Dadi Janki class in Shantivan

Let Baba be Chit Chore for you


Baba is an amazing magician and He has the wish for us to become magicians just as He is. He wants us to be equal to Him in every aspect. How can we become this? With the power of yoga and by staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance. In fact, it is by having all relationships with Baba that the soul can stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and accumulate power. For this, I have to hand over all that is old to Baba. This is what it means to be an heir. If you wish to receive the inheritance of satyug don’t have any type of give and take with other souls. Hand over everything to Baba and take only from Him. It is the time to put on the angelic dress. If anything of yours is ‘tight’ then it is as if you are wearing tight clothes and you cannot just slip them off and put on the angelic dress. In fact, it is time to wear a ‘transparent’ dress so that we don’t have to labour at taking off the dress of the body in order to become bodiless. It is hard work and it takes a long time to take off tight clothes, so the method to become bodiless easily is to constantly wear a loose and transparent dress (ie. The body). Baba has opened a beautiful dress shop for us! Baba has opened an angelic dress shop for us. Everything is in that shop… crowns, clothes etc.… all I have to do is to take what I want. Never feel that it is difficult to wear an angelic dress – no, it is easy for me… In fact, we have to die here. I have to sacrifice myself here. One Baba created the Yagya and sacrificed himself. It is due to the quality of that sacrifice that the Yagya is continuing the way it is today. He sacrificed himself and by his becoming the instrument, the lives of hundreds of thousands have been created. Millions of people are receiving the message of how to become happy and peaceful. Not only are they receiving the message but they will also get the experience because the Supreme Soul has become present in front of our eyes. We have seen Him, recognized Him and got to know Him. From Him we have claimed our inheritance. Baba has told us clearly that the entire yoga of our intellect should be with the One who is teaching us. Then I also have to follow the Shrimat of Satguru. It is not even a matter of forging the yoga of the intellect with the Satguru but it is a law that if I want to become a king or queen then I will maintain relationship with the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. Baba really encourages us to die a living death. Baba used to tell us that he could tell our status if we were to leave the body today but he also told us to check our own selves. He would ask what type of effort we were making and what type of reward we could expect to receive on the basis of the type of effort we were making. So, we have to stay in remembrance and we have remain on this pilgrimage. We are not going to return here to this world. We mustn’t even turn back to look behind. We mustn’t get distracted and look from side to side. On a pilgrimage, it is essential to look straight ahead. Didi used to constantly say, ‘It’s time to go home, it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home’. I too should have this chant inside, I should have this feeling very deep inside myself that it is time to go home now. I have to get lost in Baba’s love and totally focus on the aim of going home. Nothing of the past should be in my mind or my sub-conscious (chit). On the path of bhakti they say that God is the one who steals the chit of the soul. He comes quietly and takes it away. He is Chit Chore (the thief). If you keep something old in your chit then it can emerge suddenly. Now, let God steal away your chit in such a way that you cannot remember anything old. Everything old is now with Him. He has taken all that is old away… I will then not remember anything except the things of Baba because everything else has been emptied. If you let Baba be ‘Chit Chore’ then you will not even remember that which happened yesterday because it has already gone. This month is Mama’s month, July is Didi’s month whilst August is Dadiji’s month. During these three months, until Baba’s season starts, we should make such effort that we create beautiful experiences for ourselves. If you remember Baba with a true heart then other things will not come in your awareness. If you are remembering other things then it is not possible for Baba to be there at the same time. Either I remember a situation or I remember Baba. The two cannot co-exist inside me. In fact, when I remember something else it is possible for me to make a big mistake. If anything comes in between when I sit for remembrance then I have to pull my own ears and ask why that thing came between me and Baba. It is essential now for us not to remember anything: neither the body, bodily relations, the old world or anything of the past. I should not remember anything. Such a soul who does not remember anything is free… free from bondage. Only such a soul can help others to become free. For this, you will have to totally leave the awareness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and understand and get absorbed in the wonder and magnificence of being ‘Manmanabhav’.

Om Shanti


6th June 2011