Ya lil ma atwalak – This Never Ending Night – Rim el Banna

This never ending night
of longing and wandering
My hair has turned to white
My body’s ill

Suhail, my little light
and Fares, my precious one
Some day you’ll bring my medicine
I know you will
And I always will remember
like they’re wandering beside me
The dearest and beloved ones
you’re separated from
Stop crying now, my eye,
even if it seems forever
I will wander in this night
until we are home

So sleep, and you’ll be strong
Sleep on now, my baby boy
Some day you’ll take us back again
to where we belong

Trad.: Lullaby from Palestine

Rim Banna (Arabic: ريم بنا‎; 8 December 1966 – 24 March 2018) was a Palestinian singer, composer, arranger and activist, who was most known for her modern interpretations of traditional Palestinian songs and poetry. Banna was born in Nazareth, where she graduated from Nazareth Baptist School. She lived in Nazareth with her three children. Banna died in her hometown of Nazareth on 24 March 2018 following a nine-year struggle with breast cancer.

Song Fares Odeh – Rim Banna
Faris Odeh (Arabic: فارس فائق عيسى حمدان عودة‎, 3 December 1985 – 8 November 2000, a Palestinian boy shot dead by the Israel Defense Forces near the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip while throwing stones.

Butterflies will carry you to cloud surface, a gazelle will take you to the bottom of sycamore