A 100 smile

A 100 smile
„A 100 smile ” for anyone who losing Hope with flooding in Thailand. From  YT channel of  Kingclap, a group of young people from Thailand which try to provide a smile and laugh to everyone.   Featured Image – Nirvair bhai from Madhuban

Meditation: From moody to happy

Meditation: From moody to happy

Take Intention to Action

click on the picture above and see ‚A-Z Challange Book’ from Innerspace, Covent Garden (Brahma Kumaris UK)   Is your life filled with good intentions? But do you get around to acting on your intentions? Or do they just fade away? Good intentions need to be brought into action quickly. So, stop being irresponsible towards ...

Siedem nawyków / 7 habits

Siedem nawyków  /  7 habits
Mike George:  Tylko, gdy uświadomimy sobie i przyznamy się sami przed sobą do tego, że w 100% jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za swoje szczęście, zaczniemy zauważać rzeczy, które robimy, a które tworzą nasze nieszczęście. Gdy w pełni zaakceptujemy odpowiedzialność za swoje szczęście, tylko wtedy będziemy w stanie eliminować zwyczaje i nawyki, które są sabotażem dla naszego zadowolenia i ...

World transformers, world benefactors have their passports to the better world always with them

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Ocean Of Love Hug

Bapdada taking all beloved children in God & congratulating Happy Birthday wishes.

What is Success for YOU?

Clear Thinking 15th March 2012 Most of us learn that success equals some form of achievement in the world. For many it’s not the achievement but the recognition and the applause that they crave. For others it’s not the arrival but the journey that generates the satisfaction of success. They value the process more than ...


Remember, that the world belongs to those, who are careful.      

Lights Of The World – animation

swf animation – pure-feelings