What is the easy way to become a constant yogi?

Answer: By constantly being seated on the heart-throne, you automatically become a constant yogi. Constantly keep with you the crown and throne that you have received from the Father at the present time. The crown and throne of the present time enable you to attain a crown and throne for many births. To forget the responsibility of world benevolence means to take off your crown. Your crown doesn’t come off, does it? The throne is the Father’s heart-throne. Those who are constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne are constant and natural yogis. For them, there is no question of making any effort because, firstly, they have a very close relationship and so why would they need to work hard? Secondly, their attainment is unending. Where there is attainment, there is natural remembrance. You are such natural and easy yogis that you do not have to make any effort.

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