Become free from obstacles 1 – 30

Become free from obstacles #30

A destroyer of obstacles is one who is a destroyer of obstacle not just for the self but for the entire world. ALL powers are needed to destroy obstacles.

Our memorial in the form of Ganeshji, the destroyer of obstacles is worshipped even today. To be a destroyer of obstacles does not mean to become a destroyer of obstacle just for the self but for the entire world.

If I remain engaged with my own self when will I destroy the obstacles of the world?

I realize that in order to destroy any obstacle powers are needed.

If I lack even one power I cannot be called a destroyer of obstacles.

I have to become complete with all powers.

Become free from obstacles #29

Whatever situation or problems come, however big, remain in an elevated stage and you will be able to overcome the obstacle.

No matter how fearsome a situation or how big a problem may be I must remain stable in an elevated stage and the situation will be experienced as trivial. It will not be experienced as anything big or fearsome.

When standing on top of a mountain anything big is seen to be small. Even a huge factory seems so tiny.

Therefore if I look at anything whilst being stable in an elevated stage I will easily be able to overcome all obstacles.

Become free from obstacles #28

An obstacle that comes will be finished with time but an obstacle destroyer destroys the obstacle before time and receives the reward of being an obstacle destroyer.

Any obstacle that comes will definitely go away according to the time. [ No obstacle remains forever]

However if I transform it before time with the power of transformation I will attain the reward for that.

I am aware that

-whatever has come will go away by itself or

-that the karmic accounts of a particular soul will finish, or

– that TIME will automatically teach everyone.

Although I know that may happen but I cannot simply be comfortable if I am an obstacle destroyer.

The law is: If I do something I shall receive the reward for that. I transform the obstacle with the power of transformation before time and so I will receive the reward for that.

Further, if I remain absorbed in Baba’s love there is benefit.

I therefore become a destroyer of obstacle and remain absorbed in Baba’s love. When there is deep love even the obstacles change their form.

Obstacles will not be experienced as obstacles but as something to make me into a unique embodiment of experience. Something major will be experienced as minor.

Become free from obstacles #27

An obstacle destroyer uses his time in bringing benefit to others instead of battling with obstacles in the mind.

To give time to battling with obstacles within my mind is to waste time on my self. This would not be considered as something essential but as wasteful.

Brahma Baba gave his essential time in bringing benefit to others and so I must follow the father, that is, not to use my time for my own self.

I must always check if I am using my time and thoughts for world benefit.

Only then would I be called a world benefactor and a destroyer of obstacle.

Become free from obstacles #26

To become a destroyer of obstacles consider it to be a test paper and pass it.

Within the drama obstacles will come, but the method to finish them is to

always consider them to be a test paper.

It is thorough this test paper that I am able to recognize my stage.

When any obstacle comes I consider it to be a paper and pass it. I do not see the situation , but just consider it to be a test paper.

There are a variety of question in a test paper.

-Sometimes of thoughts in the mind,

-sometimes of what people say and their opinion

– sometimes of relations and

-sometimes of the residents of my own place etc.

However I must not be afraid of any of these.
Become free from obstacles #25

In order to become a destroyer of obstacle always keep the self respect of being a World transformer.

“I am a destroyer of obstacle for the entire world and a world transformer.”

World transformers are very powerful.

In front of their power no matter how powerful someone else may be that one will become weak.

I am one who make the obstacles weak; I myself am not going to become weak.

If I myself become weak then the obstacle will become powerful and if I am powerful the obstacle becomes weak.

I stay in the awareness of my form of a master almighty authority.

Become free from obstacles #24

Learn the dance of harmonizing sanskaras, and all obstacles will finish. ? Everyone’s sanskaras should be the same as Father’s.

By constantly seeing the Father, I will remain constantly free from obstacles.

If I see a brother or sister, there will definitely be one or another type of fluctuation.

I Always see the father. What did Brahma Baba do? Everyone’s sanskaras should be the same as Father’s.

Learn the dance of harmonizing sanskaras, and all obstacles will finish.

Do not have conflict of sanskaras.

Even if someone else creates conflict, I should not allow my sanskars to come into conflict. Instead I must give that soul the cooperation of my power

Become free from obstacles #23

To become a destroyer of obstacles it is important to adopt the power of peace and accomplish every task with peace:

The method to become a destroyer of obstacles is to remain quiet and peaceful instead of opposing anyone.

Accomplish every task with peace.

Do not fluctuate and do not make others fluctuate.

Some think that the way to draw someone’s attention is to create a little fluctuation . However you should not do this.

This is not drawing attention but creating tension.

Therefore adopt the power of peace.

Through this no matter how big an obstacle may be it will easily finish.

Become free from obstacles #22

In an environment of obstacle what protective gears to wear?

In an environment of obstacle the dress to wear is the obstacle-proof shimmering angelic dress. The dress of clay will not be protective.

While wearing the angelic dress decorate the self with the ornaments of divine virtues.

After that keep the weapon of the eight powers constantly ready, that is, be an embodiment of the eight powers.

Now, every step you make you must be stable in the lotus stage.

When these requirements are met then you can be said to be a conqueror of obstacle.

Become free from obstacles #21

Weaknesses take the form of obstacles when we least expect it. How to avoid this?

Burn the seeds of the sanskars of weakness in the fire of love and rememberance and then the tree of obstacles will not grow. There will not be any weakness in thoughts, words, or actions.

Become free from obstacles #20

Constantly keep the magic mantra of “BABA, BABA” in your awareness and you will experience yourself to be constantly walking under the canopy of Protection.

The word “BABA” is a magic word. Just as magicians keep a magic ring or some other object with themselves, in the same way keep the word BABA with you at all times. Then you will never come under the influence of any obstacle.

Even if anything happens, remember the word “BABA” and remind others also, and you will become free from obstacles. Constantly keep the mantra of “BABA, BABA” in your awareness and you will experience yourself to be constantly walking under the canopy of Protection.

Become free from obstacles #19

To overcome obstacles in relationships or any other obstacles AMRIT VELA is the time to put it in front Bapdada.

At Amrit Vela when the influence of impurity is suppressed every where, the atmosphere is such that it can change anyone’s attitude.

At this most auspicious hour of nectar time, I especially experience the Rays of Light and Might from Sweet Baba, the Sun of Knowledge to be upon me.

I absorb the nectar of powers in the urn of my intellect and see all obstacles finishing.

Become free from obstacles #18

To become a conqueror of obstacle create a powerful atmosphere of spirituality:

Create a powerful atmosphere of spirituality by stabilizing the self in

-the seed stage, similar to that of the Sun of Knowledge Father and

-the angelic stage.

Become free from obstacles #17

Experience the Father’s hand of blessings over the head when an obstacle comes:

Those who have God’s hand over them are guaranteed to be constantly victorious. They have the imperishable tilak of victory applied to their forehead.

To have the tilak of victory means to be a conqueror of obstacles.

Become free from obstacles #16

Become knowledge- full in order to conquer obstacles:

Someone who is knowledge-full knows why an obstacle has come.

It has come not to make me fall but to make me stronger.

A knowledge-full soul would never become confused.

When a test paper comes I should not have any questions as to why someone is doing something. I should not even think that he should not be doing that.

Whatever happened was good. I must just pick up the good aspects of it.

If the final moments of the exam comes whilst asking the questions why or what I will fail.

Become free from obstacles #15

For victorious jewels to conquer the great enemy Maya is a must. If you are defeated by Maya you are defeated if you are victorious over Maya you are victorious. Maya has to be conquered at the level of mind. “man jeete jeet! Man hare haar!” Man jeet Jagat jeet!

Maya creates innumerable obstacles in Brahmin life. She is the greatest enemy. There is an unending war with Maya. It is not a question of whether to battle with Maya or not to battle. Generally, warriors use the slogan, “To be defeated, to retreat or to stop is the work of weak ones”.

I am a spiritual warrior in the spiritual army. I am not afraid, will never retreat and will move forward and become victorious.

For victorious jewels victory is a must.

It is said if you are defeated by Maya you are defeated. If you are victorious over Maya you are victorious.

In order to conquer Maya I must conquer her in thoughts. In this context it is said “man jeete jeet! Man hare haar!” Man jeet Jagat jeet! If you are victorious in the mind [thoughts] you are victorious! if you are defeated in the mind you are defeated! Those who conquer the mind conquer the world. It is for this reason that I must create such a stage that I am not defeated by Maya even in thoughts.

I am an unknown but very well-known warrior on the battlefield.

By considering myself to be the unknown but very well-known warrior on the battlefield, I will be able conquer Maya.

Whilst sitting, eating and doing everything in an ordinary way and whilst walking and moving around, I am battling with Maya and becoming victorious.

What is meant by being unknown?

Externally, I may appear to be doing nothing,

but internally I am attaining victory over Maya and claiming my kingdom.

When revelation takes place, everyone who sees me will wonder who I am and what I am doing.

Victory is guaranteed for those who remain in the company of the Almighty Authority. The Pandavas were the constant companions of God and because of this company, they were constantly victorious.

Become free from obstacles #14

With experience the different games of Maya becomes a child’s play. Without experience a small obstacle becomes like a mountain.

Someone who is an embodiment of experience would consider all the different games of Maya to be a child’s play.

Others, however, would consider even a small obstacle of Maya to be like a mountain, and would always think that Maya is very powerful, that it is very difficult to conquer Maya.

What is the reason for this?

Lack of experience!

They would not have the support of their experience, but would take support of Baba’s words in the wrong context, saying,

-“Even BapDada says that to conquer Maya is not like going to your aunty’s home” or

-“Maya is also an almighty authority”, or,

-“We haven’t yet become perfect; we will become perfect by the end”.

When I move along with such a support using Baba’s words out of the context He spoke those words, my support becomes weak and I fluctuate.

I now make it a point not to take support of just Baba’s words, but understand the context in which Baba spoke those words.

I let experience be my support.

The reason for fluctuation is my lack of experience.

I also remember my titles of self respect in dealing with Maya:

– “Master almighty authorities,

– Victorious jewels,

– Swadarshanchakradhari,

-Shiv Shakti Pandav Army,

-Easy Raja Yogis,

-Great donors,

-Bestowers of blessings and

-World benefactors.

Become free from obstacles #13

When will Maya stop creating obstacles and surrender to me?

-Maya will surrender to me when I truly surrender to Baba.

If Maya is constantly waging war against me, it proves that I am not following Baba’s orders at every step.

I repeatedly become one who cries out in distress.

What is crying out in distress?

When I call out,

-“Maya has come”,

-“Today, she came in this form.

-What shall I do now

-How can I finish Maya’s obstacle?”

When I surrender to the Father, Maya will surrender to me.

By adopting this method of following Baba’s orders, I will be liberated from difficulties for many births.

Become free from obstacles #12

Courage is essential to become victorious over Maya. A brave, fearless soul will not be afraid of the obstacles of Maya. The self respect of being a victorious jewel is important to conquer Maya.

I must become victorious over Maya. I stabilize myself in the stage of being a victorious Jewel.

I am a victorious jewel.

When I constantly have the awareness of being a victorious jewel, the many obstacles of Maya will vanish.

It is said: Become victorious to such an extent that no name or trace of anything remains.

If I am constantly intoxicated in the awareness of being constantly victorious, there will no longer be any name or trace of the obstacles of Maya.

A brave, fearless soul will not be afraid of obstacles.

-Obstacles enable me to move forward.

-Obstacles make me experienced and strong.

-Sensible, enlightened souls know that they will benefit from obstacles;

Those who gain victory over their thoughts are never afraid.

When I become afraid, Maya sees I am weak and then attacks me. When she sees I am courageous, she will bid me farewell.

Become free from obstacles #11

Maya is one of the greatest foes in creating obstacles in Brahmin life. As a shudra she was a friend and companion. There was no question of obstacles at that time.

In my Brahmin life I have challenged Maya and so she attacks me in many subtle and gross ways. I have to be knowledgeable of her ways and means if I want to be victorious. The power to face and the power to discriminate are important powers in order to be victorious over Maya.

While moving along and as I become a warrior I begin to challenge Maya.

I consider it my birthright to be victorious, but there are two things that make me unable to oppose the different attacks of Maya.

-One is the power to face and

-the second is the power to discriminate and decide.

Because I lack these two powers, I am sometimes victorious and sometimes defeated by the different attacks of Maya.

What is the reason for me lacking the power to face?

I do not know how to make Baba your constant Companion.

I do not know the method to seek His Company.

The easy method is the stage of being one with all rights.

When Maya sees that I am weak, she attacks me.

What is the reason for not having the power to discern?

There is lack of purity in the intellect so instability in the intellect.

-There is the upheaval of waste or impure thoughts.

-There is not the constantly stable stage of taking the sweetness of all relationships with the One Father.

My intellect and stage constantly fluctuate.

Because of this, the power to discern is reduced, and because I am unable to discern, Maya makes me her customer.

Then I am not even able to recognise that it is Maya.

I am not able to realise that something is wrong.

Instead, I become a firm customer or companion of Maya and I give my wisdom to Baba or the instruments and tell them:

-This happens all the time;

-all of this will continue to happen until we become complete.

In this way, from being her customer I become Maya’s lawyer and put forward many different points of this nature to Baba and the instruments, because, when I become Maya’s companion, I become part of the opposition party.

I give up the position of being a conqueror of Maya.

Become free from obstacles #10

Waste thoughts create big obstacles in Brahmin life in a number of ways: {Following thoughts can be reflected upon in a meditative state instead of just reading through.}

Waste thoughts create obstacles

-in making fast effort,

-in creating doubts,

-in losing faith in the self,

-in losing faith in Baba,

– in losing faith in the family,

– In experiencing the avyakt stage,

-in becoming perfect,

– and in becoming complete etc.

It is I who create a storm of my own waste thoughts, and make myself shake in that storm.

I shake the foundation of my own faith and the basis of my many types of attainment.

-I wonder whether destruction will take place or not;

– whether what God says is accurate or not;

-whether I should speak with faith to the people of the world;

-whether I should remain incognito or reveal myself;

-whether I should accumulate everything or use it up in service;

-whether I should look after my family or engage myself in service.

-I wonder what is eventually going to happen.

-The Father has become incorporeal and subtle, but I am the one who has to face everything in the corporeal form.

I shake the foundation of my faith.

Just as a physical storm can blow me far away, so too, this storm of waste thoughts blows me away from the stage of making intense effort to the stage of just making effort.

I need to remind myself that I am a trustee.

Since I am a trustee, then who is responsible?

Is it I or the Father?

Then, if Baba is responsible, is it my responsibility or Baba’s responsibility as to whether something is going to happen or how it is going to happen?

Someone with a faithful intellect means one who is constantly carefree.

Since Baba has taken away all my worries, why should I worry?

Since I speak of the Benevolent Father and the benevolent life, then whatever God says must be filled with many types of benefit.

In that case, why do I shake the foundation of my faithful intellect by having such thoughts as “why?” or “how?”?

If my foundation is shaken by such a small storm, then how am I going to witness the storms of the great destruction? This storm is just of my waste thoughts, but the storms of the great destruction will be of many different types and they will come from all four directions.

So what will I do then?

I should have patience and not become impatient thinking about how, when or why.

I need to become powerful, let my intellect constantly have faith, and take benefit at every moment from the Benevolent Father and the benevolent time.

These days of

-being the most wealthy and most fortunate ones;

-the days of having the companionship of the Bestower of Fortune, are not going to come again in the rest of the whole kalpa.

According to the drama, whatever scenes take place in the drama, I have to remain courageous and enthusiastic;

I myself have to remain powerful and also make the people of the world powerful.

I have to remain unshakeable!

Become free from obstacles #9

Whilst living at home within the family, karmic bondages create obstacles when there in not accurate understanding. What we understand as karmic bondages are not bondages but relationships for service.

I become tied in bondage by thinking and saying,

karmic bondage! karmic bondage!.

The sound emerges again and again :

What can 1 do if I still have karmic bondages?

How can I cut these bondages?

There is no need for despair and crying out:

Now I am living a life where I have died alive, and so

according to shrimat, the relationships of lokik karmic bondages become the basis for relationships for service.

They are not karmic bondages, but relationships for service.

-No matter how sinful a soul within the family may be,

– how detrimental he may be,

I cannot have feelings of hatred for that soul.

I cannot have distaste and cannot be disrespectful, but do service whilst stabilising myself in the

-stage of being a world benefactor,

-being merciful and

– having feelings of compassion.

However whilst doing this kind of service, I cannot have any attachment.

Sometimes, even doctors become attached to their patients.

„Relationships for service”, means to have the form of being a tyaagi and a tapaswi.

a tyaagi means a renunciate.

a tapaswi means one engages in deep meditation

The qualifications of a true server are renunciation and tapasya.

Become free from obstacles #8

Laziness is a big obstacle in making spiritual effort:

The obstacle of laziness does not allow me to move forward in my efforts.

When I I say:

‘Ok, I will think about it, I will do this, 1 will do it later”.

This is a sign of laziness.

Therefore I always think: Whatever I have to do, I have to do it now.”

Even if there are no obstacles, and my love is not that deep or I do not have enthusiasm or courage, then this too would be called laziness.

Laziness first makes me into an ordinary effort-maker, then makes me distant. And then, having made me distant,

-it deceives me and

-makes me weak and powerless.

I will not then be able to face the obstacles that may come in the future.

Become free from obstacles #7

One’s own weakness take the form of obstacles.

Where there is any weakness then obstacles come via

-circumstances, or

– through human beings, or

– through a particular person.

If there is no weakness then a problem cannot attack.

I ask myself –is there any benefit in problems coming to me?

Problems may come, but instead of them being problems, they will make me experienced in becoming the embodiment of the solution to problems.

Problems are the creations, the Mickey Mouse, of my own weaknesses.

I have the firm thought that now I will finish all my problems, and that I will never become the embodiment of problems for anyone else, either. I will become the embodiment of solutions for the self and for ot

Become free from obstacles #6

The old sanskars create obstacles in many ways, in relationships, in effort, in service etc.

When the old sanskars do emerge, I consider them to be sanskars from a previous birth. They are not of this birth.

BapDada’s sanskars should be visible in my sanskars.

I keep the aim of erasing all my old sanskars and fill myself with BapDada’s sanskars.

I need to always check ‘Is this BapDada’s sanskar?”, and if not, I do not touch that sanskar.

Whatever my sanskars that will be my form.

If my sanskars are easy and sweet, then those sanskars will come into my behaviour.

When my sanskars become like that of BapDada then everyone will see the form of BapDada through me.

Become free from obstacles #5

Past sanskars and nature create obstacles by causing conflict with others.

Past sanskars are the impure sanskars of the copper and iron ages.

When the past sanskars and nature emerge in my new Brahmin die-alive birth

they conflict with the sanskars of others.

This weakness creates great obstacle in reaching my aim.

lnstead of enabling me to pass fully, it will let me pass with only a pass mark.

Become free from obstacles #4

Obstacles come to us in various forms in every sphere of spiritual endeavor. They come to us

-in making efforts;

-in service;

– in the yagya ;

– in relationships;

-in situations;

-in circumstances;

– in the mind ;

-in the body;

-in wealth ;

-in the Yagya;

– in the form of the elements;

-in the form of Maya etc.

We know that obstacles have to come while the process of transformation goes on but what our worthy, respected and experienced seniors on this path have told us is that we should recognize the value of obstacles as teachers and not allow ourselves to be defeated by them.

We were given the wisdom that to become a conquerer of obstacles means

firstly to turn them from stumbling blocks to stepping stones; and

secondly to rise so much above them with the wings of wisdom and virtue given by God that we can finish them completely from a distance.

Brahma Baba was the first to show this greatness and achievement and Avyakt BapDada has continued to sustain each one of us on our own pilgrimage towards perfection with deep insights into why obstacles arise and how we can become free from them.

Become free from obstacles #3

Obstacles are the result of our own karmic accounts:

Obstacles can come in many forms

-when there is sorrow,

-when someone falls ill or becomes bankrupt,

all of those are our own karmic accounts.

Each one has to reap the rewards of that.

Even if someone commits sin at this time, he has to suffer the consequences of that.

Become free from obstacles #2

Obstacles come when we have imbibed knowledge in the wrong way. For instance, if we think that effort-makers can go on making mistakes and because they are effort makers they are forgiven for their mistakes.

Q. Why do obstacles come in front of us?

A. Because we have imbibed the knowledge in the wrong way.

We have imbibed knowledge in the wrong way because if we make a mistake, we say:

-We have not yet become perfect;

– there is still time remaining;

– we are still effort-makers.

It is important to understand that effort-makers do not have the freedom to make mistakes. In other words, if I consider myself an effort maker I can continue to make mistakes. This is imbibing the knowledge in the wrong way.

Most of us think that to be an effort-maker means that our mistakes are forgiven.

Become free from obstacles#1

“Bapdada now has the elevated thought that everyone should become free from obstacles and also inspire their companions and their connections and relations to become free from obstacles.

Bring time close. Bapdada cannot see the sorrow and peacelessness of his children. Therefore bring your kingdom quickly on this earth.”
Bapdada- 15- 11- 11

by Dr Kamta