Honest soul

An honest soul means the soul will be honest in following shrimat in every action. Honest means faithful and honest; honest automatically takes every step according to shrimat.

There should be honesty in heart and honesty in head. When there are all types of honesty, then even if there is a lack of trust, if not today, then tomorrow, there will be trust. There is saying 'The boat of truth may rock, but it will never sink’. So, the boat of truth is trust. If there is honesty, although it will rock, to be worthy of trust means your boat will never sink. Therefore, with the courage of truth, you can become worthy of trust. You heard previously that the truth cannot be proved. Truth is self-evident. Do not prove anything, but become the embodiment of success.
(Avyakt 18.12.1991)

Shanti Atma Swaroop
Shubh din aayo
Nit Yad Karo Man Se
Andhakar Man Ka Mite
Hindi song #10

A Hundred Thousand Angels