18 steps from Human to Angel

We live at a time where things are going to extremes and we hear words such as crisis, catastrophe, destruction. However it is also a very creative time where the One Source of Benevolence is creating miracles on the earth.

Amongst them is the training of human souls to become angels and serve. Humans who train as direct apprentices of God. This extract comes from a book on such an apprenticeship. It is called „The Making of an Angel”.

Through knowledge, direct instruction from wise teachers and also God, through overcoming deep shortcomings in the self, the apprentice succeeds. He had not intended to become an angel, he never imagined it possible although he had read about them and seen many paintings of them. At one point he just wanted to stop it all as it seemed one great delusion plus it seemed just too,too difficult to bridge that threshold from human to angel. However, for various reasons, he inevitably continued and became an angelic server.

Slide-show compilation by Vana Vougiouka

„La Catedral” by Agustin Barrios Mangore from the CD „Vana Vougiouka – Lyrical and virtuoso guitar pieces”
„Angel’s wings” (part of the work „Unbound Peace”) composed and performed by Vana Vougiouka.

„LA CATEDRAL”, musical composition administered by: 0:15
The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA)
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