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1. At the time of destruction the five elements of matter will adopt their most fearsome forms. On the one hand, matter will adopt its most fearsome form, and on the other hand, because it is the demise of the five vices, they also will take on their most extreme and intense form. All will fight the last war. All souls will express themselves in a variety of ways. The influence of the impure souls will increase. The devotional souls will be calling out in different ways. Together with that, old sanskaras will take their opportunity. Some people will be attacked by physical disease. Some will be attacked by the bondage of relationships. Some will be attacked in the form of waste thoughts. For some this will happen through carelessness, and for others through laziness.

In all directions there will be an atmosphere of upheaval. The physical powers of government, the religious authorities and the authorities of science will all be in upheaval.

In all directions the cries of sorrow will increase. The more instruments for happiness there are, the greater the sorrow people will experience. Not the slightest drop of happiness will be visible. At such a time, the only beings visible as a support will be the one Father and the children of that Father. In the darkness that has spread over the land only one lighthouse will be visible. At such a time there will be a need for the souls who have the practice of giving light and might.In the future, matter will erupt through many natural calamities. Because of natural calamities, although there may be money, it will not be useful. Although there may be equipment, it will not be of benefit to anyone. At that time, not a single drop of water will be visible anywhere.

song by Idan Raichel Project
The Hebrew title of this song is „הכל עובר”. This is read as „Hakol Over” and means „This too shall pass”.

Even if you offer a gold ring, you will not be able to get a glass of water. Because of the natural calamities, the grain will be inedible. Only when people have completely lost all hope and expectations of gain through physical equipment or money will everyone have the thought that someone should give them the power and the peace to pass through these disasters. Many people will come to you clinging in this way. At that time you will need to fulfil all the desires of their hearts. All these exams will also come to face you. You need great courage to endure these tests. At that time, will you be able to have yoga, or will you be thirsty for water? If all the wells dry up, what will you do? At such a time you children of the Supreme Soul will always be safe.

2. At the end, all the elements of matter will become bestowers to you who have given co-operation. The ocean will bring wealth and equipment from all over the world, and deposit it on the land of Bharat as its co-operation to you. The earthquakes, in their upheaval, will bring forth all valuable material for you elevated souls and gather it together in one place in Bharat as its co-operation to you. The rain will be available as your servant to co-operate with you in cleansing the land. Some of the rubbish will be blown away by the wind. Some will be washed away by the rain. In this way, all the rubbish will be cleared away. Your power of truth will purify matter, time, all relationships, sanskaras, food and interactions with everyone. All name and trace of impurity will have been eliminated.

3. When your co-operative senses, that is, your mind, intellect and sanskaras, accept your orders, then matter will obey the orders of your thoughts. You must have such an elevated stage of powerful and intense meditation that everyone has the same thought at the same time. One second’s thought of transformation produces an instant response in matter. Through the powerful thought of your gathering, this old world will be transformed into the new world.

4. At the time of destruction, on the one hand, the drums of completion will be heard; on the other hand, the celebration of the new world will also be seen. In the midst of the extremes of destruction, on all four sides, one quarter will be land and the other three quarters of the earth will be flooded. Later on, because of many lands, many religions are created. When the many religions finish, then the many lands become islands: places for touring.

5. At the time of destruction, the whole of Australia will become just an island. Some areas will be under water and some will be above, but you will be safe. Before the destruction the information will reach you people. Only when you have reached a safe place will the destruction begin. It is sung that in the midst of the flames the kittens were safe. So those children who remain in the remembrance of the Father will not be in the destruction during the destruction. You will leave your bodies by your own voluntary wish, and not in the midst of the scenes of destruction.


6. On one hand there will be the extreme chaos of the destruction; on the other hand the sound of the birth of the first prince, Krishna, will be heard. He will not arrive floating on a leaf, although it has been shown that after the flood, Shri Krishna comes on a leaf. It is because three quarters of the earth’s surface is flooded at the time that Bharat becomes Paristhan that they show the form of a leaf. In the midst of such a flood, the sound of the birth of the first leaf, the first soul would be heard everywhere: that the first prince has been revealed; that he has taken birth. They show that the golden city of Dwarka rose up from amidst the waters. There is a secret behind this. Because this city lies in the midst of land that is three quarters under water, they show that the city rose up from amidst the waters. At that time there will be the triumphant sound of the birth of the first prince. The scenes of the birth of the first prince and the drums of the great destruction of the old world will sound out simultaneously.

7. The entire world will undergo destruction; there will be fire all around and torrential rain. There will be tidal waves. Bombay, which previously did not exist as a big city but as a small fishing village, and is now on re-claimed land, will return to the ocean. History will repeat. There will be no habitations by the shore of the ocean. In the Golden Age, the places where the deities build their palaces will be on the shores of sweet rivers. America will be destroyed with a single bomb.

As the days go by, wealthy people will become poor. Such calamities will occur. There will be torrential rain, and all agricultural land will be flooded. Natural calamities will come, that people will call acts of God. The intellect understands that destruction will certainly happen. For the western world, the nuclear bombs are ready. Death will occur there first. Here in India, bloodshed without cause has been remembered, together with natural calamities For you to witness such scenes requires great courage.

Safety during destruction through ELEVATED consciousness and activity

1. When the flames are burning on all four sides, the foremost activity of you elevated souls will be the donation of peace. That is, you must give power. At that time, each individual will require a different power. Some will need the power to tolerate, some the power to pack up, some the power of discernment and some will want liberation. In order to fulfil their desires, at that time, you need the power to make peaceless souls peaceful in one second through the introduction of the Father. You must now accumulate all these powers. Otherwise, at that time, how will you be able to give the donation of life? You must accumulate an adequate stock, so that you can also sustain yourself on the basis of your own power, as well as having sufficient power to give to others to the extent that no one is deprived.

2. Now there is very little time remaining. You have to serve souls, the atmosphere, matter; everyone. You have to show the destination to the wandering souls. You must give liberation or liberation in life to every soul. Therefore, in the remaining time available, you must use everything you have for service. Each second and each moment must be sacrificed for the benefit of the world. Personal benefit is automatically incorporated in world benefit. You have to find the solution to the problems of all souls now. Therefore, the problems will not have the courage to come to you. The anchor of problems will have been lifted.

3. At the time of destruction, the task of the total transformation of matter and the destruction of souls with impure sanskaras must somehow be carried out. However, the vibrations of souls who experience sudden death, untimely death, and mass death will be extremely impure. For you to accomplish the extensive task of transforming them in the midst of an atmosphere of slaughter of the innocents, «nd to remain safe from that vibration and at the same time give cooperation to those souls, you must make your mind powerful.

4. At such a time, through the power to pack up, you need to have the practice of applying a full stop. For this, you must have the special practice of one moment being corporeal, the next moment subtle and the next moment incorporeal. Once you have achieved this practice over a long period of time, you will be able to pass the test of that time. Now make yourself ever-ready for such a time.

5. Now your household responsibilities have become very extensive, but whilst in the midst of carrying them out, your intellect needs to be so broad that you can fulfil many tasks in one second. For this you must be able to merge the expansion and intensify your practice of going beyond. One moment you are giving a physical instruction, and the next moment you are experiencing the incorporeal stage. This practice will cause people to have visions of your angelic stage. It is through this that the scenes of revelation will be visible. This practice is also the instrument for your safety at the end.

6. At the time of destruction, for your own safety, the line of your intellect must be clear. Secondly, you must have considerable practice of becoming bodiless. Whenever any situation arises, you should become bodiless. Through this practice, when the thought arises within you to leave your body, at the moment of having that thought, you will leave. Whoever has been loving and co-operative for a long time will definitely receive help at the end. Just as you remove a physical item of clothing, you will also remove this physical costume of your body.

7. To the extent that your intellect is clear, you will able to catch the directions of the Father clearly. To the extent that the line of your intellect is clear, to that extent you will receive the touching and your powers will increase for your own progress, for the expansion of service and to bestow on all souls: that this is the accurate means for serving this soul at this time or for your own self-progress. For this you must develop the sanskara of economy and of remaining in exclusive remembrance of the One. From this moment develop this practice. Only then, as a result of this practice, will you attain the elevated liberation and salvation. Do not think that there is still some time remaining until destruction, because later on you will not be able to make spiritual efforts – you would be weak. At the end you will go into war, and then you will have to become Silver-Aged.

8. In order to remain safe when on all sides there are fearsome scenes of destruction, the line of your intellect needs to be clear. You must have destroyed all attachments. Those who have destroyed all attachments will receive the touching before destruction, and will be able to reach a safe location. At that time it will not be possible to contact you by telephone or telegram, but the call will reach those whose line of the intellect is clear. Such circumstances will arise that the train which you have to catch is the one that will run, and there will be no others after that. If your line is clear you will receive the equipment you need. Otherwise you will get stuck somewhere. Therefore you need the practice of contimtous yoga over a long period of time. Remembrance is a shield, and the one who has a shield will always be safe.

9. Even now, if any calamity of nature or circumstances occurs, it will be sudden. As the days go by, the upheaval of these sudden natural calamities will intensify. They will not get any less severe, but will become progressively worse. In order to be safe from these calamities, it is essential to have the power to merge and the power to pack up, so that your intellect is not drawn anywhere. For you, there is just you and Baba. Wherever your intellect has to go, that is where it should go. Do not go into why and what, what happened, how will it happen, this should not have happened, or how could this have happened. Do not think in this way. In order to reach the flying stage, you need a very powerful brake. You must be able to transform the negative into positive in a second.

10. You cannot rely on the last moment, and therefore you must be ever-ready. Your stage of consciousness must be constantly beyond: always detached, with no negative thoughts and no waste thoughts.

11. In the old world, no matter how elevated someone may be, he is old. Therefore he has to be transformed. All you have to do is to remain free from concerns. You never know whether or not someone will still be here tomorrow, and you should not even have this concern. Whatever is to happen will be good. For Brahmins everything is good. Nothing is bad. No one can take away this kingdom of yours.

12. To become ever-ready is the method for safety. When you have time, you must enjoy the moments of the Confluence Age fully. Nevertheless remain ever-ready, because you will never know the final date of destruction in advance. It will happen suddenly. If you are not ever-ready you will be deceived.

Always remember that the Father and I are always together. Just as the Father is perfect, so the one who is with Him also becomes perfect. When you experience that companionship, it is easy for you to be a constant yogi. You are always with Him, you will always be with Him, and you will return to your sweet home with Him. If you are His companion, you will go back with Him. If you are simply in the procession or in the crowd, you will follow later on. Only those who are equal to Him will go with Him.

13. ‘What will happen? How will it happen? I do not know how many years until destruction. Will it be ten years or will it be forty years?’ Do not think that perhaps you should accumulate some money. You must become the destroyer of all attachment and consider yourself to be a trustee. Regarding your earnings, do not come into waves of sorrow in taking care of wealth. No matter what happens, remain free from worry. Let there be no name or trace of peaceless- ness.

14. Become so ever-ready and complete that, according to drama, even if the account of this body were finished today, you would pass with honour. Do not think that we are just the young ones, and so we cannot be the ones who have to go. Also, do not think that you still have plenty of time. There are many of you who believe that you will continue to the year 2000. However, the question of world destruction is one issue, and for you to keep yourselves ever-ready is another issue.


15. In this drama, the many different souls have many different parts. Therefore, do not think that my part is not in the advance party or that my part is after the destruction. There are some souls who do have this part but you must remain ever-ready so that even if you continue to live for another twenty years, that would not matter. However, you must not live on such a foundation, otherwise the trace of carelessness will arise.

16. At the time of destruction, all you need to do is keep your wireless set in order. The receiver is the wireless of being viceless. Through your wireless set, the message will reach you that you must come right now. If you do not have your wireless set in order, you will not receive the direction. You will not receive the message through physical equipment. A viceless intellect is the only mechanism through which you will be able to catch the last direction.

Therefore, you must very quickly make preparations for becoming completely viceless.

The instrument for safety is the power of your mind. Through the power of your mind, you can become the instruments to make the last moments beneficial. If however, you do not have a clear line to the One, and if you have not accumulated the power of elevated thought, then your weaknesses will take the form of repentance and will act upon you like evil spirits. When you come into weak awareness, fear is experienced in the form of an evil spirit. So now, for unlimited service and for your own safety, you must accumulate the power of fearlessness and power of the mind.

17. At the time of destruction, you will receive your orders in one second. The order will come from the Father. He will not tell you the date when He will give this.. If He were to tell you the date, everyone would pass in first place. Here, the one and only question is the date. That will come suddenly. If you are told to stay here, your children, your home or your place of service should not be remembered. Therefore, you must be an instrument, detached, and available for service. When you get the signal from the Father, you must not think at all.

18. At the last moment, when it is the final test, the most incredible situations will come to you in the form of tests. This will determine whether you pass or fail. Even though you may not wish it, questions will arise in your intellect. This in itself is the test. The test will last for one second.

19. The paper to determine your final result will not be for several seconds or minutes. In an atmosphere of absolute chaos, on all four sides, your place will be determined by your ability to remain stable. If you take a long time to become stable in circumstances of upheaval, then at the time of completion you will not be able to pass the test.

Therefore you need practice in this spiritual exercise.

20. Those children who have faith in the intellect, and who know that the future is certain, will always remain unconcerned. People will be in the fear that the destruction will come and they won’t know what is to happen. You will be unconcerned, because you know that the establishment will happen at the same time. There is such a vast difference between the impossible and the possible. In front of you, the golden sun of the golden world is rising, while they are staring at the black clouds of destruction. Now, because the time is close, all of you are putting on the ankle bells of constant happiness. You continue to dance, knowing that today it is the old world and tomorrow it will be the golden world. Today and tomorrow have come this close together.

22. Through nature, many extremely dangerous and terrifying ordeals will come. They will come to disturb your state of mind. If while seeing these situations, you become the least bit upset and the question arises: ‘What is this? What is this?’, then you will fail. No matter what happens, the sound that should come from within is ‘Wah! Sweet Drama.’ You should not question what has happened. You must become this strong, because as the days go by natural calamities will increase. You should have such a stage that there is no upheaval whatsoever in your thoughts The exam paper of one second is coming to you. At that time, if you get distracted in getting ready, in that time the result will be out. Therefore you must pass in one second. You must practise for this.

23. In the future such a delicate time is coming that you will not be able to get an aeroplane. You will need to be practised in travelling with your inner subtle body. At such times, when you are detached from your body and travelling around, this will draw everyone’s attention. They will experience an angel coming to them, just as these days they are seeing flying saucers. In the same way, they will start seeing your angelic form in all four directions. They will begin to research into this.

24. Before the destruction, you need to have the elevated consciousness of the flying stage. It is only with the flying stage that you can attain the karmateet state. This is the stage of one who is a fortune-maker and a bestower of blessings. Through this, people will have visions of moving angels or deities. This is the stage which at the end will become your instrument for safety.

25. As the time for destruction comes close, you have to become close in your specialities to the deities of the Golden Age. It is for the intense effort-makers, the souls who are to become complete, that the destruction must take place to enable you to experience the perfect world and the purest form of matter. Instead of counting the moments to destruction, again and again you must count your qualifications of becoming equal to the Father in order to become perfectly pure.

26. The destruction is called the last moment in time. If you make effort at that time, you will not be able to create the fortune of a long period of time. Therefore, become knowledgeable. It should not be that you calculate it for the year 2000. The account of your spiritual efforts is a separate one from the account of world transformation. You should not think that you still have fourteen years to go or eighteen years to go, or that it will be in 1999, or 1988. Knowing your spiritual efforts and the account of their fruits, increase your speed.

27. At the time of destruction, you should not remember anything. You must become such a carefree emperor. Since your own body is not yours, is anything else yours? You have given your body, your mind, your wealth – everything. Once you have the thought ‘Everything now belongs to You’, then you become ever-ready. It is this practice of being detached and loving that gives you a higher grade. The easy effort for this is the attitude of being an instrument. By understanding yourself to be an instrument, you will remember the One who made you an instrument; thus you will pass the exam.

28. The special occupation of Brahmin life is to transform the world through your attitude, words, and actions. The destruction should be waiting for you. You must not wait for the destruction. The destruction is a creation, and you are creators. Therefore, whatever you feel to be lacking in yourself, you must make up very quickly. To become complete means to finish off all your weaknesses. Now you must intensify the speed of your personal transformation because you need transformation over a long period of time. If your practice is for a short time, you will be able to maintain your transformation only for a short time and not for a long time. You will have to make effort.

29. Tell the good news to all the sorrowful and peaceless souls that you will save them from untimely death for 21 births. These days people are afraid of untimely death. They are also eating and sleeping in fear. Telling such matters of joy to these souls will free them from fear. Even if this body of yours were to go, you would not die in fear because you would have the happiness that we are the ones who save others from untimely death. Something will go with you; you will not go empty.

You must all become fearless. With the form of fire you have to burn away the impurities within matter and souls. This is a great task which can only be accomplished at a fast speed. So far, the message has not even reached the people, let alone matter. You must intensify your speed so that there are centres in every street. Circumstances will be such that people will not be able to move from one street to the next. They will not be able to see each other. So, in every home and in every street there should be a place of service.

30. The scenes and the test papers at the time of destruction require the greatest power of tolerance to pass. You must make your stage immovable and unshakeable.

31. To face any possible circumstances, you need the stage of being a lighthouse. Practise being a form of light as you move around. Let your body be totally forgotten. If you have to do some work, go somewhere or say something, then adopt your subtle form as an instrument. Adopt your costume when you have to play your role. When the task is over, you can remove it. So, in one second adopt your costume, and in the next second become detached.

32. At the time of destruction, this form of light will give you a lot of help. Regardless of the attitude of anyone who comes in front of you, they will not see your body, but the shining bulb (soul) within. Whenever you look at an intense light, everything else disappears. In the same way, the intensity of the light within all of you will prevent them from seeing you even though they may be looking towards your body. When they cannot see your body their impure vision and attitude will automatically be destroyed. This test will come to you. You have to pass through all circumstances.

33. Always be aware that at any time your body can be destroyed. With this attitude, at the time of destruction your intellect will automatically be loving. When the moment of destruction comes, the ignorant ones remember the Father, but without His introduction they cannot be connected with Him in love. If you always maintain the awareness that this is not just your last life, but your last moment, then you will not remember anyone else.

34. Any situation or scene that appears must change, because the drama is the game of change. You say to people that the destruction is certain; that everyone must return to the world of liberation. However, if on the basis of knowledge and yoga they settle their negative karma before the destruction, they will then be freed from suffering. Everyone has to go. Whatever anyone does, he will receive the consequences. Transformation is certain, but if you have transformed on the basis of your own power you will receive the fruits of having made that effort. Anything that happens automatically because of the force of time is not praised. But if something is done independently of the push of time, it is considered extraordinary.

More severe tests will come than you had ever dreamt or thought possible. When you observe films with detachment, even if something extremely painful or something comical happens, you watch both parts as an observer without any difference. Your internal stage has to be that steady. Your stage should not be confused, nor should you be compelled to fight. When you create such a steady stage, you will be lost in the love of the remembrance of the One Father. If there is the slightest flaw in this last final test paper, you will fail. Therefore, become strong beforehand.In the world, there are constant question marks about what will happen. You have the power of the full stop. You know that whatever has happened is good, and whatever is going to happen will be very good for us. For the world there will be untimely death, and for us, there will be pleasure in everything because there will neither be the fear of Maya, nor the fear of the upheaval of nature.

35. In the future, all the souls of the entire world will appear in front of you begging for happiness and peace. You master bestowers, children of the Bestower, will fulfil everyone. Where else can they go except to the One Father? You must continue to fill yourselves with all treasures so that anyone who comes does not leave empty-handed, but instead is completely fulfilled. The scenes of this will be experienced a great deal in the future.

36. Always stay in the intoxication that every step of ours creates multi-millions, for we are elevated souls. In the world, they wish to accumulate enough money to sustain their great-grandchildren. How many generations will be sustained from your wealth? Now, in one lifetime, you accumulate enough wealth to last for many lives. You will be sustained by that in comfort for all those lives.

37. The means to be protected from the fires of destruction is the power of being fearless. Fearlessness makes you immovable under the influence of the fire of destruction; therefore, you will not be brought into upheaval. On the basis of fearlessness, you will give the power of tranquillity to the terrified souls. The soul will be protected from the fire of fear. The soul will dance in happiness because of that coolness. While observing the destruction, you will also see the scenes of establishment. In your eyes will be liberation, the sweet home, and liberation in life, the scenes of heaven. Your home and your kingdom will be visible in your eyes. The people will be screaming and wailing as they go, while you will say: “We are going to our sweet home and our sweet kingdom’. It is nothing new. They will be screaming and you will go with the Father.

source: Visions of the Future. This book covers collected statements made by the Supreme Father Shiva through His medium Prajapita Brahma on the future of the world, the third world war, the establishment of heaven and the methods to build your internal state of mind to pass through any transition.
Printed at Om Shanti Press, Gyanamrit Bhawan, Shantivan, Talethi, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India. 73 pages. Copyright 1996 Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya

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