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The Year of being Angel like the Father 21-10-2012

Revision of Avyakt Murli – Being an Intense Effort Maker (D)

Self Respect:

Like the Father I am the jewel of contentment.

– The Power of Contentment is most elevated. Hence it has all attainments merged in it
– All Powers are merged inside the power of Contentment
– The ‘Jewel of Contentment’ Souls can never be defeated by Maya; rather Maya gets
defeated by them
– The ‘Jewel of Contentment’ Souls experience Maya or nature’s upheavals in such a
manner as if they were watching a Cartoon Show

Yoga Practice:

1. Thousand hands of BapDada are upon me… I am very content and happy under His
canopy of protection. All the treasures, blessings, divine virtues and powers are
coming out of BapDada’s lotus like hands and are getting merged in me… I am
becoming fulfilled, happy and content.
2. Drill of becoming Incorporeal – BapDada tells all of us to intermittently take out
time and practice the drill of being Incorporeal… because in the coming time you will
anyway have to become incorporeal.

Point of Inculcation: Contentment

GOD Shiva: “Today BapDada is giving special blessing to be Content. Let whatever
happen, don’t let your contentment be lost ever. Let whoever does whatever with you,
don’t keep it in heart… rather keep Baba in your heart. Always keep Good Wishes and
Pure feelings towards such Souls and use your power of Good Wishes.”

Point of Churning:

– What is the need and significance of Contentment?
– Which all things make us discontent?
– How to become the Jewel of Contentment, forever?
– What are Baba’s versions for Contentment?

For the Effort Makers:

Dear Effort Makers, do we consider ourselves empowered with the power of
Contentment? Let us ask ourselves whether we are Jewels of Contentment? Most of the
times our response would be, “We are content, but sometimes, not always”. But, BapDada
doesn’t like the word, “Sometimes”. He says, “Did Brahma Baba ever utter the word
‘Sometimes’?” Since He never said such, then you too should follow the Father. If you love
the Father, then surrender this word “sometimes” and proceed towards your complete and
perfect stage through intense efforts.

The year of being Angel like the Father


Revision of Avyakt Murli – Volcanic Yoga (B)

1) Self respect : I am a great tapasvi like father

Like Brahma Baba gave highest place to tapasya in his life. Again and again,
he inspired the children for tapasya. He solved all the problems through
tapasya and being in stable stage, attained perfection and completeness in the
end. In the same way, we also have to become great tapasvi like father(volcanic
yogi) and attain our complete stage.

2) Yoga practice :

Like Shankarji is shown on Himalaya mountain completely absorbed in
tapasya….distant from awareness of the world, body, desire…absorbed in his
own…Shankarji symbolises our tapasvi form….so we should also be absorbed in
deep tapasya.

Shankarji is shown bodiless…shown victorious over vices…shown in
solitude..we should also do the sadhna of becoming bodiless through solitude.

It is shown that whenever some demon or Kamdev tried to disrupt Shankarji’s
sadhna, Shankarji would open his third eye and destroy them…We also should
cremate waste thoughts and waste sanskaras through volcanic yoga.

3) Point of inculcation: Ekvrata (one who is faithful to only one)

-one who is ekvrata is the one who can become volcanic yogi because one who is
ekvrata is the one who can concentrate and complete concentration in yoga is
volcanic yoga.

– One who is ekvrata resides on the throne of God’s love and the throne of world.

4) Point of churning: What are the different forms of yoga?

In present time, what is my stage of yoga?

For how long can I stabilise myself in a particular stage of yoga?


How can I increase my concentration and experiences in yoga?

5) For effort makers :

Dear effort makers! Whenever a house is built, the beginning is done with the
foundation. Stronger the foundation, stronger the house. If we want to reach the
powerful stage of volcanic yoga, then we need to pay attention on the underlying
inculcations(dharna) of yoga. The more powerful our purity level and spiritual vision,
the more powerful yogi we would become. In addition, the more practice we do, more
would be our maturity in yoga. As the saying goes-“continue doing practice…”

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The Year of being Angel like the Father 05-02-2012

The Week of Volcanic Yoga – 1

Self Respect: Like the Father I too am a Self Sovereign Soul.

Among the two Home works that Baba has given us to do within two months, one is to become a Self Sovereign Soul. This is our first lesson too. The one, who has this foundation strong, can complete the other Home Work (complete freedom from waste) too easily. So come, let us be stabilized on our throne of Self Sovereignty… because all of our servants (sense organs) will listen to us only when we are seated on the Throne.

Yoga Practice:

1. Increase the intoxication that, “I am a Self Sovereign Soul am a King the Master of this body… all the gross and subtle sense organs are my servants, they act as per my orders… I give them work as per Baba’s Shreemat and they too act accordingly”.

2. As Brahma Baba used to have the Court of His sense organs at night, used to talk to each sense organ, used to give orders, and also used to survey their activities for the day, similarly let us also have the court of our sense organs at Amritvela as well as at night. Let us give them work at Amritvela and check at night whether they have performed their duties right or not.

3. During the initial days itself Brahma Baba had the intoxication that, “I am a Soul, I am a Soul” and this intoxication easily made Him a Self Sovereign. Let us also deeply imbibe this practice. Point of Inculcation: Free from waste thoughts and wastage of time Baba is repeatedly inspiring us to make best use of our treasure of time and thoughts. None but us will have to suffer the loss if we waste these invaluable treasures of Confluence Age. That is why, let us listen to the directions of our Supreme Teacher and liberate ourselves completely from waste.

Point of Churning:

1. What is Volcanic Yoga?

2. As per current time what is the need and specialty of Volcanic Yoga?

3. Which all aspects do we need to pay attention to do Volcanic Yoga?

4. Create a literal picture of Volcanic Yoga.

For the Effort Makers:

Dear Effort Makers, intense effort makes everything possible… simplifies every problem. It is the decoration of our lives. Only Intense effort can fill all virtues and powers in us. Only this can bring our complete and perfect stage closer. That is why let us intensify our efforts make our Yoga a Volcanic one.


The Month of being Angel like the Father


The Week of being an Angel – 5

Self Respect: I am the Angel of Purity


I have descended on this Earth to establish the Pure Religion with GOD…

The Impurities of Kaliyug (Iron Age) can’t touch me. I am here to donate Purity to all the souls. Purity is the ornament of my life.



Yoga Practice:

1. I am a Perfectly Pure Soul… Vibrations of Purity are spreading all around from me…

These Vibrations are reaching each and every organs of my body and are purifying my

whole body…

2. I am a cluster of Purity… white rays of Purity are constantly reaching me from

Baba… Through me these rays are spreading over the whole world and are purifying

the elements of Nature and all the Souls.

3. I am the Sun of Purity… I am stabilized on the space above and removing the

darkness of impurity from the whole world. The whole Cosmos is being purified by

my powerful form.

Point of Inculcation: Complete Purity

 Talk to the self – My aim is Perfect Purity…and I will surely attain it. I have promised

GOD of remaining Pure. I will rather die with a smiling face, than breaking my promise.

 Don’t think that “I will have to become Pure…” But, accept the fact that “I am a

completely Pure Soul… Purity is my original nature. Impurity is an adopted nature…so is

not mine.”

Point of Churning:

1. What is Perfect Purity?

2. Which are the elements that create obstacles on the path of Perfect Purity?

3. How to bring Perfect Purity in the self?

4. What are Baba’s versions for Perfect Purity?

5. Write a Commentary on ‘Perfect Purity’.

For the Effort Makers:

Dear Effort Makers… Baba’s knowledge inspires us to be perfectly Holy. All the festivities

that are celebrated across the globe are all memorials of our Stages and activities of Confluence

Age. We are the ones who had become perfectly Holy by burning the Holi of Vices, playing

Holi of Knowledge and Yoga with GOD, and saying ‘Holi (gone)’ to the past. Again we will

become the same ones. So, let us take the oath during this Holi to become completely Holy by

getting colored by the company of GOD.

Month of being equal to the Father  


11-12-2011 Week of Disinterest 
Self-Respect:  Like Brahma Baba I too have unlimited disinterest. 
Brahma Baba attained perfect stage on the basis of unlimited disinterest. Let us also follow Baba and check ourselves as how much disinterest I have in the following,  
1. My own body and possessions 
2. Lokik relations 
3. Facilities and utilities 
4. My own old habits 
Yoga Practice:  
1. Bring the unlimited disinterested life of Brahma Baba in front of you… Baba’s body was always surrendered to Shiv Baba… Baba’s mind was always merged in GOD’s remembrance… Baba’s wealth was surrendered to Yagya… no trace of ‘I and Mine’ even in thoughts… what a simple dress-up, what a small and simple cottage to live in, completely disinterested from the worldly affairs… always merged in the remembrance of the One. How much have I become detached and disinterested from the World? Check and change…  
2. Talk to the self – what shall I take away from this world? Will property, money, land, people, name and fame go with me? Those whom I consider as mine, are they really mine? The truth is, I came alone and will go alone too. Then why to be attached with this perishable world?
3. The painful scene of Destruction – everywhere there is painful cry… killing… torture… bloodshed…people dying very painful death… attack of 5 vices and 5 elements from all directions… I am seeing all these scenes as a detached observer and giving Sakash and Salvation to all the souls along with the World Benefactor BapDada. 
4. Emerging the final scene – All dead bodies are lying everywhere and the Souls (point of light) are travelling back to the Home (Supreme Abode). I too am leaving my mortal body behind and going to Home with Baba. 
Point of Inculcation: Unlimited Disinterest 
– “As per the need of hour, now emerge unlimited disinterest. Having unlimited disinterest means, being in constant remembrance. Let the feeling of ‘I and Mine’ be completely eliminated and let there be constant connection with the Father.” 
– “When you are completely disinterested in worldly things… disinterested in your attitude, vision, relationships, Service etc, then the gate of Supreme Abode will open.”  
– BapDada 
Point of Churning:  
1. What is the meaning of ‘Unlimited Disinterest’? What is the need of it at this time? 
2. How to balance between unlimited disinterest and Lokik & Alokik responsibilities? 
3. Write an essay on Brahma Baba’s life which was filled with disinterest. 
For the Effort Makers: 
Dear Effort Makers, disinterest is the seed of inculcation. Disinterest is the mother of sacrifice, intense effort and selfless service. This is the key to make us equal to the Father. So, let us inculcate unlimited disinterest like Brahma Baba, bring time close and reveal GOD in the World.









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Month of being equal to Father     20-11-2011



Week of being Combined
Self-Respect: Like Brahma Baba I am also always combined with Shiv Baba.
Since the time Brahma Baba met Shiv Baba, had the vision of destruction of old world 
and creation of the new world, realized Himself being a Soul & the beloved of Shiva and 
now is the time to go back to home, He has been into one focused effort… the effort of 
remaining merged in remembrance of the one beloved, remaining combined with the 
Truth-Benefactor-Beautiful (Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram). Let us also follow the same steps 
as our beloved Brahma Baba had taken.
Yoga Practice:
1. BapDada – “For one month, keep BapDada in front of you with determination;
keep BapDada merged in your vision; think and do exactly what Brahma Baba 
did.” Before performing any action think whether Brahma Baba would have the same 
thought, would he utter the same words, would he perform the same action, would he 
have the same type of relationship…?
2. Brahma Baba used to have constant attention while performing all types of actions like 
moving around, eating, walking etc.  He used to check  whether  He remembers Shiv 
Baba. He himself always used to remember Shiv Baba and used to remind others of the 
same. For becoming equal to Brahma Baba, let us also remain merged in the 
remembrance of Shiva the beloved and remain always combined with Him.
Point of Inculcation: Only remember the One 
– If we soon want to become complete and perfect, then we will have to remember only 
the One. It is said, “You get everything when you worship one… You lose everything 
if worship all…” The one who remembers many, can’t attain either Maya or Baba… 
they are of nowhere. So, remember only the One.
– Dadi Chandramani used to say, let us sing praise of the one who feeds us. It should not 
happen that we eat from Ram whereas sing praise that of Ravan.
Point of Churning:
1. “How was Brahma Baba” – ponder upon this and make a literal picture of Him.
2. Write down the specialties of Brahma Baba by reading his Biography.
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, for one month our beloved BapDada wants us to remain in the stage 
that is equal to the Father… be like a photocopy of Brahma Baba. As Brahma Baba’s 
thoughts, words and actions used to be, let us too have the same. What a great and 
elevated  vision Baba has for us. The Effort makers who have  started working towards 
fulfilling His desires are already experiencing great support from Him. So, you too make 
the firm commitment to experience the stage of being equal to the Father in this one 
month time. This time period has special blessings from BapDada. 
GOD being my Beloved 
Self-Respect: I am the Shiva-Shakti… the beloved of Shiva; thus, ‘Ever married’. 
Give commentary to yourself like this… “Thank you my dearest for accepting me as your own. Now, nothing belongs to me… my body, mind and assets are all your’s. I know you love detached lovers. Now I will be detached with body and bodily relations and will live on your remembrance only. Oh dearest, I am your half partner. Your work is my work now. I will support you whole heartedly in your elevated task of World transformation.” 
Yoga Practice:  
1. “I am Parvati… am seated in front of Amarnath… He himself is narrating the 
imperishable story (Amar katha).” Remain in this intoxication while listening to 
the Murli. 
2. Wear the tilak of Self-realization and the crown of purity, virtues and powers 
from beloved Shiva during the Amritvela. Whole day experience being decorated 
with tilak and the crown. 
3. I am the Shakti of Shiva. I am incomplete without Him… I am always combined 
with Him. He is filling me with all of His powers. 
Point of Inculcation: Dedicated to the only One (Ekvrata) 
  • Always married’… means, loving only the beloved Shiva, none else. 
  • The face and personality of the beloved is always merged in the eyes of the ‘Ever 
  • married’ one. 
  • Shiva the beloved likes the souls who are dedicated to the One. 
Point of Churning:  
1. Write the specialties of ‘Ekvrata’. 
2. Write down the attainments from Shiva, the beloved. 
3. How to become the beloved of Shiva? 
For the Effort Makers: 
Dear Effort Makers, we Souls (the lovers) have found the beloved who is 
imperishable. We lovers of the imperishable beloved are ever married. ‘Ever 
married’ means Complete Purity… no trace of impurity should be there even in 
thoughts. Inclination towards a bodily being in thoughts or even in dreams is 
considered a great sin for the ever married ones. Ever married ones are always in the 
stage, “always talk only to you… listen only from you… eat only with you…” 







GOD being my Friend
Self-Respect: GOD is my friend.
Talk to your Godly friend like this… “Friend, I am proud of your friendship. I am 
the most fortunate soul who has met back his long lost friend. Friend, I had lost all 
of my good qualities, divinity and purity. But you have played your role of  real 
friend by making me your friend. You have made me equally elevated and pure like 
you are. I too promise that, I will keep my promise of  remaining pure till my last 
breath; because I know you love purity. I will forget the entire world in your love.”
Yoga Practice:
1. Be with your Godly friend throughout the day… eat, play, roam around, dance, 
sing along with him… take his help in making your Spiritual effort elevated and 
making your services successful.
2. Share everything of your heart with the Godly friend. Speak only to him, listen 
only from him…
Point of Inculcation: Only one thread can keep both of us connected, that is, real 
Purity. He is very innocent, very sweet,  and  perfectly pure. He doesn’t like 
cleverness or body consciousness at all.
Point of Churning:
1. What is true friendship?
2. How will be a true friend?
3. What is the difference between friendship of souls and that of GOD?
4. How does my Godly friend wish to see me?
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, suddenly a strange incident happened in our life’s journey. We 
met a friend who took over all of our responsibilities… he gave us everything for 21 
births, made such a fortune of us which none of the emperors or today’s billionaires 
can have. He didn’t ask anything for him, rather gave everything to us.
Like Sudama we souls too had lost our real virtues and powers and had become 
sad and poor. We were left with nothing except one small grip of grains. The GOD
made us (Sudamas) his friends and transformed us from pennies to diamonds.



GOD being my supreme Teacher


Self-Respect: I am a Godly Student.

I am such fortunate that GOD Himself comes down from the Supreme Abode to teach me! Can I give any excuse for such a great study? By this study I am becoming Sri Narayan from being a common man… becoming a great soul from being a sinner… how much of regard should I have for such an elevated study!

Yoga Practice:

1. Listening to the Murli from BapDada while being seated in the Subtle World.

2. I the Angel am inculcating knowledge from the Ocean of knowledge and spreading it to the entire World.

3. I the Master Sun of Knowledge am removing the darkness of ignorance from the entire World by being combined with the Sun of knowledge.

4. I the Messenger am standing on top of the Globe and blowing the conch of knowledge. The sound of this conch is reaching each corner of the Globe and waking up the Kumbhakarnas who are sleeping in the sound sleep of ignorance.

Point of Inculcation:

Being Regular, Punctual and Obedient

An ideal student will never miss his class. He is very punctual. Such a student will be present in the class even before the teacher arrives and listens to every instruction of the teacher. This virtue makes him imperishable in the World.

Point of Churning:

1. What are the specialties of a Godly student?

2. What will be the responsibilities of a Godly student?

3. Draw a literal picture of an ideal student.

For the Effort Makers:

Dear Effort Makers, not a single Soul (even any Spiritual leader too) has got a fortune of being taught by GOD. We are the only souls who have got guarantee from GOD of attaining elevated lives from the study of a single life time. The souls, who were being neglected by the entire world, are being elevated by GOD by giving the knowledge of 3 aspects of time. How greatly we should be thankful of such a

Supreme Teacher!

GOD is my dear Father  18.09.2011


waste or worthywhile


Improvement is always a conscious attempt. Guideline for progress charted out by well-known Rajyoga Teacher and Spiritual Scientist, BK Suraj Bhai





Point of Churning


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Spirtitual Awareness

Gita 20

Gita 19


Week of doing Home work  – 1

Self- Respect

Point of Churning

Dear Effort Makers, we all have seen our Father, the Ocean of Love, have experienced His love, have taken dips in that ocean and filled our wallet with the priceless jewels of knowledge.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a dream! Watching GOD performing His tasks is like an impossible being possible.

Experiencing His love gives goose bumps. His giving us lessons, guidance, inspiration and powers to travel on the path of truth are so special. He neither ever scolded us nor beaten us. Should we not be ready to die for such a Father?