Become a great elevated soul at the confluence age

Dadi Chandramani’s class

Your bones become strong through service and you experience real happiness.

It’s called service when parents look after their children, is that service? What is life for? We are members of a family and as the family grows we have to sustain it. Make effort with attention.
Are you standing still or moving forward.

You blame others or situations, but it’s your own laziness. It’s your duty to move forward, to jump over obstacles. Have the awareness of nothing new.
No one can stop you.
Have the deep aim inside yourself to remain alert and claim a high status. Pay attention on your food, company and study.

Make effort with deep love, then you won’t be pulled by friends and relatives. Make sure no one pulls you and wastes your time.

Always remember that you’re part of the Godly clan. The awareness of being a child of God brings a lot of power. Not paying attention to study means you’re not paying attention to Dharamraj.

You need to claim the inheritance from the Father, Teacher and Satguru or you have to face Dharamraj. Follow shrimat and become a great, elevated soul at the confluence age and be an instrument to bring benefit to many. People need an example to follow.

Remember that you are fixing what you are doing kalpa after kalpa. You are fixing it yourself. Whatever is in your hands will happen, you have to do and do now, otherwise you will experience loss, kalpa after kalpa. You are responsible for your own benefit and loss.

You can’t blame the drama for whatever happens. Understand the drama and it helps to bring self-progress. If you don’t play an accurate part within the drama there will be repentence.

There is still time for realisastion and to finish the past. But do not waste these precious moments or you won’t have the power to forget your mistakes.

If you make effort to create a good reward you experience instant happiness. To accumulate sorrow by being careless is in your own hands. Realise that your fortune is in your own hands.

* * * Om Shanti * * *