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Once, Dadi Janki reminded everyone of the Pandavs’ specialities: – Arjun: the one to inculcate knowledge; the one different or unique from others (aur jano se alag) – Bheem: the one who protects the yagya. As much as there is praise for God, there is praise for His yagya. Without the yagya, how could we […]

Take me to Aruanda – mp3 Astrud Gilberto – Take Me To Aruanda (on Vinyl) YT     Meaning of Aruandê The word Aruandê was derived from the word Luanda, the capital and largest city of Angola, Africa. Luanda, once known as Loanda, was founded by Portuguese explorer Paulo Dias de Novais in 1575 who […]

  Tour to the pilgrimage places of Madhuban: 1. The greatest pilgrimage is the Tower of Peace to become powerful. 2. BapDada’s room if you are determined to become equal. 3. The hut is for a heart–to–heart conservation. 4. History Hall if you have waste thoughts at a fast speed   Song: O Madhuban Wale […]

We would hereby like to invite you to attend the meeting with Gopi Patel in Gallery of Meditation in Warsaw, Smolna 11, Warsaw, Poland on 28th January 2016 at 6.00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Topic: Coping with Negative Influences in a Changing World. Gallery of Meditation – Calendar of events BK Poland – Events calendar […]

Tower of Peace Inculcate divine virtues. Remain on the pilgrimage of remembering God. Become pure and make others pure. In divine memory of our most beloved Brahma Baba who made our life as pure as a lotus flower, who became the instrument of Shiv Baba to show the way to freedom and happiness, and who […]

solo acoustic guitar angels are called hunters. angels have no flesh or bones. angels don’t exist in the corporeal world. are you becoming an angel? before it ends – Idan Raichel’s song (extract 3.45) 100 000 angels – Lucinda Drayton’s song angels’s meditation music  

[jwplayer mediaid=”21230″]   Enya: Now We Are Free [Originally performed by Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer] Anol shalom Anol sheh lay konnud de ne um (shaddai) Flavum Nom de leesh Ham de nam um das La um de Flavne…. Healing to me And freely to you from Sol Omnipotens Yellow Wings of Joy Warmth of […]