Didi Manmohini

Didi Manmohini (with english translation)

This video is just memories of Didi Manmohini, Audio and Videos are from different occasions…Didi left her body on 28th July 1983… .
BK Tulsi

Constantly have mercy, that is, have good wishes and pure feelings for every soul. Whilst seeing every soul, you should experience all those souls to be souls who surrender themselves in order to be loving and co-operative to the Father at every moment. Why do they become instruments to surrender themselves in this way? Because Baba surrenders Himself to everyone. Have you surrendered yourself in service together with all powers to everyone? Have you become a great donor for everyone, a bestower who bestows your time, your happiness and your desires for attainment? Only those who follow the father in the same way, that is, only those who sacrifice any desire they have for name, fame, regard and all attainments for themselves can be merciful towards others. Only the great donors who have renounced any desire to receive anything can be merciful towards others. In the same way, those who give respect to others should constantly be feeling respect for everyone. In order to be respectful to all, you have to consider yourself to be everyone’s server. The definition of a server is very deep. To be a server doesn’t just mean to be doing physical service, or service through words, service through contacts or service through the different facilities and instruments, but elevated service is to donate your every virtue and to make others virtuous and to colour others with your company. You should not look at the defects whilst seeing them; you should finish the defects of others with the power of your own virtues, that is, you should make weak ones powerful. You should not step away from any weak ones or become tired of them, but through your own service, you can become one who is respectful to all. You can give respect to someone who is a hopeless case by stabilising yourself in your elevated stage of self-respect. You have to create your fortune whilst giving regard to others through your own renunciation. Look at everyone, whether they are young or old, maharathis or infantry, with vision filled with respect. To make someone who doesn’t give any respect into one who gives respect, to give a destination to someone who constantly rejects others, to make someone who constantly defames others into one who praises others is known as being respectful to all.
Avyakt BapDada 10.02.75