Where art thou, Shri Krishna ji ?

For thousands of years, Your names have resonated through the land of Bharat, and filled us with power and joy. Your legends live on in every heart. You are remembered for your wisdom, playfulness, loyalty generosity, integrity and the magnetic personality that makes every child, man, woman belong to You…

Kanhaiya, Kaanha, Govinda, Shyam, Sundar, Yashoda ka Lal, Gopal, Madhav, Keshav, Nandlal, Mohan, Hari, Girdhar, Devki-Nandan, Manohar… O My Krishna!

At a time of acute pain, torment and chaos in the old, impure Iron-Aged World, You take birth at the stroke of midnight (the darkest period in time), signifying a transformation in the world as we know it. Your holy presence on the imperishable land of Bharat, commemorates the beginnings of a new world, Golden Age or Satyug :

* Where, existed one kingdom – a united family bonded with love, respect and togetherness, irrespective of differences in status or profession – one religion of peace and one language.

* Where the awareness of 'vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego’ is non-existent, as each human being is an embodiment of self-sovereignty (a state of consciousness where the inner being, the soul, displays total mastery over its inner faculties of mind, intellect and personality traits), and spiritual power is at its zenith.

* Where the purity seen in Your thoughts, words and actions gets mirrored in every other being – 'Devi-Devtaaye’ (deities) – subjects of your royal kingdom.

No one could be as perfect as You –

solah-kala sampuran – 16 Celestial Arts complete, related

sampurna nirvikaari – completely viceless, related

maryaada purushottam – one performing actions of highest code of conduct, related

ahinsa parmodharam – of the highest religion of non-violence, related

sarva-gunn-sampanna – full of all virtues etc… related

It is little wonder that these virtues and qualities entitle You a place not only in everyone’s heart, but also as the first prince of Satyug – the Golden age. How we await the day when You, Shri Krishnaji and Shri Radheji, will come of age, marry and be coroneted as first Emperor and Empress of the Universe – Shri Narayanji and Shri Lakshmiji! For centuries, you and your successors will sustain the glorious land of Bharat par excellence.

Your life is the epitome of righteousness; it is the practical illustration of the Law of Karma. Your stature and power must definitely be the fruits of divine actions – but, when did these occur? Heaven or Swarg is remembered as the pralabdh – age of attainments, and so when did the purusharth – endeavour) take place?

Tell us, O Pujya Atma, so we too may aspire to follow Thee….!

As related in the scriptures, the Gopes and Gopis were padma-padam bhagyashaali (multi-million times fortunate) for having lived in Your era; although being the Ruler of the World, they had the unconditional privilege of playing, studying, dancing with You and having all rights over you as their companion. It is well-known that their dedicated tapasya – penance of past lives as great rishis, munis etc. has gifted them your love, respect and satsang (divine company). When the coming of the Golden Age, Heaven, Jannat, Satyuga, Paradise, Bahisht, Kritayuga …is as inevitable as death – creation of a perfect world has been promised –
then why should I not make myself worthy of such a life?
Why should I deprive myself of this Godly fortune?

In the Gita, Arjuna is advocated to remember the Supreme Being, Mahadev, the Highest of all Deities – the One to expound the greatest of elevated directions – Shrimat.

Keeping you as my ideal, I will follow your directions to connect with the Supreme Divine, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Parent, and study the True Gita – the jewel amongst all the scriptures of the World.

Just as You did, I too will focus my saadhna – efforts on settling all karmic bondages, purifying my inner being by inculcating all virtues and spiritual powers, and having all relationships with the One Supreme Being, the Ocean of Love, Knowledge, Peace, Bliss, Power and Happiness. It is only then that I can revive the original eternal deity religion of the Golden Age and honour the name of my ancestors, Shri Krishna, Shri Radhe and the Deity clan.

On this joyous, auspicious and heavenly day of Janamashtami, all Bharatwasis remember our Shri Krishnaji – the most perfect and holiest human being ever – with deep reverence, and invoke the coming dawn of the New World, Heaven on earth!

Shiva Baba, Jyoti Bindu Swaroop, Ocean of Knowledge, Supreme Soul, who is God the Supreme Father. His birthplace is Bharat. Krishna’s birth take place in the golden age.
God Shiva not Sri Krishna is Gita Sermonizer.

thanks to Shashi, Mithu, Anjushree and others