Inscriptions on The Tower Of Peace

Tower of Peace
Inculcate divine virtues. Remain on the pilgrimage of remembering God.
Become pure and make others pure.

In divine memory of our most beloved Brahma Baba who made our life as pure as a lotus flower, who became the instrument of Shiv Baba to show the way to freedom and happiness, and who is making us into angels like himself.

Tower of Knowledge
Time is short, do not be careless. Donate the wealth of imperishable jewels of knowledge.

Beloved children, the Supreme Soul Shiva is the Supreme Father of all souls. Bharat is the greatest land. Mount Abu is the most elevated pilgrimage place. Explain this secret to everyone. Om Shanti.

Tower of Might
Where there is faith, there is victory. Fill yourself with love, knowledge and strength. Follow the way of the divine and you will become elevated.
God speaks: Sweet children, consider yourself to be a soul and constantly remember your incorporeal Father.
Beloved children, through easy Raj yoga your sins of birth after birth will be destroyed.
Long lost and now found children, in this most elevated confluence age, this spiritual life of yours is as valuable as a diamond.
Loving children, freedom and happiness in life are your spiritual birthright. Om Shanti.

Tower of Purity
Do not give sorrow to anyone through your thoughts, words or actions.
Remember the unlimited Father and His inheritance.

Tere Shanti Stambh Ke Aage