To understand & experience

The sign of remaining detached is to experience Godly love, and the more love you experience, the more you cannot be separated. You will constantly remain in the Company. Love is when you constantly remain together. So, to experience Godly love is to constantly experience company of God. You do not ever consider yourself to be alone, do you? The Father is with you. (AVB 31.12.1993).

Sister Jayanti:
(commentaries to listen online)

1. I, the soul listen first and seek to understand, what can I use of it 1:32
2. I enter the presence of the One, Incorporeal, Almighty, Supreme and Beloved 3:22
3. Progressive meditation 15:12.
4. Experience of meditation, God’s love 7:40
5. Why do we complicate the issue of knowing God? Can we prove that we are children of God? 2:08
6. I focus my attention on the Supreme 12:40