Our time rushes forward continuously And never stops

it’s now time to take a blessing

May you become a ruler of the globe who plays an all-round part in the flying stage, the same as the Father

Just as the Father is an all-round actor – He can be the Friend as well as the Father – in the same way, those who are in the flying stage will be able to play their perfect parts of the service that is needed at whatever time. This is known as being all-round flying birds. They would be free from bondage in such a way that they are able to reach wherever there is a need for service. They will become embodiments of success in every type of service. Such souls are said to be rulers of the globe and all-round actors.

May you be liberated in life and remain free from the bondage of the attractions of the sweetness of extroversion.
Extroversion means the feelings and nature of a person and the vibrations of their gross feelings; thoughts, words, relationships and connections that pull one another towards waste; always staying in one type of waste thought or another; to be distant from inner happiness, peace and power…….the sweetness of this extroversion is very attractive externally so first of all cut it off. It is this sweetness that becomes a subtle bondage and distances you from your destination of success. When you become free from these bondages, you will be said to be liberated in life.

May you be filled with infinite treasures and claim number one with the experience of constant and continuous happiness.
In order to claim number one, continue to experience constant and continuous happiness. Do not get caught up in any chaos. When you go into a jamela, the swing of happiness becomes loose. You are then unable to swing high and fast. Therefore, continue to swing in the swing of constant and stable happiness. All the children receive imperishable, infinite and unlimited treasures from BapDada. So, remain constantly stable and filled with the attainment of those treasures. The speciality of the confluence age is experience. Continue to take the benefit of this age.

May you be a master almighty authority who gives souls who are far away the experience of closeness with your power of spirituality.
Just as faraway objects are experienced to be close with the facilities of science, in the same way, you can experience with a divine intellect things that are far away to be close. Just as you are clearly able to see, speak to and give and take co-operation from souls who are staying with you, in the same way, with the power of spirituality, you can give souls who are staying far away the experience of closeness. For this, you simply have to remain stable in the stage of a master almighty authority, in your complete and perfect stage and let the power of your thoughts be clean.

May your vision and feelings be of love for every soul and you become equal to the Father

From the copper age onwards you insulted the Father with so many insults and yet the Father gave you only love. Follow the Father in the same way and become equal to Him. No matter what souls are like, your vision and feelings should be of love. This is known as being loving to all. Whether someone insults you or dislikes you, have love for everyone. No matter what your relatives say or do, your feelings should always remain pure and benevolent for everyone. This is known as being equal to the Father.

May you constantly be an embodiment of success and finish any consciousness of „I” by saying, „Baba, Baba” through your mouth and in your mind in every situation

You children who are instruments to increase the zeal and enthusiasm of many other souls must never have the consciousness of „I”’. Never think, „I did this”, because Baba made you an instrument. Instead of „I”, think, „My Baba”. Do not think, „I did this” or „I said this.” If you have the consciousness that Baba made you do it or that Baba made it happen, you will become an embodiment of success. You will be able to make many others belong to Baba to the extent that you say „Baba, Baba” through your lips. It should emerge through everyone’s mouth that you only have Baba on your lips and in your mind.

May you be free from waves of sorrow and remain constantly safe under the canopy of God’s love.
Just as a lotus remains detached while being in muddy water and, to the extent that it is detached, it is loved by everyone, similarly, you children have become detached from the world of sorrow and are loving to the Father. God’s love becomes a canopy of protection for you. What can anyone do to those who have God’s canopy of protection over them? Therefore, maintain the spiritual intoxication that you are those who remain under the canopy of God’s protection and that waves of sorrow cannot even touch you.

May you be full and overflowing with the awareness of having all attainments by becoming free from the sanskar of asking for anything

One fullness is of external physical things and physical facilities, and the other is the fullness of the mind. Those who are full in their minds will not feel themselves to be lacking anything in any way. Because of being full in the mind, they would not feel that they lack anything. They would constantly be singing the song: I have attained everything. They would not have the slightest sanskar of asking for anything.

May you be loving to God and become free from hard work with the power of love
The power of love makes hard work easy. Where there is love, there is no hard work. Hard work becomes a form of entertainment. Souls who are tied in various bondages have to work hard, whereas souls who are merged in God’s love easily become free from effort. Always keep this blessing of love in your awareness and then, no matter how great a situation may be, with love, the mountain of the situation will transform and become as light as water.

May you be an embodiment of love who transforms any fearsome volcanic form with your cool form of love
In return for your love, the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, gives you the blessing: May you constantly remain an embodiment of love at every moment with every soul and in every situation. Never leave aside or forget your loving image, your face of love, your loving interaction and your relationships and connections of love. No matter how fearsome or volcanic the form any person, matter or Maya adopts and comes in front of you, constantly continue to transform that with the coolness of love. Create a world of love with your vision, attitude and actions of love.

May you be an embodiment of awareness and power by making your life that of an easy yogi with the sustenance of the Father’s love
Souls of whole world call God their Father, but they do not become worthy of receiving His sustenance and education. Out of the whole cycle, it is only you few souls who become worthy of this fortune at this time. The practical form of this sustenance is your easy yogi life. The Father cannot bear to see anything difficult for the children. Children themselves make everything difficult by thinking about it too much. However, by making your sanskars of an embodiment of awareness emerge you will receive power.

May you be an intense effort-maker who experiences something new every day in all four subjects
Newness in knowledge means to move along being sensible, that is, to continue to finish the weaknesses that are within you. Newness in experimentation of yoga means to increase its percentage. In the same way, to experience newness in all four subjects, newness in your self-progress, newness in the methods, newness in your experimentation, newness in service, newness in making others into easy yogis and to experience newness in increasing the percentage means to be an intense effort-maker. It is through this that you will experience closeness.

May you be an easy yogi by experiencing the whole world in the one Father and by staying in the remembrance of the One
The meaning of easy yoga is to remember the One and to belong to the one Father and none other. “The body, mind and wealth are all Yours, not mine.” Those who become such trustees and remain double light are easy yogis. The easy way to be an easy yogi is to remember the One and to experience everything in the One. When the Father is your world, remembrance becomes easy. You made effort for half the cycle and the Father now liberates you from making effort. However, if you still have to make effort, the reason for that is your own weakness.

May you be an easy yogi and constantly experience happiness by allowing your attainments to emerge
The basis of easy yoga is love and the basis of love is a relationship. It is easy to remember with a relationship. It is with a relationship that you experience all attainments. The mind and intellect easily go to where there is some attainment. Therefore, let the treasures of the powers, knowledge, virtues, happiness and peace, bliss and love that the Father has given you and the different attainments that you have gained emerge in your intellect and you will experience happiness and become an easy yogi.

May you remain constant and absorbed in love with the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other and become an easy yogi.

The intellects of the children who remain constantly stable in the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other easily become stable in the form of the essence. Where there is the Father‚ your stage becomes constant and you remain absorbed in love. If there is a second or third one instead of just the one Father‚ there would then be conflict. Therefore‚ put aside all expansion and experience the form of the essence. Remain stable in the remembrance of One and you will become an easy yogi.

May you be a master and a child and remain full by constantly sharing and thereby increasing all your treasures
The Father has given all of you children the same treasures and made you into the children who are the masters. All of you have received the same treasures, yet if someone is not full, the reason for that is that person does not know how to look after or increase these treasures. The method to increase them is to share them and the method to look after them is to repeatedly check them. Attention and checking – if both these guards are working fine, then the treasures will remain constantly safe.

May you be one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower and finish the games of making excuses
Those children who know the game of making excuses will say: “If it weren’t for this, it would not happen like this! This one did this, the circumstances or the situation was like that…” Now finish this language of making excuses and make a determined promise: “Whether something is like this or that, I have to become the same as the Father.” Not that I will become complete when others give their co-operation. Instead of taking in this way, become a master bestower and give co-operation, love and sympathy for that is to receive. With this feeling of faith, you will become one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower.

May you be a victorious jewel who enables everyone to receive blessings from the Father with your balance of revelation and a promise
In order to beat the drums of revelation, make a promise filled with determination. To make a promise means to give your life wholeheartedly. Even if you die, you will not break your promise. Those who make a determined promise cannot be defeated no matter what the situation may be. They become the garland around the neck, that is, they become victorious jewels. When you make such a determined promise, revelation will take place. Revelation and a promise – the balance of these two is the basis of all souls receiving blessings from BapDada.

May you be an image of experience who overcomes obstacles considering them to be a game by learning the lesson of “nothing new”
Do not be afraid when you see obstacles. You are becoming an idol and so there will be some hammering. It is only by hammering the idol that they make it right. The further ahead you go, the more storms you will have to cross. However, these storms are a gift for you to become experienced. Therefore, do not think: Are all the experiences of obstacles going to come to me alone? No. Welcome them: Come! If you have made the lesson of “nothing new” firm, then these obstacles will feel like a game.

May you be a true server who becomes a spiritual social worker who gives courage to overcome adverse situations at the time of an upheaval
Now, from time to time, upheaval is going to increase in the world. Upon hearing news of peacelessness and violence, you children who are the spiritual social workers have to remain alert and with your powerful vibrations fill everyone with the courage of peace and tolerance. Be a lighthouse and give everyone the light of peace. Fulfil this duty at an intense speed through which souls receive spiritual re-assurance. While burning in the fire of sorrow, let them experience being filled with cool water.

May you be a destroyer of obstacles and a trustee who remains free from sorrow while earning an income and fulfilling your responsibilities to all your relations
While living in the midst of worldly relations, fulfilling those responsibilities is a different matter from being attracted to them. It is a different matter to earn an income as a trustee and to earn it with subservience and attachment. The sign of being a destroyer of attachment and a trustee is that there will be no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness. Sometimes, while earning, there may be ups and downs, or someone may fall ill while you are fulfilling your responsibility, but, even then, there should be no waves of sorrow. Always remain a carefree emperor.

May you be an embodiment of power and a master creator and make all your powers function according to your orders
The children who make all their powers function according to their orders and the authority of a master almighty authority have all the powers come in front of them, the master creators, in the form of the creation. As soon as you order the powers, they become present. For those who are present, that is, those who always follow the Father’s shrimat at every step and say “Present my Lord” and are obedient to every instruction also have all the powers present in front of them. Those who make their powers function according to their orders are said to be master creators.

May you be a world transformer who becomes constantly free from obstacles and who also makes others free with your stage of double intoxication
“A child and a master.” Become stable in the stage of a master whenever you want and the stage of a child whenever you want. This double intoxication will make you constantly free from obstacles. The title of such souls is a destroyer of obstacles. However, you are not a destroyer of obstacles just for yourself, but you are a destroyer of obstacles for the whole world. You are a world transformer. Obstacles automatically become weak in front of those who remain powerful themselves.

May you have faith in the intellect and become victorious and overcome even a big situation of Maya by making it small
It is in your own hands to make something big small or to make something small big. Some people’s nature makes small things very big whereas others make even big things small. No matter how big a situation of Maya comes in front of you, become bigger than that and that situation will become small. By remaining in your original stage, even a big adverse situation will appear small and it will be easy to gain victory over it. If you remember at that time that you are victorious every cycle then, through this faith you will become victorious.

May you be constantly victorious and free from obstacles and make the fortress strong with the method of cleanliness
Whenever you begin any task, you adopt the method of cleanliness. In the same way, whenever you begin any special service at any place or when there are any obstacles in service while moving along, collectively give the donation of yoga at a special time from all around. All souls should just have the one thought of being victorious. This is the method of cleanliness. By doing this, all of you will become victorious and free from obstacles and the fortress will become strong.

May you be a true server and constantly maintains your enthusiasm and put hope into those who have become hopeless.
A Brahmin means one who constantly flies and makes others fly in a life filled with enthusiasm. Such a soul can never become hopeless because his occupation is to put hope into those who have become hopeless. This is true service. The enthusiasm of true servers can never reduce. There is pleasure in life when there is enthusiasm. Just as you are considered to be in good health when your breathing is normal, in the same way, Brahmin life means enthusiasm and not to become disheartened.

May you be liberated-in-life and experience constant spiritual intoxication by having the awareness of your worthy-of-worship form
The pleasure of Brahmin life is the stage of being liberated-in-life. Those who are constantly aware of their worthy-of-worship form can never have their vision drawn to anything but the Father. Everyone and all comforts themselves bow down in front of worthy-of-worship souls. Worthy-of-worship souls are never attracted to anyone. Their minds and intellects are never subservient to bodies, bodily relationships, possessions or sanskars. They are never tied to any bondages but constantly experience the stage of being liberated in life.
May you be constantly happy hearted by remaining beyond all questions such as, “Why? What? Like this or like that?”

Souls who are happy hearted will never raise any questions at any time, in any situation, in terms of the self, in terms of relationships with anyone or in terms of matter such as, “Why is this like this?” Or, “What is happening? Does this also happen?” While performing actions, while seeing, hearing and thinking, happy-hearted souls always have in their thoughts: Whatever is happening is good for them and it will always be the best for them. They never get caught up in the confusion of Why? What? Like this or like that? etc.

May you be a carefree emperor who accumulates all treasures and stays in spiritual intoxication

All of you children have received limitless treasures from BapDada. To the extent that each of you has accumulated those treasures, accordingly, that spiritual intoxication is visible in your activity and on your face, and you experience the spiritual intoxication of accumulating. To the extent that you stay in spiritual intoxication, to that extent the sparkle of a carefree emperor is visible in every action because where there is spiritual intoxication, there are no worries. Those who are such carefree emperors are constantly happy.

May you be one with pure and positive thoughts and stop worrying about the transformation of others but bring about transformation in yourself

To bring about self-transformation is to be one with pure and positive thoughts. If you forget the self and worry about the transformation of others, that is not having pure and positive thoughts for the self. First is the self and then together with the self there is everyone else. If you do not bring about transformation in yourself, but simply have pure and positive thoughts for others, you cannot have success. Therefore, while conducting yourself according to the laws, bring about transformation in yourself. Only in this is there benefit. Externally, there may not be any benefit visible, but you will continue to experience internal lightness and happiness.

May you become master trikaldarshi and perform every action knowing the consequences of each action because of being knowledge-full

Trikaldarshi children perform every action knowing the consequence of that action. They never say, “It should not have happened, but it happened”. “I should not have said that, but I just said it.” This proves that you do not know the consequences of your actions and simply performed those actions out of innocence. It is good to be innocent but be innocent in your heart: do not be innocent in situations and actions. For that, become trikaldarshi as you listen to and speak about anything, for only then would you be said to be a saint, a great soul.

May you be free from all attractions and become a Brahmin who is to become an angel and then a deity who is liberated in life

At the confluence age, Brahmins have to change from Brahmins into angels. Angels means those who have no relationship of any form of attraction to the old world, old sanskars and old body. You are free from all three and this is why you first receive in the drama the inheritance of liberation and then the inheritance of liberation in life. An angel means one who is liberated, for only a liberated angel can become a deity who is liberated in life. When you become such a Brahmin who becomes an angel who is free from all attractions

and who is to become a deity, matter will then also serve you from the depths of the heart with a lot of love.

May you be an accurate server who makes plans for service with a plain intellect.

An accurate server is one who does service of the self and of everyone else at the same time. Service of the self is merged in service of everyone else. It should not be that you serve others and become careless in serving yourself. In service, service should be combined with yoga. For this, make plans for service with a plain intellect. A plain intellect means nothing should touch your intellect apart from the consciousness of being an instrument and the feeling of humility. There should be no desire for earning a limited name or honour, but to have humility. This is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings.

May you be a hero or heroine actor who shares your treasure of happiness from your overflowing stock

The duty of confluence-aged Brahmin souls is to remain constantly happy and to share that happiness. However, for that, your treasure has to be overflowing. Just as delicate times continue to come closer, so too, many souls will come to ask you for a little time of happiness. You have to do so much service that no one goes away empty handed. For this, there should always be the sign of happiness on your face. Your face should never show an off-mood, being defeated by Maya or disheartened. Remain constantly happy and continue to share that happiness for only then would you be said to be a hero or heroine actor.

May you be unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter by remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of a detached observer

Whether matter creates upheaval or shows her beautiful games, souls who are the masters of matter will observe the games as a detached observer in both situations. You enjoy watching games and are not afraid. Those who practise remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of the stage of a detached observer through tapasya cannot be shaken by any situation created by matter or people. The five players of matter and the five players of Maya are playing their games and you just have to watch as a detached observer. Only then will you be said to be a soul who is unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter.

May you be soul conscious and full of good wishes and increase your account of accumulation through your every word
Through words, you experience both the intention and the feeling (faith). If every word has good and elevated wishes and soul-conscious intentions, your account of accumulation increases through those words. If your words have the slightest percentage of jealousy, criticism or dislike, there is greater loss through those words. Powerful words mean words which have attainment and essence in them. If there is no essence in those words, those words go into the account of waste.

May you be one who instead of making remarks about others, has pure and positive thoughts for the self and who transforms the self

While moving along, some children make the very big mistake of becoming judges of others and lawyers for themselves. They would say,”They shouldn’t be doing that, that one should change, whereas, for themselves, they would say: „This is absolute correct. What I am telling you is right”. Now, instead of making such remarks about others, become your own judge. Be one who has pure thoughts for the self and look at yourself and transform yourself for only then will world transformation take place.

May you be pure, clean and humble and put a full stop to the past with the power of transformation

With the power of transformation, first of all, transform your form: I am not a body, I am a soul. Then transform your nature. It is the old nature that deceives you in this effort-making life. Therefore, transform your old nature. Then there is the transformation of thoughts. Transform waste thoughts into powerful thoughts. In this way, put a full stop to everything of the past with the power of transformation and you will automatically become pure, clean and humble.

May you be master knowledge-full and by having determined faith, have your fortune guaranteed in the first division

Determined faith guarantees your fortune. Just as Father Brahma became fixed in the first number, in the same way, have the determined faith: I am definitely going to come in the first division. Each child has received this golden chance in the drama. Simply pay attention to this practice and you can claim a number ahead. Therefore, become master knowledge-full as you continue to perform every action. Increase the experience of His company and everything will become easy. Maya is a paper tiger in front of those who have the Almighty Authority Father with themselves.

May you be multimillion times fortunate and create multimillion fold fortune on the basis of pure feelings in your ordinary life

BapDada loves ordinary souls. The Father Himself incarnates in an ordinary body. Even the millionaires of today are ordinary. Ordinary children have pure feelings (bhavna) and the Father wants children with bhavna, not those with body consciousness (deh-bhaan). According to the drama, to be ordinary at the confluence age is also a sign of fortune. Only the ordinary children make the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, belong to them and this is why they experience fortune to be their birthright. Only those who feel they have such a right become multimillion times fortunate.

May you experience and give others the experience of the constant canopy of protection by surrounding yourself with pure thoughts and with determination

One pure, elevated and powerful thought of yours can perform a lot of wonders. The bondage of pure thoughts, being surrounded with pure thoughts becomes a canopy of protection, a means of safety and a fortress for weak souls. It is just that when you first begin to practise this, there is a battle because waste thoughts cut through your pure thoughts. However, if you have determination, then the Father Himself is your Companion and you constantly have the tilak of victory. Simply let this emerge and waste thoughts will automatically become merged.

Slogan: In order to give the experience of the angelic form, practise being detached from the body.

May you be constantly unshakeable and immovable and experience a stage of pleasure in every situation with the method of “nothing new”

A Brahmin means one who constantly stays in a stage of pleasure. Let the song constantly be playing in your heart: Wah Baba and wah my fortune! Do not be surprised by any situation of upheaval in the world, but just put a full stop. No matter what happens, it is nothing new for you. Nothing is new for you. Let your stage be so unshakeable internally. Your mind should not be confused in “Why?”, or “What?” for only then will you be said to be unshakeable and immovable souls.

May you be filled with the fragrance of spirituality by remaining beyond all limits and by experiencing God’s love

Just as a rose remains detached and very fragrant while in the midst of thorns and doesn’t get spoilt by the thorns, in the same way, spiritual roses who remain beyond all limits, detached from the body and not influenced by anything, remain filled with the fragrance of their spirituality. Such fragrant souls are loved by the Father and the Brahmin family. God’s love is unlimited and unshakeable. There is so much of it that everyone can attain it. However, the way to receive it is to be detached.

May you be a master of the self and one who has a right to the kingdom of the world by putting the tilak of victory on your forehead at amrit vela

Every day at amrit vela, put on your forehead the tilak of victory, that is, the tilak of awareness. The sign of devotion is a tilak, the sign of being wed (suhaag) is a tilak and the sign of attaining a kingdom is the tilak of sovereignty. Before you set out for attaining success in an auspicious task, you are given a tilak. All of you also have the tilak of the Father’s company and therefore, your tilak is imperishable. Become one with the tilak of self-sovereignty at this time and you will receive the tilak of the kingdom in the future.

May you be an embodiment of success who constantly imbibes divinity with a divine intellect

Each child received at birth the blessing of a divine intellect from BapDada. The more you use this blessing of a divine intellect, the more you become an embodiment of success because divinity is the basis of success in every task. Souls who have received a divine intellect make everything that is not divine, divine. They imbibe divinity in every aspect. A divine intellect cannot be influenced by a task that is not divine.

May you be full of all powers and become a destroyer of obstacles and finish all the obstacles of the world

Only those who are full of all powers can become destroyers of obstacles. No obstacle can come in front of those who are destroyers of obstacles. However, if any power is missing, you cannot become a destroyer of obstacles. Therefore, check that your stock of all powers is full. Maintain the awareness and intoxication that all the powers are your inheritance, that you are a master almighty authority and no obstacle will then remain with you.

May you become completely pure and give the experience of spiritual royalty through your face and behaviour

The foundation of spiritual royalty is complete purity. Complete purity is royalty. The sparkle of this spiritual royalty will be visible through the form of a pure soul. This sparkle can never remain hidden. No matter how much you keep yourself incognito, the influence of your words, your interpersonal relationships, your spiritual behaviour will reveal you. So each of you should see in the mirror of knowledge as to whether that royalty is visible on your face and in your behaviour or whether it is an ordinary face and ordinary behaviour?

May you be an elevated effort-maker who changes wrong into right with controlling power

An elevated effort-maker is one who transforms wrong into right in a second with controlling power. It shouldn’t be that when you want to control waste, for you understand that that thing is wrong yet it continues to happen for half an hour. To be like that is known as being a little dependent and also only having a right to some extent. When you understand that something is not right, that it is inaccurate or wasteful, then to apply a brake at that time is elevated effort. Controlling power does not mean that the brake only works sometime after it has been applied, and not immediately.

May you have the constant awareness of victory and remain happy, for, by becoming an image that attracts, you give happiness to everyone

We souls are victorious every cycle. The tilak of victory should remain constantly sparkling on your forehead, for this tilak of victory will give happiness to others because the face of a victorious soul is always cheerful. Seeing a cheerful face, everyone is naturally attracted to happiness. At the end, when no one will have the time to listen to anyone, your cheerful face that attracts everyone will serve many souls.

May you finish being ordinary by considering yourself to be a special actor and supreme and elevated

Just as the Father is the Supreme Soul, in the same way, children who play special parts are supreme, that is, elevated in every aspect. Simply consider yourself to be a special actor while walking and moving along, eating, drinking and perform your part on the stage of the drama. Pay attention to your actions, that is, to your part at every moment. Special actors can never become careless. If a hero actor performs an ordinary act, everyone would laugh at him. Therefore, your every step, every thought and every moment should be special, not ordinary.

May you imbibe humility together with greatness and by receiving respect from everyone be a bestower of happiness

Humility is the sign of greatness. To the extent that you are great, you are accordingly humble because you are constantly full. Just as a fully-laden tree would be bowing down, so, humility does service, and those who remain humble receive respect from everyone. No one gives respect to those who have arrogance; they run away from such a person. Wherever those who are humble go and whatever they do, they will always give happiness. Everyone will experience happiness from them.

May you remove the dirt of the consciousness of „mine” from even your thoughts and rem; light from any burden and thereby become an angel

The expansion of the consciousness of „mine” is a burden. Any type of the consciousness „mine” my nature, my sanskars any type of „mine” is a burden and those who have burden are unable to fly. They cannot become angels. To have the awareness of „mine” even in your thoughts means that you have become dirty. Anything that is covered with dirt, have the burden of that dirt. So, hand over all your burdens to the Father and remove the dirt of the consciousness of „mine” and you will become an angel.

May you be an altruistic server and, by being constantly full, remain ignorant of desire for any attainment

All attainments automatically come in front of those who are altruistic servers. However, even if attainments come in front of you, you mustn’t accept those attainments. If you have a desire, then while having all attainments, you would feel yourself to be lacking something and thereby always consider yourself to be empty. Therefore, become ignorant of any desires and remain full of all attainments. Continue to swing in the songs of all imperishable attainments you have received from BapDada at the confluence age and you will never make any mistakes.

May you be peaceful and constantly fortunate soul

In this time of blessing, may you be peaceful, constant and as much fortunate as you wish.

An instrument

'Move along whilst considering yourself to be an instrument and you will always be light and successful. If there is sometimes less service and sometimes more service, it should not feel like a burden. 'What will happen? How will it happen?’. The One who is inspiring you to do something is amking it happen. You are just carrying out the task as an instrument. This awareness will make you an embodiment of success.’

May you be a great soul and transform your attitude with the vow (fast) of determined thoughts

The basis of becoming a great soul is to adopt the vow of purity in the form of a promise. To make a vow with determination means to transform your attitude. A determined vow changes your attitude. The meaning of a vow is to have a thought in your mind and to observe precautions in a physical way. All of you have made the vow of purity and made your attitude elevated. It is by having an attitude of brotherhood towards all souls that you have become great souls.

• May you be a master bestower of fortune and bestow on everyone a gift of good wishes and pure feelings from your overflowing stock.

• May you be those who have the virtue of being easy natured find it very easy to interact with everyone in a gathering.

• May you have positive thoughts and constantly have thoughts of knowledge and of the original self and thereby remain free from any worry of physical

• May you be humble and great and receive respect from everyone by putting the mantra “You first” into practice.

• May you constantly be victorious by igniting the fireworks and the bomb of soul consciousness with the matchstick of determined thoughts.

• May you be a great soul who is sustained with God’s blessings in this Brahmin life.

• May you constantly be victorious by igniting the fireworks and the bomb of soul consciousness with the matchstick of determined thoughts.

• May you have unlimited disinterest and whilst using all facilities remain detached and unaffected by any of them.

• May you be a jewel who has benevolent wishes for others and able to free them from their worries with the power of your positive thoughts.

• May you be truly loving and remain absorbed in love of God and lost in that meeting.

• May you be a master creator and make Baba your Teacher instead of making time your teacher.

• May you be a master purifier and transform any impure atmosphere with your powerful attitude.

• May you be an embodiment of success who does service with the balance of love and your form of power.

• May you be an embodiment of success who, as well as serving other souls, also serves the self.

• May you be a victorious jewel who create an atmosphere through the searchlight of remembrance.

• May you be a world benefactor who pays attention to the tension of the self and finishes the tension of the world.

• May you overcome obstacles by imbibing power as well as happiness and become victorious over obstacles.