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    Always the sun, The Stranglers, 1986     I am not evils slave, BK song     Om shanti song by Denzal Sinclaire     BK traffic control song, Shanti ki shakti hai    

Dadi Prakashmani (Kumarka) was concerned about welfare of everyone BK Shashi, Madhuban Those who had the beautiful fortune of meeting Dadiji know clearly that Dadiji is a treasure-store of specialities. Just like Sakar Baba, one of the most striking qualities of Dadiji is her vast, ocean-like heart and the pure love she has for Baba, […]

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  RADIO EYESee [jwplayer mediaid=”22685″] Music for from GRC, Oxford, England source

  Practice of values while siting, moving around and even while listing to different songs when the night is over – accuracy appreciation (bk) beauty (bk) this too shall pass – compassion are you going with me – courage don’t give up – determination other people’s dreams – dignity love is in the air – […]

  Singer: Suresh Wadkar       Sangam yug mei pyaare Baba ,hume aap se behad pyaar mila…(2) Mila…..hume aap se behad pyaar mila In the Confluence age,Oh BABA,we got unlimited Love from you (2) Hume aap mile,ab kya chahiye,hume aap mei sansaar mila Mila…..hume aap se behad pyaar mila Having found you ,we discovered […]

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    Didi’s Day Pyare BapDada.. Didi had a feeling in her heart that since her father had given her the name of Gopi, she might have been one of them! I am one of those gopis who are described in the Shrimad Bhagavat! Didi was a very diligent student. From 1937 till 1983 she […]

6 minutes Listen online to Om Radhe’s lecture click on this link audio [27 minutes] link to download mp3 Here you can find Mamma’s lectures Om Radhe’s class – 25th September, 1962 [text] link link