The Seed of Balance

Healing and Letting Go

Soul meets The Supreme Soul

Volcanic Yoga

  Brahma Kumaris Australia       Commentaries on Volcano Stage       click on links to listen online     1. Topic One       Volcanic stage  BK Atam Prakash  Taking responsibility for lighting the fire of intense yoga within the self and the world  Commentaries on the World Volcano By Carmen Warrington and David ...

The Original Relationship

7 Steps Meditation – Step #7 – The Original Relationship – Connecting 7 Steps to Stillness 1.Take a moment to be comfortable in your environment. 2.Keeping your eyes open, gently rest them on a chosen point somewhere in front of you. 3.Withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds. 4.Follow the thoughts suggested on the ...

Guided Meditation – A Moment To Give

"I Choose"- guided meditation

Wave upon wave – Yoga Practice

Flexibility – I Am A Mighty River by Bhavna Bhen