Power to transform

Ancillary Powers

Let us now consider some ancillary powers, which are also extremely useful in spiritual growth

9. Power to Transform – There is a great difference between transformation and change.
There are two types of changes-one is superficial and pleasant (The examples are mentioned in the table) which can be termed as pseudo-change and other is deep rooted which can uproot us, capable to shatter our world, very painful and irreversible. The second type of changes is known as Transformational changes. They are very painful but essential! These are the ones which teach us life lessons, make us move forward, give us courage, and make us brave.

A girl gets married to a stranger and become a lady; a woman delivers a baby and becomes a mother. These are transformational changes, these are not reversible. May be this is why it is known as labour ward, labour pain. The labour of the transformational change bears such a sweet fruit!

We commonly quote an example of the national bird of America – an eagle! When an eagle becomes around forty years old his upper beak gets overgrown and it can’t close properly; as a result the eagle can’t eat its prey. The claws also become overgrown and so, he can’t hold his prey. Some feathers from his wings become dead and he can no more enjoy that majestic flight and can’t search his prey. The situation is so dreadful that if he just become by-watcher, he has to die helplessly. He has to go through a transformational change. That is what the time asks for. He bashes his beak on a rock till it falls out (How painful!) and waits patiently for few weeks till new one comes. Then he goes for the second operation on the self. He pulls out his overgrown claws by his newly developed beak and waits again for a few weeks. After getting his new claws now he turns to the dead feathers in his wings. He pulls them out one by one. Again after few weeks he gets the new feathers. During this process his youngsters look after him. Now the eagle becomes once more, more agile and youthful. He can live now for further thirty – forty years or so with his majestic flight like a king. So, in the end the transformational change, though painful, is essential. However, the general tendency is just by seeing the dreadful circumstances, fearful situations, stressful events, and problematic people, one gets depressed! What is required? What is the solution? — Change the perception! Change the outlook!! Develop the wisdom to see the benefit hidden behind these life problems. Life will become more beautiful!!!
When things go to extreme, that is the sure sign of the end which is fast approaching. And when ultimately the end occurs, truly it is not the end, (it is transformation!) it is followed by the new beginning! It is the process of renewal! You can observe it to happening in nature, also.

Ati ke bad ant ata hai, aur ant ke pichche adi ati hai.

This is transformation! Ati (extreme), ant (end) and adi (new beginning) are the stages of the transformation. Naturally this may be very painful, but essential! If it will not happen, where will the degradation of human race take us? How will the sorrows, sufferings, peacelessness and poverty end? Can we see the people (Humjeens) suffering and even become a part of it?
So, we have to welcome the end (Vinash). It is beneficial, as the golden beginning will follow! The one who sees these hidden events in distant time in advance is a visionary, a leader! And the one who now starts making efforts for the rainy days are sensible!! So, let us look at vinash as a transformation! A benevolent transformation (Kalyankari Vinash)
What to transform?

Negative into Positive

Waste into the Best
Weakness into Strength
Old habits/sanskars into new sanskars of purity and royalty etc.

To achieve this and become successful, one requires —-
1) Burning Desire,
2) Knowledge,
3) Will Power,
4) Conviction,
5) Determination,
6) Commitment,
7) Perseverance,
8) Inner Strength, etc.

In essence, we require knowledge, virtues & powers! And who is the source of these?

At this point of time, where things are in extreme and heading towards destruction, we should transform our mind-set, thoughts, words, actions, attitudes and vision (perception). The vision should transform from worldly (lokik) into spiritual (alokik). The attitudes should change to positive, merciful, love full and benevolent. The words, language should change from limiting the capacity of mind and more positive and determined. ‘Yes, I can! If not me, then who?’ ‘Nothing is impossible for me.’ Never say, ‘I will try.’ But say, ‘I will.’ The scientists say the human beings are hardly using 5% of the capacity of the mind.’ And with this the scientists are doing wonderful inventions! If we use mind’s capacity more than that we can perform miracles, even an ordinary man can become a perfect human being! The saying – To err is human, will become obsolete. Attitudes can change the vision and the world! The greatest attitude is Gratitude! If our attitude is positive the job will be nearly done.
In spiritual context, it is very much essential to transform all 'mines’ into one 'yours’ (God’s) i.e. attachment into trusteeship and instrument consciousness. This helps us to liberate from all invisible burden of negative actions (Vikarmas) from our head and makes us light, Befikar Badshah, Care-free emperors.

Transformation is possible only after realisation that we have to change.
Realisation happens when the cord of our inner truth is touched. Everything is recorded deep within our sub-conscious in our memory track. But we do not have access to it. This recording is the individual’s truth. When someone shares a point very close to this truth we realise; this can be said we got the Real Eyes (the third eye) ! If there is no recording within, then to whatever length we explain in a logical and analytical way still that will not make any sense to that person. This is how when we explain Baba’s knowledge with such a great clarity still for the person having no recording it is like words of some unknown language.
Realisation can convince us about the truth, but still we can’t convert it into transformation if it gives pain with very little or no gain. If there is substantial gain and we are convinced then we somehow pass through that difficult phase in life, go through the hardships but finally achieve the desired goal. If there is a burning desire (strong will power,) that would help us to bring change/transformation in us. On this path there are small or great victories and also failures. So one requires to have perseverance (not to give-up); failure and success are part of the game; one should have an attitude of commitment, conviction, and determination. Determination is the key to success.

Power of determination is the outcome of faith – faith in the self, faith in the Drama, faith in Baba! So, it is said – Nischay budhdhi Vijayanti! When there is faith (Nischay), then that person trusts the outcome is fixed in the Drama (Nishchit) and he is free from worries (Nishchint),a Carefree emperor, a Befikra Badshah!
Faith in the self will say, Yes, I can do it. If not me then who else?
Faith in Baba will say, in case I can’t do it, who is my companion? Who is combined with me? He will do it. I am Victorious. I am Master Almighty Authority. I am a self-sovereign. Victory is my birth-right. Victory is the neckless around my neck.

Faith in Drama will say, Nothing new! I have passed through this countless times. This also will pass. Drama is benevolent. There is benefit for me. Whatever happened is good, whatever happening is better, whatever will happen, will be the best!

Baba says, 'Self transformation leads to world transformation.’

Prakash Talathi

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