Jagdish bhai memories

12th May, 2001, at 8.05 pm our respected and most senior Brother Brahma Kumar Jagdish Chandra ji left his mortal body in Madhuban.


Brother Jagdish Chandra’s spiritual birth took place in 1952 at Kamala Nagar Centre in Delhi. Dadi Kunj, presently serving at Patna, was the instrument teacher to give the 7-day course to Brother Jagdish. Over one and a half years, she discussed knowledge with him and sustained him through knowledge. She describes how Brother Jagdish’s spiritual birth took place and how was his spiritual childhood: Brother Jagdish came with the aim to learn gyan, and we felt that this is a true moth of Beloved Baba. At that time, we sisters were giving lectures on three Sundays at the Theosophical Society. After each lecture there would be a discussion about Raja Yoga. On the third Sunday the Theosophical Society printed in their newspaper: Today the Brahma Kumaris will teach practical Raja Yoga. It was my turn to teach, but I was afraid because I was quite young. I asked DadiJanki: Dadi, please come with me. Today they are expecting a practical experience. Dadi said: Baba has not taught you and me a different yoga; it would be good for you to go. Baba will enable you to do it. But, I pleaded: Dadi, you have to come with me! So, Dadi accepted.

The policy at the Theosophical Society was that at the end of the speech any of the 50-60 members that had gathered could ask a question to the person who had given the speech. I had spoken on the subject of yoga, explaining how to do yoga in such and such a manner. Dadi Janki had gone outside somewhere, but I had asked her to come back soon; until then I would keep sharing. She was supposed to take them into a practical experience of Raja Yoga when she returned. My lecture had finished and Dadi Janki had still not returned. Immediately, as soon as I stopped speaking, Brother Jagdish asked me a question: Today, you were actually supposed to conduct a practical Raja Yoga session, but you only gave a speech. I said: Can practical yoga be done just like that? You are seated upon a chair, wearing shoes, under such conditions, how can Raja Yoga be practised? To do RajaYoga, you would have to sit on a carpet, on the floor. Brother Jagdish said: We can arrange that straight away. Within 10 minutes, he had prepared everything and everyone, and the hall was ready. At that point Dadi Janki arrived, and came upon the stage. I sat beside her. We did not give a yoga commentary, but guided them practically. Dadi Janki shared for about 10 minutes on what is Raja Yoga, and then we gavethem a chance to put this into practice. Once the yoga was over, we asked that if any of them had an experience to raise their hand. Only Brother Jagdish raised his hand, and said: Today, for the first time both of you sisters conducted yoga for 15 minutes, and I became fully concentrated. Then he asked: What does one have to do to learn Raja Yoga properly? We told him that we offer a 7-day course, and for that he would have to come to the centre.

Brother Jagdish arrived 10 minutes early for his first lesson. In those days, before taking the course, newcomers were asked to fill out a form. Among the questions asked were: What is the name of your physical mother and father? And, what is the name of your soul’s Father? Brother Jagdish filled out the form, writing down the names of his physical mother and father, but at the point of writing the name of the Father of the soul, he became obstinate. He wrote: the soul is eternal and imperishable. The Supreme Soul is also eternal and imperishable; how can there be a father of it? This was coming from his background of being with the Arya Samaj.

Brother Jagdish had this speciality that once he would ask any question, until his intellect was satisfied with an answer, he would keep asking the same question repeatedly from different angles. On that occasion, I gave the answer in one delivery: The soul is eternal and imperishable, but once it becomes impure, who can make it pure? The One who rejuvenates us, who gives us re-birth. The One who gives us re-birth is the Supreme Soul, so He is the Mother and Father of the soul. With only this much, he was convinced.

Each lesson of his course lasted not less than two to two and a half hours. I was young at that time, so Sister Rukmani, who now stays at Rajouri Garden, Delhi, used to report this to Didi Manmohini: What kind of student is this who keeps asking questions at every single point, and takes two to two and a half hours whenever he comes! But deep within myself I had the feeling that this is Baba’s good son. At that time, Manmohini Didi, Janki Dadi and Manohar Didi were all staying at the Kamla Nagar centre. We used to discuss between ourselves what were the various answers that could be given to the questions he might ask. I always experienced that whatever question he asked, Baba would instantly touch me with an answer.
And, I would tell them so: On this, Baba has deemed to touch me with an answer, and he would be convinced. Thus, his course continued for 7 days.

Baba intended to make him instrumental in the service of writing, and he began his service of writing from the fifth day. When he came for the fifth lesson, I said to him: Brother Jagdish, today instead of our giving you a lesson, please read our literature. He asked why? I said: In “The Mirror” journal, it has been printed that the Brahma Kumaris belong to Christianity. We have visited the people of this journal, and they have asked us to write an article, which we have done, but we don’t know Hindi very well, and it would take us a lot of time to put it into Hindi. He said: All right, yet we can still certainly do the course today. Give me the article, and I will rectify it in Hindi afterwards. Thus, it can be considered from the fifth day, he began service through writing. Prior to that, we had visited the owner of the journal and had said to him: We, the Brahma Kumaris, are the children of the Godly eternal original deity religion. You have written that we are from the Christian religion. Our mothers are accountable to their families who have started to create opposition, and some are ordering them not to go to these people of Christianity. The owner of the journal apologised: How could such a mistake have happened! We suggested: Why not write that ‘Ishwariya’ (Godly) and ‘Isaai’ (Christianity) are similar words, and that there has simply been a typological error. By printing this, the matter will be rectified. The owner was very sensible, and believed in speaking the truth, so he said: We will come to your ashramthis evening. He came and viewed the pictures and listened to gyan with a lot of appreciation. In fact, he became very happy. We then wrote in that article that there is no such religion as Hinduism. The religion of Bharatvasisis the Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharma. This was the article we gave to Brother Jagdish after finishing his course on that fifth day. He modified and re-wrote the article in Hindi, and we gave that article to “The Mirror”.

The 7-day course of Brother Jagdish came to an end. Now, just listen to the history of the seventh day. In those days, we used to relate that on the day of the SatGuru, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, Shiva Himself comes and gives the teachings of Raja Yoga at amritvela. He was empassioned. In those days, Didi Manmohini used to conduct amritvela. Brother Jagdish asked at what time he should come. We told him at four o’clock in the morning. The next day was to be the day of the SatGuru. He used to come every day by bicycle, but that night his brother had taken his bicycle somewhere else. He was staying 18 miles away from Delhi, and from there he started walking at 1.00 a,m. The doorbell of the centre rang at around 3.15 a.m. Didi wondered: Who could be coming at this hour? Kunj, see who it is! The bell rang again, and I called: Who is it? The answer came: Jagdish. Didi said: You see, Kunj, today he has come before 3.30 a.m. I then mentioned to Didi that I had told him that on the day of the SatGuru, our Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, Shiva Himself comes and teaches Raja Yoga at amritvela. I had also told Brother Jagdish that Raja Yoga is not taught by any human being but by the Supreme Teacher, ShivBaba, the Satguru Himself.

I opened the door, and he came in. Didi had begun to conduct yoga. Sitting in front of her, he started to take drishti, but then soon became drowsy. When Didi got up, she prompted me to ask him: Where were you seated just now? So, with love, I said to him: You directly reached our original Home, our sweet silent Home. You did not even cross through the subtle region in between! How could I ask him if he were feeling sleepy! But, Brother Jagdish said: It is true; you had said to me that on the day of the SatGuru, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul Shiva Himself comes and gives teachings of Raja Yoga at amritvela, but today my brother went somewhere with my bicycle, so I walked; that is why I became a little sleepy. Now, please conduct yoga for me again.

While doing the course, he had been studying BT (Teacher’s Training). He took fifteen days leave to complete his final exams. He returned back with gusto, asking for details on every topic. For example: Baba has said that Shri Krishna is not the God of the Gita, it is Incorporeal Shiva. It is said that the Bhagwan of the Gita is Shri Krishna, so how could it be Shiva? I had to share about 50 points to clarify that, within which Baba’s specific points on the topic would finally convince him. The sisters used to ask me what were you talking about for such a long time? I was also determined. I would share with the sisters whatever questions he asked, and would ask them for their answers. And, what used to be uncanny is that often another student would come and ask the very same question he had asked just two or three days earlier. So, we could readily answer their questions.

Nearly a month had passed since Brother Jagdish started coming to class. During this time, we had shared a lot about Mama, that this is Mother Mateshwari, Saraswati, Jagadamba, the one of whom all students keep a picture in her remembrance. He wrote such a nice letter to Mama, addressing her: O Ma, Jagadamba Ma… He wrote the entire letter in saffron! This was his first letter. It was shown to Baba. Baba liked it very much and had it copied and sent to Mumbai. Baba said: Daughter Kunj has given birth to a very good child. See, what a letter he has written!

After four to five months, the time to make a programme for Madhuban arrived. Brother Jagdish also wanted to come to Madhuban, but Didi said: You would be going during the festival of Janmashtmi (Krishna’s Birthday). As Kunj is also going, who would give the speech here on the occasion of Janmashtmi? Brother Jagdish went away and thought about it, then later came back to Didi and said: Didi, how many will come to listen to the lecture? Only maybe 100 to 200 people will come to hear it, isn’t that so? Sister Kunj could write it down, I will modify it and get it printed in newspapers so that thousands of people will read it. Thus, he was inspired to write from the beginning.

Didi used to say to me quite often that his brain is very sharp. She said: You are taking him to Madhuban. If he is going to have a faithful intellect (nischay buddhi), he will be number one. But should he begin to doubt even a single issue, he will shake the whole of Delhi. The more Didi would say this, on the one hand I used to feel happier, but on the other I used to feel scared inside. Later on, Didi wrote a letter to Baba: Jagdish wants to come to Madhuban, but his intellect is very sharp. Baba said: Send him after making him write a letter of faith (nischay patra) 108 times. Brother Jagdish asked me what other sisters had written such a letter of faith, and how had they written it? He also asked me how he should write it. I explained: You have to write each different aspect 108 times. For instance, ShivBaba is the Lord of Immortality (Amarnath). He shares the story of the Lord of Immortality (Amarnath) and gives us the inheritance of the Realm of Immortality (Amarlok). ShivBaba is the Lord of Nectar (Somnath), He makes us drink nectar (somras). He makes us conscious from being unconscious due to Maya. In those days, we used to ask students to write each of the different points separately so that each point would include the name and task of ShivBaba and the reward we receive from Him. I told him: We have all written the letter of faith in this way. In my mind, I was thinking: He is a kumar, and he has to prepare properly for Madhuban. He will have to persuade his mother and father, and he will have to write the letter of faith of 108. He is obedient, so as Baba has instructed it, he will surely write it.

Didi was very strict. She said to me: Kunj, until he writes the letter of faith of 108 (nishchay patra), he will not be able to go to Madhuban. Brother Jagdish said: Okay, I will write it and bring it. When he brought it, I asked him: Did you write it 108 times? He said: Yes, I did. So, with a lot of happiness I took it to Didi, saying: Look, Didi, here is the letter of faith of 108. Didi, as our judge, checked it straight away and said: Kunj, you are being partial towards him. Where has he written it 108 times? This has only been written 27 times. I took the letter and confronted Brother Jagdish: You said that it has been written 108 times, whereas this has been written merely 27 times. He was very smart, and said: You see, on the back page it states: Read it four times. I saw at the back where it was written: Read it four times. I returned to Didi and showed this to her. Didi scolded me saying that I favour him a lot. I said: Didi, we have to leave tonight by train. He has written this much at least. Please give him permission! Didi said: No way, unless he writes it 108 times, he does not have permission to go. Brother Jagdish came to her and pleaded: Didi, I must go to Madhuban. You say: Write it 108 times, but why 108 times, why not one thousand times or one lakh times will write it after returning from Madhuban, but today I have to go to Madhuban. I have already made a great deal of effort; I wrote the article about Janmashtmi, had it published in newspapers and I wrote the letter of faith. Why? It is because I want to meet Baba that I have done all this.

Didi gave him permission to come to Madhuban. Even so, Didi kept reminding me: Take care of him; his intellect is very sharp. Look after him very well. We arrived in Madhuban and went to Brij Kothi. He went straight to Baba’s room. At the time, a song was being played: At last the day has come for which we were waiting with great anticipation… (Aakhirvoh din aayaa aaj,jisdin karastatakte the). Jagdish Bhai began to cry like a child with big loud sobs, and went to hug Baba. That scene removed any worry I might have had as he had clearly surrendered to Baba. It was such a meeting that word about it reached Abu Road, and a few brothers and sisters came especially to see whom Kunj Behn had brought who had met Baba crying! I
had taken three brothers with me: Avinash Chandra, Vishnu Chandra and Jagdish Chandra, but the latter, whose brain was very sharp, was the only one who survived.

Baba was aware that he had written an article on Janmashtmi and had it printed in the newspaper, so Baba asked him: Child, you must now be on holiday; your exams must have finished? Jagdish Bhai had said: Yes Baba, I am on holiday for one month. Our six days passed, and our day of return arrived. There was a saying at that time that the guide led the pilgrims, then kept them and took them back with him. Baba said to me: Daughter, you go, Jagdish will stay here. I asked Baba: Baba, should I go if Jagdish stays? Baba said: Yes, child. Baba needs some service from him. Didi Manmohini and I went back to Delhi together.

From that time onwards, whosoever came to Madhuban would be asked how they arrived at the faith that ShivBaba comes into the body of Brahma Baba? Why does ShivBaba come into the body of Brahma Baba and no one else? There are so many learned, famous, great souls (mahamandaleshwaras), but why does He not come into any of them, and why does He choose Brahma Baba? It was the system in those days what every sister entering the service field would first of all spend some time at Kamla Nagar, Delhi, to be trained by Didi. They would then be sent to other centres on service. When those sisters arrived in Madhuban, Jagdish Bhai would ask them how they developed faith? Nowadays, we offer Raja Yoga courses, meditation, management courses, and so on. In those days, we would say that the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, is One; His name is One and His fixed chariot is also One. He comes into this chariot. Then Jagdish Bhai would ask: Why does He come into only this one? He never tired of this question. Also, every day he would bring new questions.?

On his return to Delhi, after a few days, he got a job in a hostel at Sonepat. He heard in Baba’s murli that we have to do 8 hours yoga and also 8 hours work. One day he arrived between 9.00 and 10.00 a.m. Didi asked why Jagdish Bhai had come at this time? I asked him: Jagdish Bhai ji, why did you arrive so late today? He said: Today, I have come to sit in yoga for 8 hours. Baba has said we have to do 8 hours yoga. So, when I asked Didi, she said: Kunj, you know you are the only teacher who gives the course here. If you are going to be seated in order to conduct yoga for him, and if any new students come, who will attend to them? I used to have such elevated feelings for him, so I said: Didi, he has come with utmost keenness, so I will conduct yoga for him and if any new student comes, I will welcome that one whilst being in yoga. Didi said: Kunj, you always favour Jagdish. Can’t you ask him how we can be expected to conduct yoga only for him for 8 hours? Instead, I went to Jagdish Bhai and said: Jagdish Bhai ji, I will conduct yoga for you. However, if any new student comes in between I will welcome them whilst being in yoga, and will later give them a course. He accepted.

When he started to study the courses, he would sit until 9.00 p.m. to clarify one or another question. Until he would be convinced with the accurate answer, he could not leave. It was in the beggary times of the yagya, and Didi had only one wristwatch. She sent Dadi Janki to alert him to the time. He said: Dadi, there is no law in love. So long as a question is not resolved, I will not be able to sleep at night. The next day Didi said to me: Explain to Jagdish that he cannot speak to a senior sister like that. So, I explained to him: Jagdish Bhai ji, you are not supposed to speak to Dadi Janki like that. She is our senior sister, isn’t she? Yet, he pointed out again that until a question is resolved, he could not leave the issue. He was a true moth. Since the beginning, he was a surrendered and true moth child of Baba. Just imagine, for almost a year and a half, I was the instrument attending to him at Delhi.

Later, we received an invitation to go to Amritsar for a conference to discuss the Veda scriptures (Vedanta Sammelan). Janki Dadi went, but she fell ill so they sent a mail to send Kunj immediately. I was ever-ready. Didi told Jagdish Bhai: We are sending Kunj to Amritsar, and she has to go today. A mail has come that Dadi Janki is not well, so she will participate in her place at the Vedanta Sammelan. Then, Jagdish Bhai said: Why are you sending Kunj Behn? Prepare me perfectly. I will bring thousands. Didi replied: Jagdish, anyhow she has to go. Go and see her off! So, I went to Amritsar.

The next time Jagdish Bhai came to Madhuban with Didi and me, it was when there was the trend of Krishna playing through Sakar Baba and giving visions (charitra of Bhagwat). On the day of his departure Didi said: Today Jagdish is leaving Madhuban. He has seen Baba’s wonderful charitra. God knows after seeing these charitrawhat he might have felt. Go and ask him what he saw in the charitra of Baba. Did he pick up any virtue or any weakness? We prepared a food parcel for him, which I took to him, and said: Jagdish Bhai, today I am coming to see you off, but we will be staying for another four or five days. He said: Why are you coming. I can go by myself. I replied: I want to ask you about what you have seen in Madhuban. So, on the way, he said: I know that the Bhagwat is the scripture that was created in the remembrance of Bhagwan and the gopis. So, don’t you worry, I had no other thought.

Thus, Jagdish Bhai had unbreakable faith in Baba and Baba’s gyan. He used to ask questions with no other intention but for clarity. It was a wonder for me that for whatever question he would ask, Baba would touch me with a point that would convince him, and this was also with the help of Drama. It can also be said that according to Drama, through giving the course to Jagdish Bhai, Baba was able to give a practical training to us sisters. Countless new experiences were given as well as a chance to go into the depth of gyan.

I am repeatedly saying that Jagdish Bhai was an extremely beloved child of Baba. Since the day he took birth, his passion was to illuminate the name of Baba, to glorify Baba and to show that God Himself has come upon this land into this very body. When he posed to me the very same question that he put to all sisters: How did you develop the faith that ShivBaba only comes into the body of Brahma Baba? I replied: the soul of Brahma is the original soul of Shri Krishna, the one who is called ‘next to God’, and who on the path of bhaktiis called an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If Queen Elizabeth were to come, would she sit in a fiat or an ambassador car? In the same way, when God the Father comes, He would only come into the body of an elevated soul, wouldn’t he? He became quiet and seemed touched by this point.

Jagdish Bhai was passionate about the murli. In those days, everyone in the yagya used to keep a diary. I used to write Baba’s murli in question and answer form, and would jot down various points on different topics, such as, the Supreme Soul is not omnipresent. I would write about 50 points on this, and would also write separately the points mentioned by Baba. In Karachi, my duty was to write up a book with the essence of all the murlis. This was also the duty of Dadi Ratan Mohini. When it was decided to leave Pakistan and come to India, Mama gave us assistants, so we managed to bring the books containing the essence of all themurlis.

When I came to Amritsar, I could not find my diary. I searched everywhere. Later on someone told me that Jagdish Bhai had taken it. Such was his great hobby to go into the depths of gyanin the murli—so much so it was as if he were possessed. In reality, Jagdish Bhai was the true son of Baba. From the very first day when he filled out the form until his last moments, he remained an extremely honest, faithful, obedient and surrendered child.

Power of silence by BK Jagdish