do It For at least FIVE times In A Day For FIVE Minutes Each And Experience Each Stage.

1. Anaadi Swarup/Eternal Form of Soul as live conscious energy as a sparkling point of light like a STAR visiting our original HOME, Soul World, ParamDham, ShantiDham.

2. Aadi Swarup/First Form: The Purest Birth In Satyug/Golden Age and TreataYug/Silver Age experiencing abundance of every thing Peace, Happiness, Purity, Love, Bliss with Beautiful Nature.

3. Pujyaniya Swarup/Worship Worthy Form As Devi Devta/Deities in Dwapar & Kalyug Giving Sakaash/Good Wishes Vibrations to millions of Devotees.

4. Brahman Swarup/Form as Sweet Child of ShivBaba adopted By BrahmaBaba As Most Fortunate World Transformer, Ever Benefactor, Master Almighty Children.

5. As Farista/Angel Swarup with Double Light Aakari roop.


5 forms drill