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here’s comes the sun – positivity   Medtitation commentary – connect to God (by Shivani) Our every thought, word and action is Our creation. Situations come to us from outside, but our responses are completely Our choice. Healer within – part 1 (link to YT) People may cheat, betray, trouble me, but the emotions I […]

   Christian songs:  1. Pan jest blisko – Lord is near Pan blisko jest, (Lord is near) click on link above to open the song (polish) 2. Oh Lord, hear my voice – Panie usłysz mój głos Oh Lord, hear my voice, (O usłysz mój głos) click on link above to open the song (polish)  Brahma […]

Mamma’s class: Baba’s orders are: Finish the accounts of impurity and become pure and also make others pure. Om shanti Bhagats say thanks to God, but there is no question of saying thanks to Him. We have now truly found God, our Father, and we have become His children. So we have to try claim […]

  1.  Presentation (Flowers) 2. „Jewels of contentment”   Source: found in mailbox