Self-Sovereignty 1-31

Dr Kamta:


Chart of holding a court:

In the beginning, Father Brahma used to hold a court for himself every day in which he would ask for news of the co-operative companions, mind, intellect, sankaras, sense organs.

In the beginning, this was part of Father Brahma’s timetable every day.

He paid attention to this and so he was able to become the one with the right of self-sovereignty and therefore

the right to the kingdom of the world.

Father Shiva is incorporeal but Father Brahma made effort throughout his life and attained his reward.

We have to follow Father Brahma.

Self-sovereignty is our birthright. Which birth? The Brahmin birth.

Father Brahma gave every Brahmin soul the tilak of self-sovereignty the moment they took birth.

Which tilak? –

the tilak of awareness.


Self sovereign souls have the sanskara of ruling the sense organs at the confluence age and so become rulers in the Golden age:

A Self sovereign has total control over his kingdom of physical senses.

As soon as he says „Stop!”, they stop?.

It is not when he says “Stop!”, they start.

He gives a signal through his eyes to the power that makes all his physical senses work and they are able to function as he wants.

When he becomes a conqueror of his physical senses to this extent, he becomes a conqueror of nature, he will remain seated on the seat of the karmateet stage and claim a right to the kingdom of the world.

Therefore, I ask myself:

-Have I taken the first step of becoming a conqueror of my physical senses?

-Does every physical sense organ function saying to me, “Yes, my Lord!”, “Yes, I am present!”?

-Do they constantly welcome me?

-Do they salute me- the one who has the right to that kingdom?

-Do all my subjects salute and bow down to me, their king?

It is said that self sovereigns with ruling power at this time is the basis of whether one becomes a king, a subject, a wealthy subject, a maid or servant.


A self sovereign soul knows the importance of Shrimat.

He constantly keeps the reins of Shrimat in his internal awareness.

People of the world call the mind a horse and say that it runs very fast and a great deal.

The mind and intellect hold the reins of this horse.

Shrimat is like the reins of the horse.

If the reins are accurate, there can be no upheaval.

However, the mind and intellect that hold the reins sometimes get distracted by side-scenes.

When this happens the reins become slack.

If the reins are slack, then the mind definitely plays mischief.

So I constantly keep the reins of Shrimat in my internal awareness.

If in any situation, the mind plays mischief, I tighten the reins of shrimat;

Shrimat applies at each step, not just for brahmacharya.

Shrimat has been given for every action:

-to move,

-to eat,

– to drink,

– to listen,

– to speak.

If shrimat slackens, the mind has a chance to play mischief.

The mind can be very deceptive.

So, I the ruler of the mind must do a deep check to see whether the minister, my mind is establishing his own incognito kingdom inside.

In a worldly way nowadays, in a kingdom a separate group is created within the kingdom and they claim power;

They try to overthrow the legitimate rulers. The mind is capable of doing the same.

Internally, the mind can create an incognito group and make me become the slave instead of the ruler.

The mind even makes the intellect belong to itself.

It makes the lips and the ears belong to it.

So I must check every day.

Hey minister mind, what did you do, did you create any deception today?


To have sovereignty over the sanskaras the self-sovereign soul needs to know how sanskaras are created.

The mind plays an important part in creation of sanskaras.

The aspect which most of all makes me forget the stage of being a master, and

which controls me the king from time to time, is the mind.

When there is any wasteful incident or wasteful atmosphere, or wasteful scene, the first influence is felt on the mind.

The intellect then co-operates with it, and if mind and intellect move in that direction, it becomes a sanskar.

There are a variety of sanskars that are not Brahmin sanskars. If I am asked,

'Who are you?’, I would say, 'I am a Brahma Kumar’.

At any moment when I am influenced by wasteful sanskars, am I a Brahma Kumar, a Brahmin or a warrior?

Is it that sometimes I am a warrior and sometimes a Brahmin?

I say I am a master but am I a master when under an influence?

It is the mind that shakes the stage of the master.

“I am the ruler with the right of self-sovereignty and the mind is my minister.”

It is not that the mind is the master and I am its minister.

I am the king the mind is not the king. The mind is my minister; it co-operates with me.

To be constantly the master of the mind is described as having the right of self-sovereignty.

If I have the right sometimes and at other times I am dependent it means I am still influenced by the sanskars.

I need to first control the mind.

I call myself a king but the significance of a king is to be one who has ruling power.

If there is the title 'king’ but there isn’t ruling power, what would the situation be?

Could the kingdom function?

I need to check if I have ruling power.

To what extent do I have ruling power?

What is the percentage of my ruling power?

PS. Please refer again to an assertive dialogue between the soul, the king and the minister, the mind # 16 of this series.


The self respect of being a child and master is important to become a self sovereign soul:

Baba, the Master of the World, sees us as masters as well as children.

I will become the master of the world in the future, but,

at this time, I am the master of all of Baba’s treasures.

I will claim the right to the kingdom of the world in the future, but

I now have the right to self-sovereignty.

This is why I am a child and a master together.

As a child, the intoxication of being a child remains either in a merged or an emerged form

When I sit in remembrance it is Baba whom I remember.

When I think or say the word 'Baba’ it indicates that I am a child.

When I think of service I say „Baba said this, Baba said that”.

Along with being a child I am also a master.

I need to check for how long do I move in the awareness of being both a child and a master.


I cannot just be happy that I have become a child that I have received the inheritance because

if I don’t become the master of the inheritance, what is the purpose of being a child?

The significance of being a child is to also be the master.

I must also be the master of self-sovereignty.

I cannot be happy just seeing the inheritance but claim the right of self-sovereignty.

BapDada wishes to see all the children as rulers with the right of self-sovereignty.

Ones with the right can never be dependent.


Self sovereign souls do not remember the things of the copper age and so do not have the consciousness of “mine” but the self respect of being a child and a master.

The sanskaras of the copper age is one of duality sometimes saying „It is Yours and sometimes 'it is mine”.

I realize that remembering the sanskars of the middle period means to be confused in the middle of the ocean.

I remember my self respect of Balak and malik (the child and the master).

With the consciousness of being balak, a child, I naturally remember being malik, a master.

I know how to become a child?

To become a child means to unload the burden, that is, to be light.

A child means to finish 'mine-ness’.

I am a trustee, it is yours.

Even this body, does not belong to me. This has been given to me on loan for Godly service.

I have surrendered everything. „Baba I have given to You, it belongs to You”.

I cannot forget this promise.

I did not make the promise that „Half is Yours and the other half is mine”.

When I remain in the consciousness of being a child and a trustee there is natural happiness and intoxication of being a master.


Self sovereign souls are not pulled by the sanskaras of the copper age.

The original sanskaras are those of being the embodiment of all virtues.

-they are the sanskaras of the first period of time i.e. the Golden Age.

-they are the sanskaras of an original deity soul,

– sanskaras of sovereignty,

– sanskaras of being the embodiment of all attainment.

– these sanskaras are very clean, elevated and pure.

So to have sovereignty over the power of sanskaras means that

the original sanskaras should constantly be emerged.

These sanskaras should be natural.

Those sanskaras that entered in the middle, during the copper age, should not attract me.

Sometimes I refer to my copper aged sanskaras as my old sanskaras but

I cannot refer to the copper aged sanskaras as my old sanskaras.

In fact, my old sanskaras are the original sanskaras of the Golden Age.

My present sanskaras have come in the middle, during the copper age.

They are the sankaras of the limited period.

At this time of the Confluence Age, with spiritual endeavor, with the help of the Father, I am gaining victory over the sanskaras of the copper age.

I need to check:

Are any sanskara of limited attraction of the copper age pulling me?

Can I say I have sovereignty over my sanskaras

Self sovereign souls have a clean intellect by which they are able to discriminate and make the right decision and so victorious in every situation.


For a clean intellect there should be no waste thoughts.

-Only those who do not have a lot of waste thoughts,

-Those whose intellect is engaged in the remembrance of One,

-in the task of One and

-who are in a constant stage will be able to discriminate others very quickly.


Those whose intellect creates a lot of thoughts will have a mixture of their own waste thoughts in recognlsing others. Therefore, they will not be able to recognize others as they are.


Those who have cleanliness of the intellect will be able to maintain a yogi yukt stage.

Cleanliness of  the intellect means that it remains lost in the great mantra that it has received. Because of not having the remembrance of One and of letting the intellect wander in many directions, it does not remain powerful.

Waste thoughts and sinful thoughts make the intellect tired. Any soul who is tired will not be able to discriminate or make a decision accurately. No matter how clever someone may be, there is a great  difference in his discrimination and decision-making when he is tired.


Because the intellect is tired by these thoughts throughout the day, it lacks the power to make decisions. And so one does not become victorious. The main reason for experiencing defeat is that there is not the cleanliness of the intellect.




A self sovereign is able to use a particular power at the right time:

BapDada has given every Brahmin child all powers as an inheritance. Our inheritance of all powers is so powerful that no problem should be able to stay in front of us.  We should become free from all problems. But it happens that when we need a particular power at a particular time, we are not able to use that power at that time. When the time has passed, we realize what particular power was needed.

What is the reason for this?

-the line of the intellect was not clear.

When the line of the intellect is clean and clear then, there is sharp decision-making power and so we are able to use the particular power we need at that time.

So all the powers should be kept in the awareness so that whatever power is needed at a particular time, it will emerge when we need it but this will happen when we keep the line of the intellect clean and clear.


Self sovereigns shows the wonder of his intellect with the power to discriminate and so is always victorious.


A Self sovereign makes any situation and his form according to the need.

Because he knows the time to make the right decision, and what form is needed according to that, he becomes victorious.


In order to develop the power to discriminate, the main effort needed is

cleanliness and honesty in intellect.


The cleaner something is, the more clearly visible everything is through it.


The more honesty and cleanliness one has imbibed, the more easily he will be able to discern and so become victorious in any situation.




Self-sovereign souls have a right over the intellect.

I, a self sovereign soul, must have a right over my intellect.

A right over the intellect means that there should be the power to discriminate according to the situation at any given time.

It should not be that I discriminate after the situation, or after the time has passed.


When I discriminate after the situation, or after time has passed I would use such language as:

“This should not have happened, that should not have happened,

 if I had taken this decision it would have been much better”

I realize that the sign of a soul who has sovereignty over his kingdom is that he discriminates accurately and at the appropriate time.

I check throughout the day to what extent I the self sovereign was able to use my intellect with control.

There is the deep realization that the sanskaras of sovereignty now will make me a sovereign for innumerable births.




Learn the mantra for controlling the mind:

The mantra“MANMANABHAVA” is a special mantra. It means “Be Mine with your mind; focus your mind on me; remember me!”  This mantra takes us away from all problems, worries or situations. It removes our weaknesses and burns our sins. We are able to stay focus and handle situations. It can be said to be a magic mantra.

It is a mantra but not in the sense of a guru mantra as given on the path of devotion by a guru to his disciple. It is not the repetition of the mantra but thepractice of meaning of the word which is the rememberance of God.


When we remember the Father for just one second with an honest heart and in all relationships then the experience of the meeting and the attainment of one second will repeatedly take us away from all other things and draw us towards the Father. This is true mind control.




Sometimes I have a habit of using my mind unnecessarily.

When I try to keep it still, it continues to run by itself.

I realize that only an injection can keep it free from running unnecessarily.

The name of that injection is the bodiless stage.


When someone cannot be controlled and causes a lot of trouble and he is becoming a bit wild or crazy, he has to be given an injection to calm him down.


In the same way,

When there is no power to control the mind from creating all kind of thoughts, an injection has to be given.

I take the injection of the bodiless stage.


To take this injection I simply go and sit next to the Father. I just become bodiless and then sit next to the bodiless Father.





Some other spiritual drills for controlling the mind:

The exercise of the five forms:

First: My eternal form of a point of light.

Second: My original form of a deity.

Third: My worthy-to-be-worshipped form of the middle period.

Fourth: My confluence-aged Brahmin form, and finally,

Fifth: My angelic form.

I practice this drill for one day and check the results.

Another five points of the spiritual drill is according to the place.

First ;  I reach my Sweet Home

Second:   I reach the Subtle Region

Third:  I come into my Deity kingdom

Fourth:  I come into the Confluence age

Fifth:  I return to Madhuban


At amritvela have the practice that

I the soul am a point of light.

The Father is also a point of light.

I the soul am connected to the Father by a ray of light.


I, am an elevated soul,

I  have incarnated from Paramdham.

I have entered this old body in this old world to do service.

The exercise of soul consciousness removes the bondage and tiredness of the body, and makes the soul light.


During the day:

One moment, be a resident of Paramdham, the next moment,

be an angel of the subtle region, and the next,

become a karma yogi who takes the support of the physical organs.

This is known as having control over the power of  thought.


Stop the traffic of your thoughts every now and again.

Stabilise your mind within a second in any stage you want.



The exercise of the five forms:

First: Your eternal form of a point of light.

Second: Your original form of a deity.

Third: Your worthy-to-be-worshipped form of the middle period.

Fourth: Your confluence-aged Brahmin form, and finally,

Fifth: your angelic form.

Are you able to experience all these five forms of yours in a second?

The body becomes healthy by doing physical exercise.

The mind becomes healthy by doing mental and spiritual exercises.



Developing control over the mind- An assertive position taken by the soul, the king with its first minister, the Mind:

Oh Mind! I know you cannot remain without being busy.

However until now you have had me wandering a great deal wherever you take me.

I am the king and you the Mind are my minister but you have influenced me and

I have been following whatever you say. Sixty three births have passed.

Now it is the most auspicious confluence age and the most precious time in the whole cycle.

I have to take control of the whole kingdom once again.

I have to become a complete self-sovereign once again.

Oh mind! I can no longer leave my throne. I must remain seated on my seat of self-respect.

I will no longer follow your dictates. I am the king and you are my minister.

Your role in the kingdom is important and there is a lot of work to be done but you have to be a co-operative companion in the task and follow my orders from now!

Oh Mind!  BapDada now wants you to have only the thoughts that I ask you to have.

You have to create pure thoughts so that if any waste thoughts arise, your pure thoughts would finish the waste thoughts. From now onwards put a full stop to waste thoughts.

When I wish to contemplate upon matters of knowledge useless thoughts should not arise in you, my Mind.

When I wish to have yoga but due to the old sanskars, waste thoughts arise instead then

oh mind!  Oh companion, you have to remain fully cooperative in remaining stable and not be influenced by old sanskaras.


 SELF–SOVEREIGNITY IS THE BIRTHRIGHT OF BRAHMIN LIFE#17Controlling the mind by drilling it throughout the day:


What is ruling power?


The significance of a king is to be one who has ruling power.

If there is the title 'king’ but there isn’t ruling power, what would the situation be?

Could the kingdom function?  It could not!


A king would not do physical work himself, but would inspire everything to happen.

The servants in the kingdom, who actually do everything, would be separate.

When those serving under the king do not serve him well, that kingdom will shake.


In the same way, I the soul am karavanhar (one who inspires others to do), and my three special powers i.e mind, intellect and sanskars are karanhar (one who does).

When I have ruling power over these three, then my physical organs will automatically follow the right path.

It is these three special powers that control my senses


I need to have complete rights over my subtle powers, my mind, my intellect and my sanskars. These powers are my special workers. These three special powers, my royal workers, are my main co-operative workers.

When these three workers work on the signal that I, the soul, the king, the one with a right to the kingdom, give them, then my

kingdom will constantly function accurately.



What is controlling power?

When I make a mistake such as

-when something is not according to the system given by Baba, I understand that I should not do that,

-that this should not happen,

-that this is not accurate,

that it is wasteful, but even whilst understanding all this,

I still continue to do it.

I understand that it is wrong, and yet I still do it.  It means there is no controlling power.


An example can be when a driver is aware that there is the possibility of an impending accident he tries to apply the brakes but they do not function and there is an accident. He has brakes, but they are not functioning.

It can also be that instead of applying the brakes at one place, he applies the brakes at another place so again he would be out of control of his vehicle.

Even whilst wanting to do so, the brakes are not working or if they are working he is not able to apply them at the right time and so there is an accident.


Controlling power is like applying a brake or breaking power. It depends on brakes themselves and also the driver.

If I think something is wrong, that wrong should be changed into right instantly.  This is called controlling power.  It shouldn’t be that I waste half-an-hour thinking about it and then there is control.  If I make a lot of effort for half-an-hour and transformation takes place afterwards that is not controlling power.



Self-sovereignty means ruling power and controlling power.
Sweet Baba, You have taught me that the system of self-sovereignty is to rule the self.
I must have a right over every physical organ.
It shouldn’t be that I did not wish to see something, but that I still saw it;
It shouldn’t be that my eyes were open, and so I saw it;
It shouldn’t be that the ears do not have any doors, and so the topic fell into your ears.
I have two ears, not just one.  If I hear something, there is also a method to let it out. 
I am reminded of the special image that has been created in Bharat, in memory of Bapu, Gandhiji depicting the sensible use of the sense organs:
 „See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.
I realize that I should not only not see, hear and speak any evil but also not think any evil.
This is very important because first when I think of something, then I will speak about it, then I will see it.
I need to have controlling power and ruling power over the mind.
To be a king means to have ruling power.
If someone is a king and he does not have ruling power, who would accept him as a king?

I now realize that self-sovereignty means ruling power and controlling power.



The path to self sovereignty is a straight one without any confusion:

I check that there is no confusion about self-sovereignty.

Throughout the Copper Age I have been going around in circles of confusion in many places.

Now that I have come out from that, I don’t allow myself to put my foot again in a place where there is confusion in any way.

This is important because if once I step into a place of confusion, it becomes like a game of the maze. It is very difficult to find the way out. So, I always keep on one path. There can be no confusion



How does a self- sovereign review the business of his kingdom throughout the day and how does he go to sleep?

Throughout the day, I review the business of my kingdom.

Are the ministers, the eyes, working as they should?

Are the ears doing their work properly?

Are all the departments functioning accurately?

I check that I do not finish the day wearily, and go straight to sleep.

Before performing any action, I first check, and then carry it out.

first think, and then do, not vice versa. A gyani soul will first think and then do.

I check that if today I preceded every action with consideration and thought.

I am the one who thinks about action before, not afterwards.

If a soul thinks afterwards, then he or she cannot be called “a gyani”.

always remember that I am a soul with the right to self-sovereignty, and

on the basis of this I claim the rights to the kingdom of the world.

There is no question of : „Will I become this or not?”,

because if there is self-sovereignty now, then the kingdom of the world is with me.




A soul who has the right to self-sovereignty is a powerful soul and checks that there is no loss in his kingdom.

To be a ruler means to have the power of authority. Therefore, how great is the power of self-sovereignty!

-I check to what extent I have attained such power?

-Are all the physical sense organs carrying out their tasks according to my power?

-How well is my kingdom operating?

-Is it operating accurately?

-Is there upheaval taking place anywhere?

-Do the eyes, the ears, the hands, or even the feet, sometimes deceive me?

-Do I ever experience loss, or damage?

If the authority of the ruler is accurate, then in every thought, at every second, there is an income of multi-millions. If the authority of the rulers is not absolutely precise, then, at every second, there is a loss of multi-millions.

The attainment is of multi-millions, but also, if there is loss then to lose just once means to lose multi-millions. There is an accurate account of this.



 Children also have the intoxication that we are kingly children.


I have the realization that the forehead is the immortal throne of the soul.

I the self sovereign soul remain seated on the immortal throne of the forehead all day.

I check time and again to see that I do not leave my throne.

I do not allow myself to get tired whilst sitting on this throne.

I stay in the spiritual intoxication of my immortal throne.

I reflect:

Who made me this?

Baba! Baba made each Brahmin child a king seated on a throne.

Throughout the entire cycle of time, would there be such a father whose every child is a king?

Even Lakshmi and Narayan cannot be like that.  Only God the Father says that every child of His is a king.


In the worldly life people say that their child is a king [raj beta] although his child may be anything, he may even be a servant or anything else

But here

At this time in the cycle,

I am a raja yogi in a practical way. I have been made a king by the Father Himself.

I have become a kingly child.

Sweet Baba has this intoxication and I His child also have this intoxication.

I remain immersed in this imperishable intoxication.



A raja yogi is a self-sovereign who functions according to a governing system or nithi.

What is the meaning of a Raja Yogi?

A Raja Yogi means a yogi who is going to become a king. As a self-sovereign, I function according to a special system.

Self-sovereign souls have a special system or nithi.

Just as a king orders his subjects to carry out a task and they do it according to the system, in the same way,

I, a self- sovereign who has a right to the kingdom with my power of yoga give an order to my physical organs.

My each organ functions under my control.

Not only the physical organs of the body, but

even the mind, intellect and sanskars function according to the directions of I, a self-sovereign soul.

I am able to stabilize my thought power, that is, the mind whenever I wish.

I have sovereignty even over my mind.

How do I rule over my sanskaras?

I am not subservient to my sanskars, but I have the sanskars under my control and

I use them for a task with elevated principles.

I also come into relationship and connection with others on the basis of my elevated sanskars.



The basis of the future world sovereignty is the self-sovereignty of the confluence age.

Throughout the entire drama, those who have had a right to the kingdom have been ruling.

Firstly, the most elevated kingdom is of self-sovereignty.

And on the basis of this, the self-sovereign souls became those who have had a right to world sovereignty for many births from the golden age through the silver age.

So first is self-sovereignty, and then for half the kalpa, there is the claim to the right of world sovereignty.

From the copper age onwards, there has been a kingdom, but that is not world sovereignty.

They became the kings of the states.

Only in Satyug is there one kingdom over the entire world.

So there are three types of kingdom.

What is a kingdom?

A kingdom means the attainment of all rights.

-the governing system of the confluence age.

-the governing system of the golden age and

-the governing system of the copper age.



What is having a RIGHT to self sovereignty? When can it be said that I have a RIGHT?

A soul who has a right can never be subservient. If a soul is subservient, he is still making effort to become one who has a right.

That soul is an effort maker not one who has a right.

The physical organs or the mind, intellect and sanskars can never deceive a soul who has a right to sovereignty,

even in dreams because he has a right.

I need to ask myself:

Am I one who is an effort-maker or one who has a right?

Have I become one who has a right or am I still becoming that?


SELF–SOVEREIGNITY IS THE BIRTHRIGHT OF BRAHMIN LIFE#9 God Himself has the intoxication that all His children are kingly children and

Self-sovereignty is having a right over the mind, intellect and sanskars as well as over all the physical organs.

If any physical organ deceives me;

-sometimes my eyes deceive me;

-sometimes my words deceive me;

-sometimes my speech, that is the   lips deceive me;

I  am not said to be a self-sovereign.

All the sense organs of the self should be the workers of the one who has claimed the right of self-sovereignty.

I need to check: Am I the master or is it that the workers become the master and I become the worker?





The self respect of not only being a child of Baba but also a master:

I am a master of Baba’s treasures as well as master of self sovereignty.

What is it to be a master?

To be a master means firstly

-to be a master with the right of self-sovereignty and secondly,

– to make all of Baba’s treasures belong to oneself as one’s inheritance; that these are one’s own.

Baba is the Bestower, I am the master of His inheritance

Baba’s inheritance is for everyone.

Because Baba’s treasures are unlimited, no matter how much it is distributed, Baba’s treasures are not going to reduce.

The treasure-store is open and full. Since it is all for the children anyway, why should He give more to some and less to others?

I am two masters:

Firstly, the master with the right to the Father’s inheritance, and

secondly, the master of self-sovereignty.

I must maintain this firm awareness that I am master of both.

I check:

How long do I move in the awareness of being the master?

How long do I maintain this stage of mastery.

„Self-sovereignty is my birthright”!.

I stay firm on this!



Self sovereign souls check their trimurti powers all the time to make sure there is no mixture.
The Trimurti Powers are the Mind, Intellect and Sanskars.

How to check?
Are my Trimurti Powers serving me well? Do they make me dance around sometimes like a monkey?
Monkeys dance by jumping up and down.

Is my mind constantly following my instructions? Does Maya attack my mind and turns it into a traitor?

Does my intellect, my decision-making power confuse everything?

Do my sanskars sometimes jump up and make me ascend, and sometimes make me descend like a dancing monkey?

What is mixture?
If everything is accurate sometimes but wasteful at other times, then that is a mixture.



Self-sovereignty means according to one kingdom and one religion:

The golden-aged world is described as being of one kingdom and one religion. In the same way, in terms of self-sovereignty,

a. there has to be one kingdom, which means that everything has to function according to how I indicate.

b. one religion (dharna) means that everyone has the same dharna or inculcation, and that is for my stage to be constantly elevated and ascending. So if I am a self sovereign everything has to work according to how I the master want it to work and the three powers of mind, intellect and sanskaras must function according to one and the same principle.

It cannot be called one kingdom and one religion if my mind is following its own dictates;

if the decision-making power of my intellect is fluctuating or confusing everything, or

if my sanskars are making me dance around.



The thinking of the mind is my first power.

If my first power is accurate, then my other servants who accompany it will also do everything accurately.

First of all, I must check to see that my first servant the mind is a constant companion of I , the soul, the king, and is constantly following my instructions, because my enemy Maya also first attacks this first power and turns it into a traitor in order to rob me of my sovereignty.