The power of the knowledge of the drama

Dadi Janki (Kullu, Himachal)   01.07.2011


Throughout the whole cycle, we will never find anyone like Baba.  Were you looking for Baba or did Baba find you?  Many would say: Baba found me.  I was lost in my own self.  Having found Baba, we forget everything else.  We don’t like the world any more. Baba had the picture of Krishna made in Bombay with a lot of love.  He is holding heaven and the murli in his hands and kicking away hell.


Krishna says: I am coming.  Who played the murli?  Baba spoke the murli through Brahma.  When we speak of Shiv Baba, we speak of him as the one up above, but He doesn’t stay up there.  He comes in front of us and awakens us through the murli.  Sit in remembrance, then listen to the murli, then perform actions as a karma yogi.  It should be visible that you are a yogi soul performing actions.

Baba never used to allow us to sit in the bhandara at the time of murli.  Once, I sat down to prepare bhog at the time of murli.  Baba got me up and said: Child, at the time of listening to the murli, you have to listen to the murli because there is magic in the murli.  What magic?  The murli is able to transform everything completely.  Through the murli you are able to connect your mind with God, you develop the habit of focusing on God.  If your mind is filled with other things, you will not enjoy the murli.  The murli is a mirror in which you can see yourself and the people of the world are able to see your character.

Everything has to be accurate.  When you are preparing food, if there is little or more salt in it, people would not enjoy it.  Everyone has a role in the establishment of the new world, and with each one’s finger, the world is being created.  It is not that you can do without this one or that one.  God wants every type of soul for the service of the creation of the new world.  Actors in a limited play understand what their particular role is.  Each one plays their part accordingly. Even two identical twins cannot play their part in the same way, even if they are given the same role.  We cannot say: “This is not good, this one is not good.”  Know that the drama is predestined. Previously, we did not have knowledge of the drama and that is why we were peaceless and unhappy.  Now, with this knowledge, we are no longer peaceless or unhappy.  With Baba’s knowledge, we received peace and love.  But with knowledge of the drama, we are able to remain stable.  Those who have the knowledge of the drama accurately in their intellect will never fluctuate.

Knowledge of the soul gives peace.  Knowledge of God gives power and knowledge of the drama makes us cheerful.  No matter how much you say “Baba, Baba”, but if you don’t like a particular scene in the drama, you cannot remain cheerful.  If you want to remain cheerful, then remember the drama.

Baba said: You have to be entertaining.  How can I become that?  My face should never be confused or wilted.  With understanding, I am able to remain mature so that I do not fluctuate with the smallest thing.  I am able to remain stable and cheerful.  I don’t need to laugh out loudly and yet I can remain cheerful.


Mama had such a powerful stage that no one noticed her physical body, even though she was in such a serious condition.  That can only happen with the knowledge of the drama.  I need to have very deep practice of being bodiless over a long period of time, so that whatever scene comes in front of me, my face remains the same and is not affected. Baba said: It is nothing new.  It had to happen and so it happened. It was the drama.  That is all.  The knowledge of the drama makes us unshakeable and immovable and also teaches us to play with jewels of knowledge.

Knowledge is first sweet and then we realise its value.  The value of education and income is realised when a child grows old.  Unless I earn my own income I cannot understand the value of it.  Baba gives us sovereignty and then also makes us worthy to rule that kingdom.  We will claim the kingdom in the golden and silver ages, but it does not mean we will not have a kingdom in the copper and iron ages.  We have
donated and performed charity at this time and so we receive the return of that for the whole cycle.  In the iron age, people attain everything through fighting, but for us, we do not have the sanskars of fighting or battling.  We are just happy with our own fortune.  We do not snatch anything from anyone, but we have the  understanding to create our fortune for the future now.  Do you remember your  tory of 84 births?  How you had so much fortune and wealth.  My face should  reveal the sovereignty I have had throughout the whole cycle.