Spiritual friends

Source: Wah wah teri jadugiri – 1 min.

„An attitude of brotherhood is a medicine for all pain. This is such a good and lovely medicine that finishes interactions and behaviour arising from attachment. This is our true relationship. It is this relationship that purifies our actions and dealings”.

„Thoughts have a connection with breath. When there are elevated thoughts and every breath is taken in God’s remebrance; we reaceive strength and the hardest sanskar will change.”

„To make others content or satisfied is true sustenance. Only the one who remain content, will be able to make others satisfied. Those who have contentment or satisfaction will have patience. Those who are satisfied will also remain cool”.

Dadi Prakashmani 1922 – 2007



Smruti Diwas Poem Prakash Punj Dadi Prakashmani – 25.08.2013