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Commentaries on Volcano Stage



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1. Topic One       Volcanic stage 


BK Atam Prakash 

Taking responsibility for lighting the fire of intense yoga within the self and the world 


Commentaries on the World Volcano By Carmen Warrington and David Jones

I.   Lighting the bhatti

II. The Volcano

III. Circle of living lights

IV. Coolness of Oceans

V. Loveleen Atma

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I. Lighting the bhatti

II. The Volcano

III. Circle of living lights

IV. Coolness of Oceans

V. Loveleen Atma


TEXT ONLY Text of commentaries



2. Topic Two

Love as the foundation for intense remembrance and Jewel of Baba's Eyes


I. Jewel of Baba's Eyes


3. Topic Three

World Benefactor Stage  


I. Who am I

II. Subtle Regions

III. World Transformer

IV. Giving the Fruit of Devotion

V. Merciful One

VI. Crown of Light



World Benefactor Text of commentaries for translation into other languages



Music only to put together with translations of the World Benefactor

I. Rose Seat 

II. Rose Seat

III. Rose Seat

IV. Rose Seat

V. Rose Seat

VI. Rose Seat

For those who need commentaries in languages other than English. Above is a music only file. These can be used as a background music for a translated version of the same commentary.



4. Topic Four

Light House and Mighthouse stage


Commentary by Sister Meera of Malaysia and Music by BK Sam McNally 'Peace Entourage'

1. Lighthouse

2. Double Light

3. Soul World

4. World Service

5. Mighthouse

6: Light and Might


Commentary BK Carmen Warrington Music: 'Lighthouse' : BK David Jones and BK Carmen Warrington

1. Self Realization

2. Spreading Light

3. Spreading Hope

4. Serving with Humility

5. Changing the Atmosphere

6. Global Service


Commentaries for experiencing jewel of contentment stage Learning to neither give nor take sorrow by developing jeewan mukti or liberation in life

I. Infinite Space

II. Serenity

III. Silence

IV. Waves of Stillness


5. Topic Five

Brahmacharya Holy Swan: Purity in consciousness, drishti, vritti, words and actions


Commentary for experiencing the stage of purity, holy swan by Sister Shielu – Madhuban


6. Topic Six

Ancestor and Worship Worthy Soul


I. Br. Surya – Worship Worthy Soul

II. Sr. Carmen – Ancestor Soul


7. Topic Seven

Master bestower of liberation


Experiencing the stage of liberation in life Sister Sudesh: Becoming clean and clear



8. Topic Eight 

Master of Self Virtues and Powers Commentaries on the Powers


I. Power of love

II. Power of joy

III. Power of silence

IV. Power of truth

V. Power of peace

VI. Power to let go


9. Topic Nine 

The Five Forms – Deity, Brahmin, Angel and Soul in the soul world, and Worship worthy form


Sis. Meera – Yoga Experiments 4


Avyakt Stage Brahmin and Angel forms Commentaries for experiencing the stages and forms of meditation


The light of God

Healing the World    Healing Heart and Soul

Sound of Divinit   Return to the Self




Volcano Stage Meditation