Precious points by Dadi Prakashmani Ji

Be humble and construct the new world

The main basis of being constantly and easily successful is humility. To be humble means to maintain your self-respect and is also the easy way to receive respect from everyone else. To be humble doesn’t mean to bow down, but to make everyone bow down to your speciality and love. The sign of greatness is humility. To the extent that you are humble, you will accordingly be considered great in the heart of everyone. Humility easily makes you egoless. The seed of humility easily enables you to attain the fruit of greatness. Humility is the easy way to receive blessings from everyone’s heart.

The sign of being egoless is humility. When you have the virtue of humility in your attitude, vision, words, contacts and relationships, you become great. Just as the bowing of a tree serves others, so too, to be humble means to become a server and bow down. This is why there should be the balance of greatness and humility. Those who remain humble receive respect from everyone. When you are humble, everyone gives you respect. No one gives respect to those who are arrogant. Everyone moves away from them. Those who are humble give happiness to everyone. Wherever they go and whatever they do, they will give happiness to everyone. Whoever comes into contact with them experiences happiness. The speciality of a server is of being a very humble world servant who has the authority of knowledge. To the extent that you remain humble, you accordingly remain a carefree emperor. Maintain the balance of being humble and an authority.

The consciousness of having humility and of being unlimited and an instrument are the main basis of successful service. To the extent that you have self-esteem, you should also have humility. Let there be no arrogance in your self-esteem. You should not feel that you are more elevated than those who are younger than you. There must be no feelings of dislike for them. No matter what souls are like, look at them with the vision of mercy. There should be no arrogance or any feeling of insulting others. There should never be this type of behaviour in your Brahmin birth. When there is no arrogance, you won’t feel insulted even when you are insulted. Such souls would constantly remain humble and busy in the task of construction.

Those who are humble will be able to work for the construction of the new world. To consider oneself an instrument and remain humble is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings. Instead of expecting any limited respect, remain humble.
Stubbornness indicates bad manners whereas humility indicates good manners.

To be humble in your interactions with everyone indicates your being good mannered and truthful. You will become a star of success when you are not arrogant about your success, and don’t speak about it. Do not sing your own praise, but remain humble, constructive and easy-natured to the extent that you are successful. Others may sing your praise, but you should only sing praise of the Father. Such humility easily enables you to carry out the task of construction. Unless you are humble, you cannot carry out the task of construction. Because people understand, they consider the souls who practise the lesson of remaining humble and saying „Ha ji” to everyone as those who are defeated. However, such souls are, in fact, victorious.

You should not allow your intellect to change from having faith to having doubts because of what others say at that time or because of the atmosphere. Do not doubt whether you’ll be victorious or defeated. Instead of that, remain victorious. Today, others may say that you are defeated, but tomorrow, those same people will shower you with flowers.

To have the specialities of being humble and constructive are the signs of a master. As well as this, others who come into contact with such souls will find them to be loving, and give them blessings from their heart. They will have good wishes for them in their heart. Whether others know you or not, whether they have a distant relationship with you or not, everyone who sees you should feel that you belong to them. To the extent that you become full by imbibing all virtues and having the fruit of all virtues, you must also become humble. Reveal every virtue you have by remaining in with your stage of humility.

Only then will you be called a great soul who has the authority of religion. A server is one who is constructive whilst also remaining humble.

Humility is the means of success in service. By remaining humble, you will constantly remain light in service. When you are not humble, but want respect, that becomes a burden, and those who are burdened will come to a halt. They cannot go fast.

Therefore, whenever you feel that you have a burden, you must understand that you are not humble. Where there is humility, there will not be any bossiness, there will be spirituality. Just as the Father comes here with so much humility, in the same way, follow the Father. If there is the slightest bossiness in service, that service will not be successful.

Brahma Baba lowered himself so humbly. He was such a server and served with so much humility, that he was even ready to massage the children’s feet. He always felt that the children are ahead of him and can give better lectures that he could. He never put himself first. He always put the children first, he always let them go first and considered them to be senior.

Because he did this, he didn’t put himself down, but, in fact, became even more elevated. This is known as being a number one worthy server. To give respect to others and keep yourself humble is a sign of having mercy for others. This form of constantly giving becomes a form of receiving for all time.

Renounce temporary, perishable respect and remain stable in your self-respect. Remain humble and continue to give respect to others. This form of giving becomes a form of receiving. To give respect to others means to put them ahead and put zeal and enthusiasm into them. When you give them the treasures of zeal, enthusiasm, happiness and co-operation all the time, you are made into a charitable soul for all time.