Meri Maa

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Yagya old pictures

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Bandho – Bandho….

Aladdin: Meeting the Genie

Aladdin: Meeting the Genie
6 min     Ladder

Imagine – John Lennon

John Winston Lennon 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

Song: Taar Mann Ki

Short presentations

from archive:                                                                                       SONG OF GOD 18            SONG ...

True Story of Humanity – Satya Narayan Katha – Story of immortality

Waves of emotion

Waves of emotion
Your Emotional Outbursts When you find yourself in a stormy emotional outburst, with thunderous words, flashes of lightning and tears of rain… retreat to the eye of the storm! From this point of calm, look at your emotional turmoil: What are you really feeling? The storm has been brewing for a while: Why did you ...