Both the face and the activity of a royal soul will give the experience of the manners of truth. In any case, royal souls are known as the goddesses of manners. Their speaking, their walking, their eating and drinking, sitting ans standing, their every e\action willl automatically reveal the manners and the truth. It should not be the you prove the truth, yet you do not have any manners. Many children say, 'I don’t normally get angry, but when someone speak lies, I get angry.’ Someone speak lies and you speak with anger; who is right out of this two? those who prove the truth will always have manners. Some are clever and say, 'I don’t get angry, but my voice is loud, my voice is sharp.’ With the instruments of science, one can reduce or increase the sound, so can you not, with the power of silence, reduce or raise your sound. (Avyakt 11.12.1991)