Tilak of self-sovereignty


 As soon as the children take birth, God gives them the  tilak.

Tilak of self-sovereignty, not one of becoming a subject but to become a ruler.
The Tilak is the symbol of happiness, the symbol of fortune and the symbol of removing all obstacles. You are the ones who have the tilak on your forehead, you are seated on the throne and you wear the crown to bring benefit to the world. The crown and tilak of the future will be the reward for the attainment of this birth. This is the time to claim the mine of all attainment.

The Image of Immortality, Father sees all the children who are seated on the throne of immortality, wearing the crown of world benefit, the children who have a tilak sparkling in the centre of their forehead All of you are also seeing your throne, crown and tilak.

When you stabilize yourself in the stage of being an elevated soul, an immortal image, seated on the throne of immortality, then this stage is so elevated. „Simply stabilize yourself in the awareness of being a special soul and you will easily experience becoming like the father, because those who are the embodiment of remembrance become the embodiment of power.” The sparkle of this most elevated stage makes this face into that of an angel, not an ordinary face, but an angelic face. The angelic face is also loved so much.

Raj Yogi Khem from Mine of Treasures from The Father

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