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  „Mera Dil Ye Pukare” from Jabalpur by Shyam Brass Band   Eternal Drama of Soul, Matter and God                                                                       From time […]

 The charioteer is the one who drives a chariot – play audio file link Charioteer – the ono who is bodiless, viceless & egoless. Class by Anthony Strano available at If you wish to find it, you may type „Anthony” or/and „Strano” in search window, below the title „Madhuban Jewels”. Anthony Strano who was […]

Class on karma with Anthony Strano

The Flute has often symbolised knowledge and its Player is the Divine Musician, God. In Raja Yoga meditation a very interesting perspective is that God is understood to be an eternally non-physical being, a point of immortal energy. At the end of each cycle of Time, that is, at the end of every Play, the […]

Uczciwość Czasami ambicja bez wyznaczonego celu, planu i jasności może być niebezpieczna. Ambicja jest dobra dopóki jest rozpoznanie, w jaki sposób to, czego chcemy, wpływa na innych. To jest rzeczywista uczciwość. Uczciwość jest czymś, co ani nie szkodzi nam samym, ani nie krzywdzi innych. Najczęściej, gdy myślimy o wartościach takich jak pokora lub lekkość, myśli […]

12th May, 2001, at 8.05 pm our respected and most senior Brother Brahma Kumar Jagdish Chandra ji left his mortal body in Madhuban. In his loveful memory I am sending two articles: (1) His biodata and (2) Dadi Kunj’s experiences with him, great soul.     Dadi Kunj’s experiences ABOUT BRAHMA KUMAR BRO. JAGDISH CHADRA  […]

  ON BEING A LEADER A reflective conversation with Mohini Punjabi by Stella Eugene Humphries Mohini Punjabi is a senior spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation (BKWSO) and their Regional Co-ordinator for North and South America and the Caribbean. She is also the BKWSO representative to the United Nations. To place her […]