Power of silence – Jagdish Chander Hassija

power of silence – listen

I will first of all take up the subject of the power of silence. Wouldn’t it have been better if we had been in silence than speak on the power of silence? First of all I would like to explain what is silence.

I think when our mind is free from inner conflicts there is no turmoil at the thought level, the mind is calm and composed, there is quietness of the mind. Then I would say I am in a state of silence. There are many kinds, this is one of which I am speaking, when the mind does not have any confusion that is another thing. When there is confusion then there is a tug-of-war – whether this is correct or the other one. Even then the mind is not in silence. There should be no conflict, no confusion and no dissatisfaction. If there is dissatisfaction, then the mind is not quietened. It is not in calmness, there should be no disturbance of any sort.

If someone insults us, someone talks about us in a negative way to other people, and we come to know of this, then we feel disturbed because of the behaviour of this person. Then our mind is disturbed and we are not in a state of silence. I may not be speaking any word, outwardly I may be a silent person, but inwardly there is a storm in my mind, it is not silent. So when there is no disturbance then only I can say I am in a state of silence. For example if you say ‘sit yourself in your seats’ then the storms, the circumstances, the events outside cannot shake or disturb you. This is one of the point He has given – you must stabilize in your stage of self-respect of your own identity and so on.

So what is meant is in that state of quietness, calmness and composure we should be firmly rooted, unshakeably rooted, that is what is meant by the silence of mind. In the ocean or the seas also there may not be many waves or tides, but there may be undercurrents. So there should not be any undercurrents in the mind. It may happen when we look into ourselves there is not much disturbance in our mind. But in our subconscious mind there may be some kind of disturbance. There isn’t any sign of peacelessness but there isn’t either any feeling of positive peace. Even then I would not say that the mind is not in silence. Then, at the gyani level there should be no doubts left in our mind. Doubt also sometimes make our mind disquiet. Strong doubts about what Baba says about what this knowledge says, and those doubts may shake ourselves from our feeling of identity, of self realization. Many of the murlis Baba has been talking the why and wherefore of the things, asking fo r so much pooch pooch. Baba says, like Hanuman – you are pooch like the monkeys have the tail. These questions He compares to the pooch – the tails. The difference between the human beings and the monkeys the monkey has the tail and the questions He’s compared to the tails.

It is not wrong if we have some curiosity, we want to know something deeper and more enlightenment. But doubt is different from questions. Questions out of curiousity continuing out of our education is different. If we have doubts in the validity of what has been told to us in the rationality or the logic or the truth of what’s been given to us that is different – that shakes us and should not be there.
There should be no puzzles that bite our mind, that there is some kind of contradiction in the knowledge. If we are aware of some strong contradictions here and there, then those give rise to certain strong doubts, and those doubts engage our attention so seriously, that there is sluggishness in our spiritual efforts. Then our mind is not in state of silence.
Not only mind at conscious level, but at the subconscious level, it should be at rest. Silence of mind means restfulness of mind. We should feel complete relaxation of mind, complete rest. That kind of state – sometimes there may be a feeling of guilt, we have done something in the past that according to our present state of enlightenment may be not correct, negative karmic account. What we have done now after we have been in gyan but maybe, in the years before we came to this institution, or that awareness of our negative side, or our past agyani life, even that may disquieten the mind.


You not only have to detach from your body, to detach from your relatives, the world and worldly objects, you also have to detach from your own past. This is also necessary.

Detachment will be complete only when our past also does not disturb us. Let us think that was a different person that did that. I am new born one, with a new life, that man is dead who did that. Otherwise that kind of awareness, consciousness would be a mental block and the block at the thought level which would not allow us to make any progress. It would always pull us back and we’d be living in the past rather than the present.
Most of the people live for most of the time in the past. Because when we are aware of the past naturally we are aware of the past, which is wrong. We are in a way giving new lease to what has happened to what was in the past. Suppose there was an event in the past which took place, say ten minutes. If I remember it again and again I am prolonging its time, its duration. The 10 minutes was over long ago, but reliving that negative experience is so to say increasing the duration of that event. Let me be detached from that past, open a new chapter of my life and that would be in the silence or quietening of the mind.

This should be the erasement or effacement of my past memories. I should be totally forgetful of those things. Not only do I have to forgive and forget others when they do some wrong action but a yogi is supposed to forget and forgive. Anybody says they are sorry, let me forget and forgive. Not only the other person but also myself. If I forget the other person and their wrong actions, but I remain very much aware of my own bad past actions, that also is not a yogi type action. Let me be detached and forget.

Then, silence of mind comes when there are no desires, no worldly desires, for name and fame, self glorification, for the comforts of life, so on. If I am very much aware of I want this and that…the other thing, then my mind is occupied with certain thoughts which will not let me have complete stage of restfulness, silence, deep silence.

So a stage of deep silence is a stage free of desires. There is only one desire, desires can’t be eliminated completely, and that is one desire replaced all the other desires, and this desire is the link with the Supreme. That I want to experience that highest bliss. I want to realize myself, that is the only desire. It is a desire that takes us to some action. Without desire there cannot be any action – mental or physical.
Even my effort for attaining that stage of silence must be born of some desire. Without that desire even this effort cannot take place. And the desire in this case is that I want to realize my original state, one of silence. All others are automatically replaced.

Silence also means use of minimum words. When we talk and whenever we have to speak, to express something orally, let us use the minimum words. Let us not waste energy. Our words will be powerful if we consider them to be an expenditure of energy. There I is no action which cannot take place without the expenditure of energy. Even the winking of our eye requires some energy. No action mental or physical that is not expenditure of energy.

Action is nothing more than an expenditure of energy in one form or the other.
Without that there could be no action. So, let there be no waste thoughts, or words. Let us use minimum wods. Then what happens is our words will become blessings. They will become bardan. Whatever we say, a stage will be reached when they will happen. The words will never go to waste. That is the sign of a holy person. Whatever he utters, even about the future, that takes place, because only those thoughts occupy his mind, which reflect the future of that to come – the other do not even enter his mind. So to attain that state, we should speak with deep thought, and the least, without waste explanations. This will endow us to be in a stage of silence.

You must have observed when a trance messenger goes into trance, detaching from the body, cutting herself off from the environment, being totally oblivious from what is happening and going to the beyond – not being aware of what’s around here. After the trance messenger comes back, it takes some time to come into the normal state of speaking. The voice is gradually raised, is a whisper not a high pitch.
Why is this is because when you are detached from your body, and when you are in a stage of being beyond, your natural state is of silence. From that you come into talk. Your original stage is silence. So the LESS we talk, the easier it would be, the less difficult it would be and convenient it would be to go into that stage of silence. The more we talk, the more effort will be required to withdraw from this and come back to our original state of silence.

So when sometimes people observe some kind of spiritual practice, the state of silence, they will observe restraint on themselves, and won’t speak totally. What happens is it takes them better into the inner realization of silence. Because it is a step nearer to the mental silence.
When Baba says we should become like angels, what He means is that we should be in a state of silence. Our actions should produce the least of sound, or there should be a voice at the lowest pitch. The least of sound, this is angel-like.
Sakar Baba used to say, that when you cook in the kitchen, suppose there are 15 persons working at a time. Someone comes near the kitchen and thinks there is no one inside as he doesn’t hear any sound coming from there. But entering into there – 15 persons there working as a team, even then there is pindrop silence. Baba said we should practise what He called the movie stage. Not talkie.
One stage is movie, one is talkie. When you work, He said, try to be like what the angels are, rather than being talkative most of the time.
As a matter of fact, in a stage of silence, our communications is more at the vibrational level. When I was saying that we have to prepare for the service of the future, we have to prepare to communicate at the vibrational level.
When we look, our eyes communicate, or gesture with the hand our hands communicate. Even better – our vibrations have an impact on others. So in a stage of silence we, with our powerful and strong vibrations can communicate what we want to communicate through words.


Even the words have to be recorded to be interpretated. They are just sound and the ears get the electrical impulses which go to the brain and ultimately have to be decoded or interpreted. Without that they make no meaning or sense. So, that could happen on the basis of vibrations.
One could understand on the basis of physics that this could take place. Sound is a wave, it is a vibration. And at a different wave length and vibration itself is a vibration at another wave length. So if something could be communicated through sound, why could that not be communicated simply at the vibrational level.

Even before we speak, there is the thought. Speech is nothing more than a translation of our thought in words. So, thought is a vibration. If we can communicate at the thought level, that we can do when we are in the state of deep silence. That is what we have to try to make practice.

Why we want to attain that state of silence. What are the benefits. Until and unless we are motivated we do not make efforts. If we very clearly know the benefits and advantages we will be having, then naturally it motivates us strongly for it. One of the things is we will be able to experience the karmateet stage. The karmateet state, the state of our action.

All the time we are doing action. Almost the whole of our life has passed in doing action, at the mental or the physical level. Never have we been in a stage that is even equivalent to the stage in the soul world. By kamateet state means the stage in the soul world, where I have NO thoughts NO actions, NO desires, it is in its original form. That is the karmateet stage of action, mental and physical.
So if I want to go, because I have been given to know that I am a soul a point of light, and I am originally peaceful and pure, and come from soul world and that was my original state, I know that only through a lot of verbalization – but I want to experience it now as a Yogi. In order to experience that I have to go back to my stage of silence. My stage of karmateet in the soul world was one of perfect silence.

There was no desires, so there were no thoughts, and since there were no thoughts, there were no actions, and since there were no actions, no peacelessness, sorrow or suffering. So then I had purity. So when I go back to that state of deep silence then only I can realize my experience of the karmateet stage. The first and highest is this. Many of these yogis and hermits and renunciates have been trying to achieve that stage considering it as the highest. In this yogi life when we are in that deep stage of silence and the mind is – even though the body is here – one of the songs says – we’re to attain a stage that the body is here the mind is over there…When we are in deep silence, our mind will be completely stabilized in the soul world, in a desireless stage, that is the seed stage. The most powerful stage – when our mind is completely stable, completely concentrated, completely pure.

That would be one of the greatest advantages or benefits of experiencing the karmateet stage. At the same time we will be experiencing the real nature of the soul. To know only the _expression I am a point only, I am a soul is only just imagining. It is a kind of visualizing. But the better would be to experiece it – to realize it.
That realization can come ONLY through retiring, returning to the state of complete silence. When I say beyond the effects of karma it is an effort here,…so when we lead a lotus like life and being in this world we are not affected by the effects of our actions it is because the original karmateet stage in the soul world was without effects. To have something like that here is what is called ‘karmateet stage.’
Now this karmateet stage is when you are in complete state of meditation and when you are in action, not to be affected by the fruits of the action, is something that is near to that karmateet state, not completely, but while engaging yourself into action not to be receiving the pollution of the action is karmateet, not being akin to it.
When in state of silence we can listen better to the whispers from the beyond. When ShivBaba wants to speak to us directly, we are open as our ears and eyes are closed from the outside and the mind is not occupied with any kind of its own thoughts and at that time it’s in a proper state to receive what ShivBaba wants to do. So we are open to that kind of surgery which that spiritual surgeon wants to perform on ourselves. We are completely resolved to Him at that state.

So, if He wants to tell something, and that is the most effective, when in stage of silence, something comes up in our mind as word or advice from ShivBaba, that has a very lasting effect and greatest influence.
When a senior utters something that is of use or benefit to us, these things help us. But when we get something when we are in a state of complete silence from Shiva , that being the most powerful, and at that time our minds being the most receptive, most impingable by that kind of influence is the lasting most wonderful transformation, it would break the hard crust that was on our soul and bring about a rapid change in our lives.
Certain things we cannot have, even things we hear in daily murlis do this, don’t do that– but still we don’t do it and we do not attain what He wants us to attain. But in that stage of silence the bliss, the ecstacy, the intoxication is so much which makes a breakthrough in our life, a channel breaks through, a new kind of transformation takes place. New kind of renovation process starts from within without anyone asking. At the same time, something from ShivBaba, His processes also start to take place on us. That brings in quicker change, and our effort becomes very fast.

Then we become Bapsaman, like the Father. If we want to become like the Father, not only must we follow Him in our actions keeping His biography in the view of the eye of our mind, but when we become that soul, that point of light, completely in silence without any other desire, then that’s the stage when we are really Bapsaman.

And as for service, Baba was saying Mansa Seva.

Service at the mental level – at the thought level.

Not merely at the vocal level – and verbal level. If we want to impart experience to others the service at the experiential level, the experience of bliss, I can explain to someone what is bliss but that would be only a dictionary meaning of the word. But if someone is to be given a feeling of what bliss is like, if I am completely in a state of silence in that blissful state, and that man sits in my presence, he should be able to get that feeling of bliss.

So if I want to do that service at the experiential level, it can be the more I am and deeper I am in silence which I can stabilize myself, at that time my vibrations will be so strong, so powerful, that at the experiential level, mind to mind communication will be possible and then that person will be able to get that experience.
This is the real service we are supposed to do. If I want to bring some transformation into someone’s life, I think that this person is very much caught up in this quagmire and is not able to come out of it despite his best efforts, I want to help the person to have certain qualities from his own efforts he is unable to have. If even at that level I want to help him that is also possible through the power of silence. Qualitative change in another person.

How to attain this state? It is easy to say we should be without desires, but how is it possible. It is easy to say we should have contentment, satisfaction, but how to have it? It is easy to say we should stabilize in that stage, but how to stabilize in that stage? There are many murlis on these but I will just give one hint for everything.

Small hints to practise to have that state. As far as desires are concerned, what are our desires about? Ask myself, what do I desire ultimately? There may be 100s or 1000s of desires – what am I after .. if you just try to find out what the meaning or direction of all those desires is, you will find out that when we say ShivBaba is knowledgeful, peaceful, blissful, loveful almighty, there are certain desires that are fulfilled through knowledge. There are other desires fulfilled if we get peace. There are other desires we get when we have power…others with purity, etc. If we know what is the root cause of all our desires, then I find if I am able to have my deepest connection with ShivBaba..if I realize now I have got the source and now there is the possibility of all desires getting fulfilled in one stroke through ShivBaba He is the Ocean of all virtues, peace, purity, power, bliss…Then there is no desire which is beyond or outside this.

So, if I tell myself, educate myself that all your desires have no legs to stand upon because you now have a connection with ShivBaba and now, being an inheritor to ShivBaba, all your desires will be fulfilled. My desires are either for peace, prosperity, happiness, and these can be fulfilled if I become the inheritor of ShivBaba. I realize I have attained ShivBaba, have intimate connection with Him and He is the source of all these. All the people pray to Him for this but I do not pray because I am His child. I naturally inherit from Him, it is my birthright. Baba has given us this slogan, „complete purity, prosperity and happiness for 21 births is your Godfatherly birthright.”

Previously Sakar Baba used to print in every piece of literature almost on every single page, invitation card, in all the papers,” Beloved Children, my most beloved children, complete purity, peace and prosperity for 21 lives is your Godfatherly birthright. It is your birthright – why are you running after it? I have come to give this to you. All you have to do is take it. How easy. So if that is going to happen then all my desires are going to be fulfilled, because all my desires are either for peace, health, wealth or happiness. These are fulfilled if one attains God, He is the fulfiller of all these.

The stage of silence can be attained when we have no desires. All desires are replaced by this.
Secondly, this Kaliyugi world is going to be destroyed very soon, so what do you want with it. Supposing you become a billionaire, all these bank balances will be lost. If you get just two loaves of bread a day, fine. If you just want to sustain yourself, and you have a number of buildings, after all you will live only in one or two rooms, not more through the whole night from one bed to another.

Your efforts for earning money, you spend your time and energy and worried about saving money, storing it and evading tax, then how to use that money…all that money will be lost. The time is coming when all this will be laid into dust. Either earthquakes or otherwise will be lost. Money is something not lasting, so why worry about it?

Then, there are doubts. We should have no doubts. The stage of silence is without doubts. When we read the Bhadvagita, in the 18th chapter, in the end final state, the last few paragraphs when he has finished listening to God, Arjuna does what. He said my attachment is gone, I remember myself, my goal. All my doubles are now vanished. There is not iota of doubt left. Now I know what you say is correct.
You will be the world conquerors at that stage, you will be able to conquer your senses and able to control and rule your mind. But only when you have complete faith in the knowledge, its source, its validity, its logic and complete application to end our sorrows. When you have immovable faith in this – that will give you the inner strength. If your mind is divided by doubts we cannot score the final victory. When no doubt is left there is the final victory.

Then despite all efforts there are still some doubts left, then something not clear, Baba says the education is continuing, the teacher and classes are there, Baba never said complete holiday, I give you the certificate. Still there is much to be told to you…He has told us. So do not let those doubts bite or disturb your mind. Even there is something, Baba is something. We have no doubt He is teaching us. Since He is the teacher, He knows the best. So let our doubts vanish, or at least not come again and again and raise their heads.
The most important thing is intense love of ShivBaba. Without that there could not be a state of silence. It is love which takes us into that state. The deeper and more intense the love the easier and quicker, deeper our stage of silence. Because love gives us that experience, it’s our original quality. Now when we come back to that, it is what the soul is actually starving for. Then when that soul comes back to the state of love, it is stored, that is the stage of silence. Also let there be no hatred or jealousy. Let there not be anything hidden from ShivBaba. That is what self surrender means in one aspect. Our everything should be open to ShivBaba – not try to hide from Him, otherwise His forces will not act upon it. We are trying to conceal, when His gracious view falls upon all the parts of ourselves, then only will we really be transformed.

So intimate should be our relationship, so much open to each other, there is nothing we have not opened to with Shiv Baba. In the state of silence our energy will be conserved – no wastage of thought energy. This is the way of wastage or leakage of thoughts, energy. We should be able to earn something for the future. Presently we are spending what we earn. We are not reserving for our future needs. If we have $500 and spent $500 our balance is 0 – but the wise one may spend $400 and save $100 – for some emergency. Silence is the way we can conserve. „Children lay down something in store for future – when world is in turmoil, when there are upheavals it will be the silence energy that is of use, ” Baba says.

Like the transistor, with a cable or receiver, it can be received what is broadcasted from a station. Our mind becomes in that stage of silence, powerful and clear it becomes so we can give people messages at the mind level, the telepathic level, the thought experiential level. We can also get the vibrations of others. We can realize the future very clearly.

When in the early days of this institution many people used to get divine visions, one sister was introducing the gyan to another. While the sound OM was being made, many detached from their bodies and had the experience of another state of consciousness and had visions, shaka, as we call it. Divine visions.
That is because in those days much emphasis was laid on the stage of silence. So, Baba has been saying this again will happen in the future towards the end, as happened in the beginning – so will repeat again in the end. Why? Because our utmost attention will be on attaining the stage of silence, the circumstances will be such that we will not be able to give knowledge to the multitudes, by word of mouth. Our own stage will have advanced so much become higher, we will be able to communicate at the vibrational level. In that power of silence, so powerful we will be, people will get visions. That golden Age is coming and we are the devis and devtas they have been worshipping. That it is God’s work taking place, they are the people who have been able to attain the divine powers naturally – they are the people who have been able to attain the divine powers naturally – they must have done so through the highest one. These things will be clear. Then Baba says, the world dr ama will be over, it will be the final scene. The curtain will be set apart. The glorification of God will be the final drama. It will become clear to people, this because we will have been observing much silence. Baba wants us to prepare for future service.

About Mensa Seva – those who could give good speeches, write, give courses were considered to be very serviceable brothers and sisters, Baba has been saying equal are those who give service through the power of silence. Silence power – this shift in emphasis will bring a shift in the emphasis of service – the way of doing service. Ultimately it will lead to where we can give this knowledge to millions.

Stage of silence is the most creative stage, where one can get powerful thoughts, then when put into practice can be cause of creation of the new world which takes place through this power of silence. If we want new ways of service, of glorifying Baba we have to be more in silence. When in silence we get new ideas very creative and productive, powerful in impact. It is the power of silence that will give you the powerful spiritual weapons. Sometimes they say we have invented the ultimate weapon, but the power of silence will give us the ultimate weapon – whereby the message will spread like anything —Even the destruction is waiting, because of the lack of our silence power. The more we stabilize in silence power the more will be the strong vibrations that the negativity in the world will finally be ended. It is not ended, the world is becoming more and more negative because we are sluggish in this effort.

The more powerfully rooted in silence, the signs of destruction will show themselves up, and you will get many news of this and that thing starting…hot, cold war. Then terribly hot. Because when we heat ourselves in the tapasya that stage of silence is the real stage of silence, heating ourselves up – the highest temperature of yoga that kind of furnace even iron is melted into liquid – so we reach this state, will the kingdom come into place for which we all are making efforts.

There is one thing I left about how to eliminate desires, when doubts what to think – the other thing is our subconscious will also be at rest. We are in state of silence when there are no undercurrents also, and that can be possible only when we COMPLETELY expose ourselves to ShivBaba – completely open ourselves to ShivabBba.

So that His highest forces can act on the subconscious. We by our own efforts – and this is what is called God’s grace – here is where God’s grace comes into play. Often Baba says when you march one step towards me, I will march 100 steps towards you. He also says: If you help yourselves.

God will help you.

Now, in spiritual terminology, if we interpret what it means is that when we stabilize, this one step we take, then by His grace, His forces will act a thousand times, a thousand fold on our subconscious. It is easier to change your conscious but very difficult to change your subconscious. Many people in Gyan for a long time try to change this or that habit, but some haven’t been eliminated, despite their very strong desire to eliminate them. It is because of the lack of effort of sitting in deep silence. This one step has not been taken so that if taken and Baba takes a 1000 steps and the result is what the person desired. If I go one step forward, and God comes towards me 1000 steps isn’t it God’s grace? If I only help myself in a small way and God helps me multi times more, this is called God’s grace.

This result is not based on simply my effort. God’s effort is involved. This is God’s gift, blessing, boon. Without this there cannot be complete transformation, change. We cannot attain the highest stage with the grace and in order to have this grace the best way is to be in that state of silence. If I cannot be in complete silence, let me be whatever little I can.

Then when His forces act on my subconscious, next time I will be able to go into better silence. Third time, improving more, next time, even more – this process will continue. The day will come through His grace that I’ll be able to stabilize myself in the highest state of consciousness. That will be possible. So to transform the subconsciousness, one of the main aims of our efforts is we must go again and again into a stage of silence.
The traffic control is for that reason, to take us time and again into that stage of silence – that we stop talking, doing other things and think of silence. Whenever an action is repeated again and again, it becomes a part of the nature. It becomes easy for us to be in that.

The topic from yesterday – in Baba’s life we found that every act was service. In our case, our seldom special acts are of service. But Baba’s every act was service was not separate from his daily routine. His whole life was service, whatever spoken, did etc. it was inspiring. It was inspiring and guidance for the others. It sets an ideal or example to others. His whole lifestyle, way of living, something which illumined them to higher goals and aims. Besides how the service developed, the historial part of it, what I wanted to say that through our dristhi, see how we can do service.

Our every sense organ should be an instrument for service. When we look at some person let us not look upon him with the thought he or she is this or that person, but let us serve that person through powerful dristhi. Even if, that person was not soul conscious at that time, when we peep into the eyes of that person that person gets a new feel and get reminded of being soul conscious. So our dristhi should do the service. Therefore whenever they approach a holy person, a spiritual one they say „Aka dristhi zay…”

Seeing others should not go in vain, it should achieve some end. If I look at somebody without solving anything or doing something, that action is wasted. If on the other hand, my look is transforming that person and giving him a kind of transcendence from the body, uplifting that person, I am doing service, even though I am talking at the same time.

So service through DRISHTI, not only when we all sit here and meditate and have dristhi is that service, but all through the day extend this period time.
Secondly VRITTI.
Your mental attitude towards a person. Baba says have goodwill , good wish. Whenever you meet a person inwardly think, that he may also have the grace of God on him. He may also rise spiritually. Your thoughts should be directed for the betterment of others. Not that we have a special project – Global Cooperation, and therefore we think better of others. But as yogis, because Baba has given us this project to practise this. Actually every moment we should be thinking how to make the world better, and how everyone should become better. Unless you have goodwill towards others how can you start the effort? First thing is Vritti, no one is our enemy, there is no one whom we hate, no one who is our rival, no one against whom we have any kind of struggle.
So this should be the state of our mind. Let’s not just walk or talk together without any end being achieved. We are constantly walking towards our goal. Our efforts continue, the good wishes continue, and this is service through Vritti. This is what Baba did. When we sat near to Baba we felt those vibrations that gave us inner peace. Even when he did not talk but just looking, our course of the face changed.

Through Smritti, when we want to help someone, we remember ShivBaba, for His sake. In bhakti they do the japa for the sake of others. Let this person be cured, let his problem be solved…be free from that worry. Our aims are NOT that. We are NOT counting rosary beads, but this must have STARTED from some thought.
Baba says all things started from the Sangamyug. We have not only good wishes but someone is in trouble or pollution has influenced his mind, then for the betterment of this person we specially sit in meditation. Let this person be released from the grip of Maya from which he is in these days.

Now what we presently do service through is Kritti, it means action. We are not doing it through vritti, dristhi and smitti. Vritti means mental outlook, dristhi is the gaze of the eyes, smitti, remembering ShivBaba. Krittis is at the action level.

And then Pritti. Love – you can sustain many in spiritual level through love. If someone comes to the center and cannot explain all spiritual questions he puts to you but even if you want to kill someone do it with love. Love is the most potent weapon.

If we want to sustain people in their spiritual life, because there are many pressures from the outside, many are pulling them from their legs or their jackets from their jeans, pulling them back to the world. If we want to pull them towards ourselves this force is love, spiritual love, the love in this family with which they sustain themselves.

Baba has been telling us these days there are so many ways through letters, newspapers, sending to conferences and seminars and global ways.