| The night comes to an end and the day begins
The night comes to an end and the day begins


6 minutes Listen online to Om Radhe’s lecture click on this link audio [27 minutes] link to download mp3 Here you can find Mamma’s lectures Om Radhe’s class – 25th September, 1962 [text] linkOm Radhe’s class – 25th September, 1962 [text] Om Radhe’s class – 25th September, 1962 [text] link

International Day of Yoga   Wikipedia                                                       Day of Yoga 2016 events in Poland by diffrents groups, schools of yoga and organisations    BK events in Poland   BK […]

  “Mera Dil Ye Pukare” from Jabalpur by Shyam Brass Band   Eternal Drama of Soul, Matter and God                                                                       From time […]

Do you sometimes forget that this is the a game and experience the problems to be problems? No matter how difficult the circumstancess that come in front of you are, by considering everything to be a game, even the difficult circumstances become light. (Avyakt 23.12.1993) It’s for You The more faith you have in yourself, […]

Both the face and the activity of a royal soul will give the experience of the manners of truth. In any case, royal souls are known as the goddesses of manners. Their speaking, their walking, their eating and drinking, sitting ans standing, their every e\action willl automatically reveal the manners and the truth. It should […]

An honest soul means the soul will be honest in following shrimat in every action. Honest means faithful and honest; honest automatically takes every step according to shrimat. There should be honesty in heart and honesty in head. When there are all types of honesty, then even if there is a lack of trust, if […]

Celebrating 100 years of Dadi Janki’s life of Service Dadi Janki’s Yaad Pyar From Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad – April 2016 Mubarak Mubarak Mubark Ho – Congratulations I am not evil’s slave Shanti