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Didi’s Day

Pyare BapDada..

Didi had a feeling in her heart that since her father had given her the name of Gopi, she might have been one of them! I am one of those gopis who are described in the Shrimad Bhagavat!

Didi was a very diligent student. From 1937 till 1983 she was never absent in Baba’s gyan-murli class. Everyone would see her present in the class with her notebook and her pen.

At the time of listening gyan-murli Didi would note down certain points of knowledge and then throughout the day she would share them with the seekers she met. So she remained a diligent student even at the age of 72.

Didi was very good in her yoga practice. She would take her bath in the morning and not only would she be seated at 4.00 a.m. according to the discipline but also she conducted meditation for everyone in silence by becoming the image of yoga.

Didi was a loving spiritual senior teacher. She had a unique way of bringing others onto the path of knowledge, virtue and yoga.

Just as Ayurvedic people could diagnose someone’s disease by feeling their pulse, in the same way from the face and behaviour of people or after a short conversation with them she would know at once the diagnosis of their spiritual problems and give them the solution.

Didi was very skillful at writing letters. Even through a brief letter she would awaken those who were sleeping. She did a great task of rejuvenating the minds wounded by Maya by giving them spiritual comfort.

Even in her old age Didi would travel widely across the country doing Godly service everywhere from Assam to Abu, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Kolkatta to Kach. She even went abroad for this elevated task.

Even at the age of 72 day and night Didi was busy showering everyone with her motherly love.

She always taught everyone to remain faithful and obedient to the directions of the Supreme Satguru Shiva on this Godly path.

Because of her shrewd intellect, her ability to discern people, her love, following the maryadas, leading a life of a diligent student and being a tireless server, she also was a skillful administrator.

In every speech or class of hers Didi would definitely mention that it is now the time to go home. Therefore we should let go of everything old, we should not see defects of others, on the contrary, we have to see their virtues.

Every morning Didi would take a round of the entire Madhuban giving advice in the kitchen etc. wherever it was necessary. Her method of getting the work done was such that everyone was happy with her.

Didi ji was born in a very rich clan, however, her way of dressing, eating and behaving in the yagya was very simple. She was never arrogant because of her lokik clan’s riches. She would never remember the happiness of her lokik life.

Didi’s way of teaching was such that others felt that following Godly disciplines was simple and easy.

In Didi’s interaction with others there was a magnetic attraction. No one ever feared to talk to her. On the contrary, they were pulled by her love.

After interacting with Didi no one remained distant from gyan. The doctor (Dr. Bhagawati) who operated on Didi began considering Didi to be her mother.

Didi had such a speciality that by coming in contact and relationships with others she would make them feel belonging here through her love. She would give them her motherly love or would offer a solution to their problem.

Didi ji’s interaction was filled with love but at the same time her stage was constantly beyond. Whenever she gave someone some toli she would ask, 'Have you eaten it in Shiv Baba’s remembrance or not?’

Didi ji was not just an image of tapasya but also very entertaining. She would listen to jokes and tell jokes but at the same time she would make those jokes polite and spiritual. She was not dry and even at that age she was simple and joyful like a child.

All those who came in contact with Didi ji know that Didi ji slept very little. She would renounce her night sleep and practice yoga individually. Sometimes she would wake up at two o’clock in the morning and sit for quite a long time remembering Avyakt BapDada.

Till the end Didi considered herself to be Baba’s student and led a student’s life.

Didi had a very good handling power.

Didi was Baba’s obedient, faithful, dedicated, honest and worthy child.

Whenever Didi got free time she would say, 'Come and let’s have a spiritual chit-chat.’ She would go in such a depth of knowledge – don’t even ask! Didi was a very sweet child loved by the Brahmin family and BapDada.’

Those who observed Didi would notice the image of BapDada in her every activity.

Being a mother Didi had a very respectable part in this yagya. She was very experienced in the art of
inspiring mothers, kumaris and brothers to surrender in the yagya.

Didi ji had a lot of humility and along with that she possessed the great art of creativity. Didi’s place in the yagya was very high but to the extent her place was high, to the same extent she had humility.

Didi had the great power of finding solutions and taking decisions.

Didi was skillful in fulfilling the duties of all relationships with God. How to become a child of Baba, the Master, and how to make Him her Child – Didi had this special virtue. Her friendship with Baba was alokik and unique.’

'Didi possessed a special virtue of seeing only the virtues of others. She would pick up everyone’s virtues. She would say about everyone, 'This soul has become Baba’s child therefore they definitely have some speciality. This is why Baba has found this soul in some corner and made it His child.’

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