Become a jewel of contentment 1 – 13

Become a jewel of contentment

The seed of contentment is all attainments. Sometimes there is discontentment. What is the main reason for this discontentment? What is the seed of discontentment?

Since the special blessing of the confluence age is that of contentment, why are the souls who have claimed blessings from the Bestower of Blessings not always content?

Why is there discontentment when the praise of the Brahmins is that there is nothing unattainable in life, in the treasure store of Brahmins?

Is it that the Bestower of Blessings gives differently, or does the ones who have claimed, claimed differently?

What has happened?

The treasure store of the Bestower of Blessings is overflowing.

It is overflowing enough for twenty-one generations for the elevated instrumental souls who have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris for a long period of time.

Even the bhagats as well as the generations of bhagats have the support of this attainment.

There is such a huge attainment, so why is there discontentment?

The reason for becoming discontent is the desire for limited, temporary attainment

Everyone has attained limitless treasures; they have been obtained through the One,

-in the same way,

-at the same time and

-by the same method.

However, souls do not know how to use the treasure store that has been there at all times and in every task, that is, they do not remember it.

There is happiness on the face but there isn’t happiness in the heart. There is happiness in the head but not in the heart. Why?

Souls do not become the embodiment of the awareness of the treasures that have been attained. There is awareness but not the embodiment of that awareness.

Although there is unlimited attainment, sometimes the unlimited attainment is transferred into limited attainments. This is why the desire for limited that is, temporary attainment, separates those who should be the embodiment of the fruit of unlimited attainments from the experience of constant contentment.

Limited attainments impose limitations in the heart.

There isn’t the attainment of the desired fruit due to limited desires.

The fruit of limited desires is the temporary fruit. This is why there is contentment one minute and discontentment the next. Limits do not allow the experience of unlimited intoxication.

Become a jewel of contentment #12

What are the attainments of this time of the Confluence Age that there is contentment?

The Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to us.

What else do we need when the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to us?

The Father the greatest Treasure of all belongs to us.

What is the greatest of all at the confluence age?

The Father is the greatest Treasure of all.

When we found the Father we found everything. If we don’t have the Father, we don’t have anything. Even in the golden age, we would not have this greatest Treasure of all. There, we will have our reward, but not this Treasure. In that age we will receive all treasures, but at the confluence age, the treasures we receive are even greater than those of the golden age.

Nothing is lacking in Brahmin life. In our deity life we don’t have the Father, but in our Brahmin life, we lack nothing. Therefore, the imperishable song that we constantly sing in our minds is that “nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of us Brahmins”.

What is it that BapDada gave all of us Brahmin children as soon as we took Brahmin birth?

We receive the full inheritance:

Baba gave us the full inheritance. BapDada always says to all the children: Remember Baba and the inheritance. The inheritance is all the attainments.

All the powers are included in this. All the virtues are included and gyan is also included; all the powers, all the virtues and the complete knowledge. It isn’t just knowledge but it is the complete knowledge.

It isn’t just the powers and the virtues but all the powers and all the virtues.

The inheritance is everything, that is, it is complete; there is nothing lacking. Every Brahmin child receives the full inheritance. The full inheritance means it is complete and perfect. Since each one receives the full inheritance, what would there be where there are all attainments? There would be contentment.

At this time we have claimed our right over all three relations in all three forms: The Father , The Teacher and The Satguru.

The speciality of the time of the confluence age is that we have all three forms of attainment.

One is in the form of the inheritance.

The second, which is the study, is said to be the source of income; so the second attainment is on the basis of our study.

And the third is in the form of blessings.

We have the inheritance, an income and also the blessings. We have so many forms of attainment. The attainment is very great; it is very huge!

We need simply be the ones who are able to look after it. We have an unlimited inheritance, the income is unlimited and the blessings are also unlimited.

We have a right to the inheritance, the study and also the blessings. We have such a huge right! It is not a little thing; it is very big. We have claimed our right over all three relations in all three forms. So great is our attainment!

Become a jewel of contentment #11

Contentment is the personality of a special soul:

When I have the personality of contentment I become a special soul.

If there isn’t the personality of contentment, I cannot be called a special soul.

In the world today, two types of personality are praised.

One is the bodily personality and the other is the personality of position.

The personality of contentment is visible in the expression of a Brahmin soul who has the greatness of contentment in his Brahmin life.

The personality of the position of his elevated stage is visible.

What is the basis of contentment in Brahmin life?

The basis for contentment is to be complete with all the attainments that have been claimed from Baba. That is to say, the soul is overflowing.

Any lack of attainment is the reason for discontentment. Having all attainment brings about contentment. There need not be any name or trace of discontentment in Brahmin life.

The confluence age is the age for remaining content and making others content.

The Confluence Age is the time to experience contentment. The knowledge of how to be content is available only now. In Satyuga I will be beyond even the knowledge of 'contentment or discontentment’.

The Confluence is the Age for constant attainment. Sangamyuga is the time to be elevated and to inspire others to be the same.

How elevated are the souls who play a part in this Age!

I need to check:

-Is there always this awareness – that I am an elevated soul of the Confluence Age? -Is there the experience of all attainment?

-On the basis of all attainments from Baba do I always feel myself to be complete and fulfilled?

-Am I so full that there is sufficient for myself and enough to share with others as well?

Just as of Baba it is said that His treasure store overflows, so, too, the treasure store of us children should always overflow.

It should never be empty. The more that we give to others the more it will increase for us.

Become a jewel of contentment #10

The secret of remaining content while coming into connections and relationships with others is to make incognito effort to remain content:

I need to make incognito effort-maker to remain constantly content and make others content while coming into connection and relationship with them.

The confluence age is the age of contentment.

If I cannot remain content at the confluence age, when would I remain content?

I cannot let there be any type of conflict in the self or when I come into contact with others.

A rosary is created when a bead comes into contact with another bead. When coming into connection and relationship with others, I remain content and make them content for only then will I become a bead of the rosary.

A family means to remain constantly content and make others content.

Become a jewel of contentment #9

The method to receive the certificate of contentment from everyone.

The method to claim a right to blessings from everyone and receive a certificate of contentment is through the tapasya from my heart.

There are many who give themselves a certificate through their chart of tapasya, but I can only receive a certificate of contentment from everyone

-when I do tapasya from my heart,

– when I have love for everyone from my heart,

-when I have the consciousness of being an instrument and have pure feelings.

I am aware that 100 % may not be easy but at the very least, 95% souls should give me a certificate of contentment and it should emerge from everyone’s lips:

“Yes, this one is number one”.

Become a jewel of contentment #8

Contemplate on the connection between contentment and happiness:

The basis of happiness is the power of contentment.

Become a jewel of contentment #7

A jewel of contentment has contentment in the heart and flies in the viman of blessings:

A jewel of contentment is one who is

-content with the self,

-with service and

-with everyone.

A jewel of contentment is one whose heart is always happy.

Happiness means my head and heart are always in a state of comfort and in a restful and happy stage. In this stage there is the experience of flying in the viman of blessings from everyone.

Become a jewel of contentment #6


Brahmins can claim constant success and attain a right to an elevated status with the trimurti certificate of contentment.

To be constantly successful I need to have an accurate connection with the Father and the family.

Each one of us has to claim three certificates: from

-the Father,

-the self and

-the family.

What to do I need to do in order to claim these three certificates?

In order to make the family content, I need to remember one small thing: I must constantly play the record of giving regard. I have to be selfless in this.

In order to make the Father content, I have to be honest and truthful.

In order to remain content with myself, I have to constantly stay within the line of shrimat.

It is these three certificates that will enable me to claim a right to an elevated status.

Become a jewel of contentment #5

A contented soul is one who experiences contentment on the basis of being full.

The ones who are always full are content.

No matter how much someone may create situations of discontentment in front of them, contented souls will give the virtue of contentment in the form of co-operation to those who try to make them discontent.

I am a spiritually royal soul and so my task is to become merciful and make effort to transform such souls through my pure feelings and good wishes.

Become a jewel of contentment #4

Contentment is a special blessing from the Father for Brahmins to accept and share with others:

What is the visible sign of contentment?

What is the connection between contentment and happiness?

What is the result of being content and happy?

Why we must take the blessing of being content and happy and also give this blessing?

The visible sign of contentment is to be happy, and those who remain constantly content and happy are definitely praised by everyone.

So, praise is received through being happy.

Those who are constantly happy-hearted, receive everyone’s praise because of their contentment.

Therefore, I must take the special blessing of remaining constantly content and happy and also give this blessing to others.

-because the final offering in this sacrificial fire is for all Brahmins to be constantly happy.

-When everyone remains constantly happy, the sound of revelation will echo everywhere, that is, the flag of victory will be hoisted.

Become a jewel of contentment #3

Who is a jewel of contentment?

What is the sign of contentment?

What is the basis for remaining content?

A jewel of contentment means a jewel without any flaw.

The sign of contentment is that a contented soul will experience the self to be satisfied and others would be satisfied with that soul.

In the stage of being satisfied, the heart is not asking questions.

One is a heart that is satisfied (prasann), and the other is a heart that is asking questions (prashan). Prashan means questions.

One with a satisfied heart remains satisfied because of being knowledge-full about the drama, and does not ask questions.

Whatever questions arise about the self or others, you yourself get the answer first.

Become a jewel of contentment #2

See contentment as a jewel that decorates the soul.

Contentment is the decoration of life.

Therefore, be a jewel of contentment and remain content and make everyone content.

Become a jewel of contentment #1

“The power of contentment is the greatest power and all

attainments are within it.

All powers are merged in that contentment.

The atmosphere of the power of contentment spreads everywhere.

Souls who are jewels of contentment experience the different forms of upheaval of Maya and matter as though they are watching a cartoon show.

Bapdada wants to see each child in the form of a jewel

of contentment, full of the power of contentment.”

– Avyakt Bapdada 20.3 12