Happy Birthday to You

If London is safe today
it is because
you as the instrument soul
have been clear from day one
that ‘this is BABA’s task
it is BABA who is to be glorified.
You yourself have never come in the way,
a humble servant of the godly government,
ever available,
ever present,.
You have had no arrogance of your own intellect,
for from day one ,
you accepted that God had given you the GIFT of a divine intellect.
You have used that intellect as a trustee to bring the inheritance to all souls,
this is one of the secrets behind your tirelessness
 And I say ‘one’ because,
there are other ingredients behind your ability to serve serve,
and serve
Also, It is not that you have understood the value of being incognito but …
it is your natural nature from the start.
You have not had to make effort for this
and we in London have especially been the beneficiaries of this.
You are of course right at the front,
beneath the eyes of the whole world,
the BK world and an official spokesperson for Baba,
the ambassador and yet
at the very a same time
you are so so invisible.
You have understood from day one, your part of, simply being the messenger.
You have stayed true and loyal to this part.
Perhaps this one of the reasons,
why you have never been afraid to put others first,
to see others go ahead.
You have the royal sanskara, one that is deep in your dharna,
of never needing to chase after anything, demand anything,
ask for anything….
for you know that what is yours will come to you.
We too must take this gift from you.
It is these essential qualities that have made you not just valuable
but exceptionally valuable.
inside yourself you know what's what
You are aware of yourself and make no excuses.
You have always kept the aim,
to apply what you hear to yourself and yet in those instances
where it has not yet happened,
you have had the courage and generosity to still share
what Baba wishes us to be.
You have had the strength and renunciation to withstand
the possible allegation of not always walking the talk.
You have dissolved yourself and stood on the front line.


In a few words you are brave, humble
A creation that makes sings praise of the Creator.


Thank you


This flower fills the air of the night of sorrow
 with a most pleasing perfume
like the Tree of Sorrow, Night-flowering Jasmine
 which starts to blooms
and gives the fragance in the night

Night Jasmine   Tree of Sorrow

Mild, balmy breeze, 
Hauntingly fragrant 
With Night Jasmine.

A small evergreen tree, 
With ivory white flowers
In my garden, 
Resplendent at night, 

Like the star 
Studded sky.
Before the day breaks, 
The tree silently sheds
Its crowning glory

On Mother Earth’s breast.
To pay homage 
In all humility.

Overcome with wonder
I find myself ponder, 
As I gather the flowers
In my wicker basket
On my way to the temple.

To offer 
To the deity
At the altar.

Oh, Harshingar, 
Why are you
The Tree of Sorrow? 

poem by Mamta Agarwal

Night Jasmine is called Harshingar and Paarijatta. In India its a sacred tree, grown in temples. Flowers are offered to the deity in the temples. There are many myths associated with it.


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