Mansa Seva

Mansa Seva
Service of the mind is the process by which you create and send pure elevated thoughts through pure feelings, good wishes and elevated attitude to the self, to others in society, nature, the atmosphere and the elements with „selfless motivation”. Although thoughts, feelings and vibrations are subtle, they are products of the mind, which cannot ...

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     A vision that lies close to the heart of inner change BK Atam Prakash You are not an ordinary person You are a unique person with a unique personality That must be expressed through your face and your activities Face is the index of the mind If we have very good self respect ...

Cleanliness – Wisdom of Dadi Janki

Cleanliness - Wisdom of Dadi Janki
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Sleeping Contentedly (English)

Sleeping Contentedly (English)

Didi Manmohini 1910-1983

Didi Manmohini 1910-1983
      [flv:]   Different levels of effort make it possible to do different levels of mental service. The first level of mental service is of myself, then secondly of people I come into contact with, people I am related to, then thirdly people I know who are very far away, then fourthly people ...

Letting go – Visualization – in Chinese

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What is Success for YOU?

Clear Thinking 15th March 2012 Most of us learn that success equals some form of achievement in the world. For many it’s not the achievement but the recognition and the applause that they crave. For others it’s not the arrival but the journey that generates the satisfaction of success. They value the process more than ...

Dadi Janki

      Listen Morning class 27.04.2012, London Evening class 26.04.2012, London or read, plz   Dadi Janki – 26.4.12 – On arrival in London Stay in your own self respect, be carefree and wait and see the drama Sit under the tree and do tapasya Whatever Baba says must be done and I will ...