Question & Answer on Golden Age – Dadi Gulzar with Jayanti Bhen

Q. How is a deity in relationship with their body? Do they feel the body is an instrument or a gift? We are to become the masters of matter. Our special work at this time is to purify matter. Firstly, in the Golden Age, matter will be satoguni. Due to this there will be no ...

Sab Kuchh To Mil Gaya

Mama – Magic in the eyes

Mama - Magic in the eyes
    "He is now present in living form. Now we can reduce the past accounts and increace our future accounts. Something can be done at this time. But in releationships with Father, you hace to be worthy and fulfil your duty. We now perform karma through our thoughts, words and actions and what will ...

Sweet Experience of Silence

Karmayog Ki Karaamat Se

Karmayog Ki Karaamat Se

Freedom from fear

Potęga Słów / Power of words

75th Shiva Jayanti Madhuban


How to change the world