amrit vela points


Each day at Amritvela, you should not think that you have emerged from
sleep, but instead, you should think that you have incarnated from
shantidham(the land of peace, the soul world) in order to do your work.

From the moment you open your eyes the first transformation should be,I
am a soul; I am not this body. This is the first thought of the first second
when you awaken.

Baba is the magnet and so, automatically, the soul that is, clean is able to
very close.

In the early morning hours of nectar, Baba gives blessings. If everyday you
continue to take these blessings then weakness can never come.

In the early morning of nectar, you can receive whatever it is that you wish.
This is the special time that has been fixed for Brahmins. No matter how
important a person may be, he will always keep a special time reserved for
his own family.

Each day, in the early morning hours of nectar think of one point of happiness
and that happiness will remain with you throughout the day.

it is at the time of the early morning hours that you should see the fortune of
the self.

To fulfill the responsibility of love means to achieve all things. If the soul
does not know how to fulfill the responsibility of love, then it will also not be
able to attain anything.

As soon as you awaken, the first thing you must do is talk to the father with
great sweetness. Throughout the day also, you should check yourself from
time to time ‘’Am I with the Father?’’

Responsibility is always placed on those who are senior. So place your
1responsibility on Baba and you will experience yourself to be constantly
happy. For 24 hours of the day and night, you will dance like the angels‘that
is you will be dancing with your mind. To come into body consciousness
means human; to be soul conscious means to be an angel.

Why does sleepiness come?
Ans… Lack of churning in the day time.

To renounce sleep means that you yourself become gold.

How can I increase my enthusiasm for amrit vela meditation? How can I
overcome laziness?
Ans ……. When you sit for yoga, you should go on a tour – sometimes go to
the soul world,sometimes to Madhuvan, and sometimes to the subtle regions.
You can also churn points for service. There should not be the stage of mere
silence, but you should go on tour. If there is laziness, then walk around so
that you become fresh.

Amrit vela is the time to practice using the divine intellect. Bapdada gives to
each child the lift of the divine intellect in the form of a gift. Everyone receives
such a gift, but not everyone uses it to the same extent. This gift is very
powerful and easily available and by using it, you are able to travel throughout
the three worlds; switch on the switch of remembrance and, within a second,
you are there.

Why should I make effort to acquire a divine intellect?
Ans…… The divine intellect makes it easy for the soul to inculcate Baba’s
teachings – there is no need to make effort. But, there must be no influence
of impurity. Is even the slightest influence of rajo or tamo (impurity), then,
instead of being the embodiment of inculcation, you come under the influence
of Maya.

The Godly, divine intellect always provides a canopy of protection, but maya
casts her own shadow and then the canopy flies away and the shadow
remains. That is why, you should check constantly, Is the gift given by the
father always with you?

The gift of the divine intellect is a spiritual aeroplane. By switching on, by
using this divine aeroplane, you can reach wherever you choose in a second.
The switch is to have a thought. The people of science are able to travel
around just this one world, but you are able to travel around the three worlds.

By correcting the divine intellect at amrit vela, the entire day will remain
powerful. If you are not able to correct it yourself, then have it corrected, but
it should be corrected at amrit vela.

What is the most effective method to reduce weight? A controlled diet and
exercise. Here also, in order to become bodiless, you should exercise your
intellect again and again; you should also give your intellect the food of
controlled thoughts. You should take precautions so that you do not eat the
food of wasteful thoughts. Self _ control is needed for this.

During the early morning of nectar, each one imbibes and is able to become
the image of inculcation but this happens numberwise according to the
individual capacity of the soul.

At the time of the early morning hours of nectar, there are two particular
forms that you should adopt; the image of inculcation, and the image of
experience. These two forms are importance because it is especially in the
early morning hours that Bapdada is the innocent Lord who fills all the treasure
stores for the special children.

The meeting in the early morning hours is not an official meeting. Baba is
there in the form of the innocent Lord who bestows all treasures. At that
time, Bapdada is free to speak to each one to their heart’s content. He is
free to listen to their requests, to erase their weaknesses, and to forgive
numerous forms of sin.

So recognize the value of the early morning hours of nectar, recognize that
this is the time for easy attainment. Take full benefit from this time. Fill your
apron with all rewards from the treasure store that is open in the early morning
hours. Take whatever fortune you choose from the bestower of blessings
and Bestower of fortune. In the early morning hours Baba is ready to draw
for you the lines of destiny.

As soon as it is the early morning hours of nectar, as soon as your eyes
open, in a second take a jump and sit down with Baba. Then, because of the
companionship, you will experience that all of Baba’s treasures are your
treasures. Baba in the form of a friend, is now offering you the throne of all

If there is still attachment, or any kind of pull from anyone, then this proves
that you are not experiencing all relationships and all achievements from

Some children are so innocent that they are unable to discriminate between
the achievement of Baba and the achievement of Maya. They are sleepy,
and they consider that there was a very peaceful stage – the seed stage;
they receive limited rest through sleep and they consider this to be supersensuous-

Throughout the day, you should continue to churn, you should play with the
jewels of knowledge and then, in the early morning, by remembering these
things of happiness, sleep will disappear and you will experience great

When you sit for early morning meditation, you should become either a
point of light or an angel. However, what tends to happen is that you just look
at Baba and you do not change your own form; you try to see Baba as a
point of light or as an angel but, without becoming equal to Baba in your
stage, you are unable to experience the meeting with Him.

If there has not been relationship, co-operation, or love for Bapdada over a
period of time, then, at that moment, you will not be able to make the

What is the reason for there being this break in the connection? The main
reason is that the account the soul created in thoughts, words, actions and
connections throughout the previous day, has not been kept clearly in front
of Baba – the soul has not emptied itself. If you keep both the good and bad
news clearly in front of the One who has made you His instrument, then the
burden will be removed; the intellect will become empty and karmic account
of life will become clear.

Each night, the children do not become light by keeping in front of Baba
everything that has been done. For every good action, Baba will reserve for
you one hundred fold. If there has been any waste, then by speaking of it,
the burden will be removed from the self, and Baba will save the soul from
building up a stock of waste for the future.

What is that makes a heart-to-heart conversation enjoyable? It is when the
conversation is between equals-loving companions. Baba is Avyakt(subtle)
– He is double-light; so, if the one seeking to converse with Him is in gross
consciousness, if their intellect is heavy and burdened, then how will it be
possible for a heart-to-heart conversation to take place?

Before going to bed, exchange the news of the entire day with your
companion, or with the Father. By giving to Baba the news of the entire day,
you will become light. Just as when you go to bed, the dress that you put on
will be very light, so too, you should also be very light in your intellect-this is
your light dress. You should go to bed with Baba wearing such a dress. Do
not sleep alone. If you are alone then, Maya will take a chance. You should
remain constantly in Baba’s company.

When you go sleep at night, you should finish off any old accounts that are
remaining with the fire of yoga and with a powerful state of consciousness.
You should settle these old accounts. If a businessman does not settle his
accounts, then he goes into debt. The debt is known as the disease. In the
same way, you should settle the account of actions, the account of thoughts,
and the account of everything that has happened in the day. Do not keep
anything for the next day in the form of debt, otherwise, this debt or-disease
–you will make the intellect weak.

Each day, you should settle your accounts, and then you can begin the new
day. Let there be a new consciousness each day. By keeping your account
of thoughts and actions very clear in this way, you will be able to become
complete and you will be the image of success. If you are not able to settle
your own accounts, then how will you be able to inspire others to finish their
bondages and settle their accounts?

It is the souls with honesty and cleanliness who are loved by God, loved by
the people, and who are also loved by themselves. Everyone likes honesty
and cleanliness.

If you remember one title in the early morning hours and you keep churning
this title, then, with this power of churning, the intellect will remain powerful.
A powerful intellect cannot be invaded by Maya; it cannot be influenced or
overpowered by anyone.

Every day, in the early morning hours, this tilak of the three types of
consciousness(the consciousness of the self, the consciousness of the father,
the consciousness of the knowledge of drama) -this trident – should be
checked. Then, throughout the day, Maya will not have the courage to erase
your tilak. To have the three types of consciousness means to be the
embodiment of an all – powerful consciousness. This is the tilak of power. In
front of this powerful consciousness, Maya, in the form of waste thoughts,
will end. The five forms of Maya will come before you as five servants – you
will see then transformed.

Fluctuation and tension in one’s life can be avoided if soul consciousness is
practiced at amrit vela and attention is then paid throughout the rest of the

In the early morning hours you should set your daily routine. If there is a
programme that is not prepared in the right way, then it will not be successful.
Here, in the same way, if you do not set your daily routine in the early morning
hours, then you will not be able to become the embodiment of success.

It should not be that you simply remember that knowledge of the soul, in addition,
there should be the consciousness of being a soul, “ I am a soul, and the
person next to me is also a soul” – this consciousness is the principal
foundation of the code of disciplines. It is through this practice that the soul
becomes free from obstacles and, with this elevated, powerful remembrance,
you will become the instrument to spread powerful vibrations. Through this,
others will also become free from obstacles.

What is the yukti ( the method ) to achieve the state of being a natural yogi?
Ans — You should understand the importance of early morning hours of
nectar. If a powerful stage is created in the early morning, this will then help
you throughout the rest of the day; the life of that day will be filled with
greatness. By filling yourself with power in advance, no matter how difficult a
task may be, it will not seem to be difficult – it will seem to be easy.

To miss the early morning hours is to neglect the importance of the special
benefit that can be received at the confluence age. Continue to follow the
Brahmin code of conduct and you will become an example in front of the

It is at this time you receive the greatest injection of all. If you have linked
your connection with Baba in the early morning hours of nectar, you will then
remain safe from the unconsciousness of Maya throughout the whole day.

The beginning of time for the whole day is the early morning hours, and if
you renounce this beginning period and only awaken after sometime has
passed- if you sit down and link your connection several hours later – then,
according to the number of hours you are late here, you will be late there.this
is because amrit vela is the special appointment time that Bapdada has
given for meeting the children and it is the children who are given the first
chance to meet Bapdada; later on, it is the time for the bhagats. So if you
link your connection at the time that has been set aside for the bhagats, then
you will not receive the blessings that would be given to a child.

If you do not first of all make a plan in the early morning hours of nectar of
what you are going to do. Then how will you be able to achieve what you
seek in a practical form? Even lokik work is successful only when a proper
plan has been made; without a proper plan, there can not be success.

You have been told clearly of the effort that still remains. If you correct the
early morning hours of nectar, then everything else will be corrected
automatically. Just as it is said that by drinking nectar, the soul becomes
immortal, so too, by successfully using the early morning hours of nectar,
you can receive the blessings of the immortal state for the whole day.

Awaken early, early in the morning and stay in the consciousness of your
own angelic form and you will dance in happiness – no matter what situation
may come to disturb you, your happiness will finish this off.

During the early morning hours of nectar, apply to yourself the tilak of the
Master Almighty Authority, the dot of sovereignty. If, throughout the entire
day, you always keep this tilak with you, then Maya will not threaten you. The
tilak is the sign of your victory. It is in the early morning hours of nectar that
you receive blessings and, according to how much importance you give to
the early morning hours of nectar, so you will become great.

Let there be determination, hope and enthusiasm at amrit vela to say goodbye
to all weaknesses.

Each day, in the early morning hours of nectar, refresh yourself, remind
yourself of these essential tasks and you will then receive the power of this
throughout the day. If carelessness still comes, then punish yourself –
separate yourself from that which you love the most, the task that you most
enjoy. There will be repentance. If you repent now, then you will not have to
repent later on.

Each day, in the early morning hours, revise your praise. Baba’s task and
your task; make this an essential discipline. Carelessness comes when you
consider something to be only a direction and you have not yet made it into
a personal discipline.

The main subject of study is that you should make your stage as subtle as
possible. Just as you know how to go into extension, so too, for the subtle
stage, you need to practice so that you are able to pack up and merge the
extension whenever you wish. Go into the extension of knowledge, but then
merge that extension and become the embodiment of knowledge – become
a seed. You should practice this because, by going into extension, a great
deal of time is wasted and thoughts are also wasted. To help you in this, set
yourself a time table. Just as you have a time table for physical activities, so
too, from the time of early morning hours of nectar, you should set yourself a
time table for the upliftment of the soul. By working according to a time table,
you will be able to accomplish numerous tasks in a single day.

In order to keep your intellect busy, you should set a time table for yourself.
From the early morning hours, you should keep a point in your consciousness.
Set a time table; become teacher of the self and set yourself homework. Be
the observer of the self – “Am I busy in doing my homework? There will then,
no longer be the complaint that there are wasteful thoughts.

During the early morning hours of nectar, there is the power to experience
the meeting, the power to accept and to imbibe, and the power to catch the
pure thoughts of special inspiration from Baba each day; these powers are
most essential. During the early morning hours of nectar, each one imbibes
and is able to become the image of inculcation but this happens numberwise
according to the individual capacity of the soul.

Be particularly alert at amrit vela and have the thought of asking Baba for
advice. If you sit in remembrance in this way, you will see that you do receive
a reply. As yet, you have not experienced this. Just as you would run
straightaway to Sakar Baba, so too, in the same way, bring avyakt Bapdada
close to yourself. You will then have the same experience as you had when
Baba was in Sakar form.

If any child remembers Baba with love, then the thought will reach Baba; but
the time takes for this to happen will be determined by the degree to which
the soul has become viceless. A thought arises, and then the greater the
power of being viceless, the faster the message reaches Bapdada. Bapdada,
at that moment gives a reply to all matters as immediate fruit.

Always remember: “whatever belongs to Baba, also belongs to me. My Baba,
my service – Baba’s task is my task. Baba’s virtues are my virtues; Baba’s
sanskars, virtues and elevated actions are mine also.” In this way, you become
the Master of Baba’s property. “Whatever belongs to Baba, belongs to me” –
there will then be great happiness and confusion will not come in your mind.

Try to keep the problem just between you and Baba. Baba will give you
guidance if you meet Him in the subtle Regions, but to experience this meeting
you must adopt your own subtle form – a form that is equal to Baba – and
you must go completely beyond the influence of body consciousness.

The meeting becomes impossible because you want to bring mud with
yourself – this body is the mud. Yes, when you want to use the mud, then
use it, but, at the time of meeting, it is necessary to renounce the
consciousness of the body. Baba’s dress should also be your dress – your
costume; the costumes worn by both you and Baba should be of the same

You should now create a new invention that no one else has seen. Sit in the
early morning hours of nectar and think about plans and there will be very
good touching. Everything is already fixed – whatever is fixed in the last
kalpa has to repeat again, but someone has to become the instrument

Through the mind, there is the donation of all the powers; through speech,
there is the donation of knowledge, and through actions, there is the donation
of all virtues. Always, as the day begins, you should first make a plan; “In
what way will I give donation today in these three ways?

If you wish to become a special server, then claim this special right of the
early morning hours and become special. Those who have recognized the
importance of the early morning hours of nectar, the importance of thoughts,
the importance of time, and the importance of service – those who
understand all aspects of the things that are important – it is such souls who
become the special servers.

Everyday, especially in the early morning hours of nectar, you should become
the embodiment of the Bestower of Blessings for the world. You should
experience the combined form with Baba, the World Benefactor, so that
you, the Shaktis, the Bestowers of Blessings, and Shiva, the World
Benefactor, are together. Stay in the combined form of the Shiv Shakti, and
then, through the thoughts of your mind, and through your attitude, you will
be able to spread the fragrance of those vibrations in the world.

You should make a special plan to make the service through the mind more
powerful. Together with words, it is service through the mind that will enable
the message to reach very far away. Just as nowadays, flying saucers are
seen, so too, your angelic form will be visible all around and there will be
the sound emerging, “Who are these beings who are circling all around?”
People will begin to do research into this. They will have visions of you
coming down from up above and they should realize that it is these Brahma
Kumars and Kumaris who are giving visions of the angelic form.

The time of the early morning hours of nectar is the time when the pure
environment is able to overpower the impure, degraded environment. At
that time, it is easy to hear the cries and give benefit. It is easy to receive
blessings and to give donation of blessings because, at that time, the very
atmosphere helps to change the attitude of mind. In the early morning hours,
you souls are also able to experience the special canopy of Baba’s blessings
and your stage is that of the donor – you are complete, like the father.

The father, the resident of Brahmlok (the Soul World), gives blessings to
the special children in the form of rays of light and might from the Sun of
Knowledge. This is the reason why this period is also known as the period
of Brahm Murat (the moment of pure omens). At the auspicious time, you
can make your stage elevated for the whole day. It is at this time that you
can make your omens as good as wish.

The early morning hours is also the time when Brahma Baba, the resident
of the Subtle Regions, adopts the form of the Fortune-maker Father and he
distributes the nectar of fortune. You can receive as much nectar from the
Fortune Maker Father as you wish. However, the vessel of your intellect
should be powerful and worthy of holding the nectar; there should be no
form of obstacle or barrier. It will then be possible for the receiving of
blessings and the giving of blessings to take place simultaneously; the role
of being the receiver of blessings and the role of being the Bestower of
Blessings-both roles are played at the same time.

At the present time, everyone is calling out to be liberated from effort and it
is easy achievements that they are seeking. Scientists are tired after having
worked so hard, religious souls have become tired because they have
done so much contemplation; the politicians are tired because of the
numerous political changes, and the ordinary people are tired because of
all their everyday problems.

You should display the sparkle and, within a second, you should give others
the intoxication of being with an angel. This is the way to give the return to
Baba for His love. By becoming the embodiment of solution to the problems
of others, your own problems will come to an end automatically. So, you
should now become the embodiment of solution.

In the early morning hours, you will be able to hear the sound of the bhagats;
you will feel that they are calling you personally.

The sleep of carelessness comes when you forget that it is the time of
destruction. If you listen to the call of the bhagats, and to the cries of sorrow
of the unhappy souls; if you hear the sound of the prayers of the thirsty
souls – will never feel sleepy.