Trust and Transformation

Questions & Answers with Dadi Janki

16.8.12 Evening – GRC, European Teachers Retreat

Q. In the process of working together in harmony, individually we are good, but, when we get together, we come from different places (feelings, perception, organisation) and so we mis-communicate with each other. We imagine that everyone thinks the same way I do, but it’s not true. We need an extra instrument or sense perception to be able to capture where the other person is coming from, so we are able to connect.

DJ. Well, when the intellect is clear, you are able to understand them and they are able to understand you.

Q. Some are intellectual, some are heart people, some see things through their eyes but are unable to interpret them, some are artistic, some are more scientific. We don’t necessarily consider those differences and this becomes a reason for not being able to work together in harmony. Have you experienced this through your journey in the yagya and how did you manage it, say from India to England?
DJ. Question is a bit complicated, but it’s actually a very simple thing. If, in the whole world, so many souls have come together, then if I had a complicated nature… What creates the complication is our sanskars. But even while there is a variety of sanskars, we have to finish the differences – this is my bhavna. In the differences, souls have become separate and distant from each other. You can come close when you have the aim of finishing that difference, then automatically your words, attitude and vision will follow. But if you don’t have the pure wish to finish the difference, you become trapped in situations. Catch the pure wish and move along with that. Instead of expecting others to understand you, make the effort to understand others first.

Q (JB). Let’s say someone is highly intellectual. They will share on the basis of their intellect and what they have studied. But another person may be very full of bhakti and their language will be different. A 3rd person may be very innocent; they don’t know much about bhakti, they’re not intellectual and they haven’t studied much. If the three of them have to get together to work, there will be a bit of difficulty. Baba has all 3 varieties of children. If these 3 people are coming from 3 different angles, how do they understand what each other is saying and move forward in unity?
DJ. Even then, I have to make the effort to harmonise the sanskars. If I have the aim to be in harmony and harmonise, then this aim is something I must never let go of, regardless of sanskars, and then nothing feels difficult.

Q. If I must meet someone and all three have to leave their existing positions, how do they find a 4th position, which is suitable for all three, when none of them have that position naturally.
DJ. I know there is a difference, but it’s taken time to finish that difference. Each one should look at themselves. How long has it taken each one of you to change yourself internally? How long for the aim to understand yourself and each other? And to that extent, you’ve come close to each other. Within my sanskars are old sanskars that bring me into duality. They polarise me and don’t enable me to remain concentrated in what is the right thing for me to do. People might not accept my efforts to harmonise, but subtly, even in my dreams, I will send them those vibrations, because they are under the influence of their sanskars and their intellect, and they consider themselves to be right. That’s why they are fixed in their position. Those who consider themselves to be right, you can’t even tell them that they are wrong. But, with lots of feelings of love and in order to enable them to realise what is truth, I never reduce my bhavna for them, no matter what position they take. I must never reduce it. Pure feelings, and the quality of that pure feeling, even if someone does not catch it, should not reduce. A soul may not accept my bhavna, but it is my loss if I reduce my bhavna. My bhavna is personal and must always be good, because the inheritance I have received from the Supreme is to keep good bhavna. God has had trust in me. Another person may not have trust, but on the basis of developing understanding, trust is eventually instilled. Trust makes many things happen. Keep trust in Baba, the self and each other, and it’s possible to harmonise and come together. Whatever is going to happen will happen, but I have to have trust even in my own nature.

Q: What does it mean to keep trust? Somebody says, “If I am trustworthy, then they can trust me, but if I’m not trustworthy, then how can they trust me?” So what is the form of trust? Do I have to be trustworthy to be trusted?
DJ: Sometimes we have good experiences that we don’t have regularly. It’s on the basis of those special experiences that I became a BK. I move along because of attainment. Have value for your attainment. When I value my attainment, then I can instil that trust in myself. We have to have deep value for the sustenance that we have received through the Supreme Father. No human being can make a plan like God has for our sustenance. I have to have value for that sustenance and it is through that sustenance that we are able to instil faith in others, to say, “Don’t worry.” Who is the one who is studying? Who is teaching us? The study is so elevated. I don’t use my own intellect in this. It’s Baba’s study, but you use it in such a way that you have ego about it, “I speak good knowledge, I have good yoga.” So then, how can trust be instilled? How can somebody have trust in you when you take it for yourself in a subtle way? You still have the consciousness of having to do something yourself. Appreciate what Baba is giving you, “Baba is giving us such a wonderful study. Baba’s jewels of knowledge are so great.” When you churn deeply and contemplate on this, it feels so elevated and so good, and that is how trust is increased. In practical life, the sustenance we’ve received is from Baba. Trust in the Father, in the study, in the attainment and in the sustenance. In 75 years, nobody has died of hunger. Eat with happiness. Cook with happiness. Don’t think that I can’t eat this and make a face at it. Many souls left because they didn’t like the food. Somebody corrected them and, because they had a sensitive nature, they left. A sensitive nature creates a great loss. It doesn’t let you do something good, it doesn’t let you become good and it doesn’t let you see good in anyone.

Q. Earlier, you said that we are fragile, we can’t manage pain. Yet pain helps us to overcome our limitations. What do we need to understand, in order to value the deep messages that come from different kinds of pain, so that we do become adequately strong to carry Baba’s message.
DJ. Become introverted, with the power of concentration. Along with knowledge-full, you have to become peaceful and loveful. You’ve taken on knowledge, you’ve heard knowledge and you’ve shared knowledge. But there’s still pain or discontentment inside, so you make yourself busy and avoid your pain. First, become peaceful inside. “I am a pure soul.” Make yourselves into pure souls. Accept purity and make effort, “I am a pure soul.” Within purity, there is peace, love, happiness, power. We have to be practical and keep this inner effort continuous – a constant yogi, then you can have trust in yourself. You have a lot of trust in Baba, because you experience attainment from his words, and it will be a constant experience. Those, who don’t maintain this constant effort, might be sitting physically in front of Baba, but they won’t experience any attainment. Baba has made a lot of effort on the children, whilst playing games with them, putting them in front of him and encouraging them to remember Baba. Do you recognise who you eat with? You need recognition of Baba. Recognise the self and then you can recognise each other. Don’t waste time any more. This is the time to change, to transform. Recognise the time, Baba’s task. Apply a dot and accumulate hundreds, but if you don’t remember the One alone, then you’ll never be able to be peaceful and you’ll never be able to be pure. If you let even a drop stain you, then you can’t become pure, and you won’t remember and be peaceful. Look after the honour of your white clothes. Ordinariness and carelessness don’t let you ascend high, become elevated or let you catch things with trust. There isn’t the thought, “Oh, this is a good thing that I should put into practice.” Go into the depth of this word vishwas (trust), then a lot of transformation can happen, because you have trust. Many have transformed with my bhavna, so this one can transform. These are God’s children. Baba has not let go of any child, so why should I? Let this voice of trust emerge from inside. You can’t let go of hope in yourself or in anyone else. There are one or two souls in whom nobody has any hope, but I won’t let them go. I may come in front of them, they may find another road and go round the back way, but I won’t let them go. This is the thread of love, on the basis of truth. The thread of love draws souls towards the Supreme, not towards me. But let me become such an instrument that they feel Baba’s pull and then, in Baba’s pull, they become Baba’s child and they draw all that they need from Baba. And in return for what they take from Baba, I get good wishes for being in-between – not that I did it. Have deep value for blessings. Your mind, words and actions have to be elevated. Such a soul will always be tension-free, able to keep complete attention. Sometimes the ‘a’ drops off attention, and we’re left with tension and then we don’t experience any attainment. Check, do I have any tension inside? Check it and release it with attention. You have tension, because you think too much. If your life is filled with tension, what will others receive? Those who are in tension, who will receive inspiration from their life?

Q. In order to live together in harmony, we still have karmic accounts to settle with yoga, but what exactly is the mechanism and how can we tell to what extent our karmic accounts are melting?
DJ. In terms of our karmic accounts, one is the account of sinful actions from previous births, that happened through being in the body. We settle those through separating ourselves from being in the body and bodily relationships, and recognising the One. In that kind of remembrance, we finish that vikarma. If you have even the slightest attachment towards bodily relations, bowing down to them, being suppressed by or dependent on them or they are dependent on you, this is an account of karma. Never become dependent nor make someone dependent on you. Let’s say we’ve settled the accounts with the bodily relations, even now, when we become a BK, some even start forging these karmic accounts again, either because they’re influenced or suppressed by each other; that then becomes a very severe karmic account. The precious karmic accounts with your relations finish quickly, but the karmic accounts you make in the Brahmin family, you don’t realise so quickly that you have to be free from it. Then the karma you perform, by being dependent or suppressed, becomes a sin. Mixed in that is falsehood. Falsehood is sin, sin is falsehood. If there is the slightest bit of falsehood, it means there is sin. With true elevated action, realise your karmic accounts and cut them immediately. I have never come under the influence of, or bowed down to, someone, never been dependent on anyone, but always put Baba in-between. It’s my duty in service to give co-operation, in effort to caution each other, for progress or self-progress. Whether they accept it or not, to inspire them to accept it. I have had the bhavna that they should stay close, not disappear. I have this tub of almonds, so that, whoever comes in front of me, I can feed them with love. For many, even to smile is difficult. If somebody is smiling at you, at least nod your head. Some are so dry that they can’t accept a smile. This is subtle incognito effort. What is it that’s real? I have to grasp the reality of effort, understand it and bring it into my life. I mustn’t be artificial. I mustn’t do anything for show. When I make effort, I mustn’t have the desire for someone’s attention or praise. But at least I am becoming one who has the quality of becoming praise-worthy, so that praise emerges from people’s hearts for me. Up until the time that you are still in a karmic account, you won’t make this kind of effort. You might make effort, but you won’t get success in your effort because it’s mixed in with the karmic account that you’ve created. Let’s say you’ve done something wrong and I tell someone else about it. What karma is this? And they relate to other people. What kind of karma is this? Understand the depths and secrets of karma. Even to see someone’s mistake is a mistake. Baba doesn’t see someone’s mistake. Baba forgives them by giving them good company, relating good things to them and making them good. Sinners, like Ajamil, used to come in front of Baba and I have seen how he practically uplifted them. He never talked about their sins and he changed them to such an extent that they became a good servers. Let go of a sensitive nature, because your sensitive nature makes you make mistakes and it doesn’t let you realise your mistakes. One who is sensible immediately recognises his mistake.

Q. What is the mechanism of how yoga destroys karma?
DJ. This doesn’t happen by yoga only. You might think your yoga is very good. I have to give someone the power to realise that they want to change. First, I have to change and then I keep the bhavna that others also can change. That yoga, with this aim and effort, inspires transformation in many others. The power of yoga means that I am a peaceful and pure soul. My enthusiasm never reduces, no matter what happens, because I have the power of yoga. Through this, I accumulate strength. I have to stay in my karmateet, avyakt and complete stage, whilst coming into relationship with everyone. I don’t generate thoughts about anyone else, I can’t change anyone else, so I save time and my power of yoga will do its work on them automatically. The power of yoga is doing its work – that’s what’s making service happen throughout the whole world, that’s how souls are being moved. The power of yoga, trust in each other, trust in Baba, trust in the self; go into the depth of trust and then the power of yoga will work for you. If you keep someone’s weakness in front of you, then your yoga does not work, because you cannot accumulate for yourself or the other. But, with peace and love, transform something that is wrong. It will transform when you bring souls close. The power of yoga will enable it to happen. If this trust is there, if the bhavna is there, transformation will happen. When there’s trust in that transformation, then the power of yoga can work. If I don’t have my bhavna and trust, then how can my power of yoga work for myself and others? All of you are the creation of Brahma Baba’s power of yoga. He had such power that he gave us children so much strength that he made us instruments and made us present in service in front of all of you. Brahma Baba did service. Brahma Baba did not make followers; he wanted us to understand and accept what Baba is saying. If you offer something with feelings of friendship, people accept it, there is no force. Many come and go, but it is our choice what we want to be. Present what is right, don’t hide anything away and the one who has courage to follow it will receive help from Baba. To show others the path is an act of great charity. To understand these things, have no interest in other things. What is not necessary, I don’t give time to. I see those making food and washing pots before I eat, because they make so much effort. There should be the quality of being harmonious, not that you appear busy.

Om shanti.