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Spiritual Birth – Yoga Practice

I have left the old body  … old memories and life too are left behind along with it. Now I am born in God's family. The subtle world is my home, Brahma is my mother and Supreme Soul is my father .. this is my divine birth. I am similar to my parents. My personality ...


7 days course Lesson 3  –  Karma by Anthony Strano (Greece)    Karma – listen to audio

Radio Madhuban Radio Madhuban: Ramayan Link streaming from

what is shrimat?

what is shrimat?
    Baba always says, “Children, follow Shrimat.” Shrimat is not a set of rules but a system of living on this planet without violence. It takes a lot of wisdom to be able to do this. It also keeps us from creating more karmic debts. Deep knowledge and Yoga is for settling our debts, ...

The Interview With God Movie

I just finished watching an inspirational video called "The Interview With God" and it was amazing. The images and timeless poem that are shown in this video are sure to uplift your spirit and bring a smile to your face. You can view this wonderful video at: Uplifting Movie This video has been seen by ...



Meditation music

Welcome BapDada – Great Ghazal By Jagjit Singh   Amrit Vela song   Angelic Soul Come back Home Illumination Joy Wings Rose   Meditation Experience   Chalo Karen Hum Sair Ruhani   Muskilon Se Keh Do, Mera Khuda Bada Hai   Mann Panchhi Tu Udja   Farriste Hain Hum   Meditation song – BK Asmita ...

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