Dadi Janki: What is effort?

Dadi Janki – 8 August 2012 evening class – GCH London

What is effort?

What is effort? You have been hearing this word for so long, but what does it mean?
[Some shared their thoughts]
Effort is surrender, letting go of anything that is not mine.
Effort is embracing what I love most, it is holding on with love and passion to what I want most.
Effort is accuracy, however if I want to be cooperative but I am not accurate then that is not effort.
Effort is to understand the meaning of a human being and also what is my part in the drama, it means to have love for solitude. This is to be lost in the love for One from morning till night.
Effort is experiencing the angelic stage.
Effort is to remain in soul consciousness, to stay as close to Baba as I can, to conquer attachment and to conquer laziness.
Effort is to be light and fearless internally, to be free of negativity and imbibe positivity.
Effort is something natural, and the result of service is just to bring souls close to Baba.
Effort is about consistency, to maintain my effort. Effort is about being natural in my life.

Check that you never become heavy about anything for any reason. I should be able to become soul conscious in one second so that there is constant success. If you become heavy at any moment it means then Baba is not responsible at that moment. Then you start to think what will happen and how will it happen. One who knows Baba and stays light receives might. Let go of everything that has happened as though nothing happened. Time and thoughts – these are 2 diamonds that I have to use in a worthwhile way and then I receive happiness and power. If you follow the systems of the yagya in a worthwhile way then you will always stay alert, so laziness will run away. I am not doing anything, Baba is doing everything.

If there is a blockage or bondage inside then there are always reasons for not being able to do something. With realisation of what the blockages and bondages are, first the pain disappears and then I remember I am a soul at peace. Where there is peace there is no pain. Where there is Baba’s love there is no bondage. The One who does everything is getting things done. Then there can also be burdens in our life. However if there are any of the above then I can cross the barriers in my life very quickly.

One who makes effort knows that the Baba who belongs to everyone is Mine! One who has nothing else in his heart can say ‘mera Baba’ always. Whoever comes in front of you just smile and make them happy. This is the result of one who makes effort. The visible fruit of effort is to smile and if you forget your own religion and come under the effect of your nature then you wilt. Then you also get caught up in your own thoughts.

Baba’s hand is on my head. When seniors put their hand on your head it is as though they are blessing you. So realise that God has selected me even though human beings may not like me! Then I would want everyone to have the same feeling of God’s love as I have experienced. If your stage is like this, then people will call you everywhere to do service.

Dadi forgives and forgets. Set yourself on your seat and look at Baba and whilst feeling Baba become one who is a resident of the subtle region. Baba let me just keep looking at you. Let Baba keep looking at you too.

So now make the level of effort that Baba wants us to make. If you keep Baba as your companion then you need to be like Baba. You need to be a good match!

Om shanti.
Dadi Janki – 9th August 2012, GCH am

Celebrate with the dance within

Today is the day of the Satguru and also Janamasthami, the birthday of Sri Krishna. Who is greater Brahma Baba or Sri Krishna? Brahma Baba represents Satguruwah and Sri Krishna represents Janamasthami. To come to class means to dance with happiness. Last night’s class was on ‘what is effort?’. All of you are becoming golden aged princes and princesses. And now are the ones who belong to the Lord and Master; do you have this intoxication? To be a princess is not a big thing but to have the intoxication of being one is! Dadi spends time each morning giving almonds to many and her feeling is of meeting the princes and princesses. The more we stay in our spirituality, by drawing from Baba and being in the stage of soul consciousness then our words never become bitter nor can we ever become unhappy. When you are sad there is a difference in your activity and words. Baba would say in the old days that the ones who remain sad will become the maids and servants.

Those who know the importance of everyday and every moment are the emperors and empresses: there is a lot of happiness and intoxication experienced. There are courageous and brave ones. (If you want to know about bravery learn from Hansa. She awakens at 12 or 1am. The Almighty Father is giving her such might that this might is enabling her to do everything, she is an example). Let the sound emerge from you that ‘it is the might of the Almighty Father that is making me move along’.

Do you think I have extra attachment to some people or is it love? Attachment and love…….both cannot coexist. If there is even the slightest attachment then we cannot experience godly love, the love that makes us complete and perfect. The contract with Baba is cancelled when there is the slightest attachment. In the final chapter of the Gita it talks about becoming the conqueror of attachment to any bodily being. Finish this to such an extent that there is no trace remaining. A conqueror of attachment means to be a conqueror of maya. Such a soul never performs actions they would have to repent for afterwards. Those who conquer attachment do things accurately and effortlessly.

Baba, in the Murli, has been talking of so many things we have to make effort on. The Golden Age is the time to experience the reward. Now, the Confluence Age, is the time to make effort. Today’s blessing is wonderful… those who have the Father’s hand on their head then experience the combined form. Speak of effort and experience the victory. This is in our own hands. Ask yourself : ‘Who am I’? and ‘Who is Mine?’. Continue to exercise in this way – looking at the self asking ‘Who am I? And look up above and see who you belong to. The ones who are dancing inside are the real effort makers.

My experience nowadays is that when Dadi Gulzar goes to the subtle region she sees that first Baba gives me a lot of love and becomes lost in Baba’s love and emerges everyone there . I have the feeling that Baba pulls me although I am not a trans messenger. Dadi shares that we are all emerged in the subtle region. Celebrate Janamastami and become present in front of Baba and celebrate with the dance within. Do not become heavy for a second as when we are heavy we cannot dance. Sometimes there is ego of the self and doubts of others and situations. Both of these illnesses interrupt and disturb our remembrance. Sometimes people feel disrespected, because of doubts. Baba says become clean internally.

Dadi loves the ones who prepare the bhog. A real bandari is one whose clothes never get spoilt whilst cooking, never revealing all the work they have done! People in the kitchen here at GCH prepare the bhog and then come to class. Dadi has special love for these souls as they never miss class.

Dadi has so much intoxication for whatever karankaravanhar Baba says through the murli. When I read the Avyakt murli on a Sunday I remember that it is through the Avyakt murlis that everyone abroad has taken birth and are sustained. How have we become so worthy, it is through the murlis. Love for Baba and for the murlis. Always consider that your home is Madhuban. Where ever you stay is a place to stay for namesake as an instrument. Our real home is Madhuban.

Om Shanti