One who is free from waste can serve through the mind

Dadi Janki – 19th September 2011 (pm) – Om Shanti Bhavan

Do you experience that Baba is speaking the Murli personally to you? My spiritual Father is sharing with me. He is seeing me as a soul and He is talking to me. When I constantly remember what He is telling me, I will free myself from waste. We have to pay a great deal of attention not to have waste. There is a great deal of loss in waste and there is also loss if I behave in such a way that others have waste about me. Now, think elevated thoughts and help others to think elevated thoughts. If someone is thinking waste, give them the co-operation of your elevated thoughts. This will help them change. The thoughts in my mind should be filled with peace and love. Focus on things that take you into the flying stage. Yes, you have may enthusiasm to do good but do you have truly good wishes for others? When one bird flies it gives others the enthusiasm to fly. Many do seva with enthusiasm but you can only make others enthusiastic if you are totally true. My every thought, word and action should all be worthwhile and filled with honesty.

Dadi remembers the first time she saw Shiv Baba enter Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba was enveloped in peace and we also got that experience. The vibrations touched us. In the same way, our vibration has to reach the whole world. This is why we need to end waste and weak thoughts. Let there now be no doubts in my thoughts. Do you have doubts in any aspect? Each one of you is instrument for one or another type of service. Each one’s finger is necessary in seva. Your service is automatically bringing you good wishes. You are creating your fortune. You are highly fortunate and you are creating further fortune. However, we don’t only have to serve on a physical level. People in many countries are going through difficult times and we need to send out vibrations to help them. They are now very open to this. Some people feel that no-one else in the world can help them. They want to be freed from mental torture and they want our co-operation. In order to serve these souls we need very pure feelings internally.

In order to do service through the mind I need to make my mind very powerful. For this, I need to spend time in silence. When Baba pulls you, let go of other things and be present for Him. Many think they remember Baba but what is true remembrance? Do you feel empowered by your remembrance? What do I need to stay in remembrance? In good remembrance you don’t remember the body, the family, relationships etc. Only when you remember one Baba can you be said to have good remembrance. Even Baba should feel my remembrance is good. It is the strength of the connection of Brahma Baba with Shiv Baba that has given birth to all of us. Do I have such strength in my yoga? We cannot now afford to be 'following’ Baba. I need to now be right by my side. If my remembrance doesn’t take me right close to Baba then how can I think I will be with him in the Golden Age? If you are close now, then you will be close throughout the cycle.

Now become free from everything else. We have to go back together and it is the time to go back. We have to become close to each other in the Rosary, then we can go back together.

Baba has told us to sit on the throne. One who sits on a throne, sits with self respect. Have you become such a worthy child who is worthy of sitting on Baba’s heart-throne? When we give everything to Baba then He gives us everything. Leave the feeling of things belonging to you – nothing belongs to me. When you are obedient and faithful Baba gives you good wishes. Become so worthy that Baba remembers you. When you sit in remembrance with honesty, Baba will definitely be pulled to remember you.

Someone asked Dadi how she makes decisions. I always sit in two minutes of silence and the right thing comes to mind. I don’t think excessively and I don’t worry. For this I need to have faith and good wishes for a long period of time and I can then catch the right thing. It is very important to pay attention on the self. If I keep good wishes then others will definitely catch them.

Look at the scenes in the world – what is happening now is unprecedented. Now be ever-ready, accurate, alert and introverted and be ready for the final scenes. Turn your face towards Baba and stay facing that way. If you do this then you will never feel anything to be difficult because Baba will give you help at every moment. Don’t just nod your head. See what you actually have to do to transform the self today!

Om Shanti

Dadi Gulzar class 16th Sep. 2011