Dadi Janki, Welcome Programme in Nairobi

Dadi Janki in Nairobi, Kenya

23.09.2011, 6.30 pm

The Time is Now:
Whatever needs to be done, do it now. The one who inspires us to act is above. We are simply instruments. Dadi gets her energy to act and takes inspiration from Baba, Mama, Dadi Kumarka, Didi and Chandramani Dadi.

Who should you see first? See yourself first. See Baba and then see the family. The praise of the confluence age is increasing with every day. Every day brings with it new experiences. The Yagya is now celebrating the Platinum Jubilee – 75 years of service and recently UK celebrated 40 years of service. After Baba became avyakt, Didi gave a lot of inspiration for service outside India. Didi told Jagdishbhai that now that Baba has become avyakt, we need to show Baba to the whole world. Jagdishbhai used to ask me to make plans for service outside India.

Easy Yoga
Dadi says “I am not Dadi”. I am simply a student. I am a child of God. The aim is simply to give the proof of being God’s child by becoming worthy. Baba used to say see the father and follow the father. Dadi never forgets that. When we are able to see and follow the father, then everything becomes easy and we are able to automatically have yoga. Raja yoga becomes natural. There is no need to make effort. It is about a connection of the heart. When you love someone, there is no effort.

Our role is not to see mistakes but to see only pearls. We have to become the embodiment of what Baba is teaching us. What is yoga? It is to make the intellect so clean and pure that it can connect with Baba. Where there is cleanliness and purity, then there is peace and then the intellect becomes elevated. Make a promise to yourself from the heart to become pure, clean and peaceful. This is the way to become blissful. To be the embodiment of knowledge means to be the embodiment of love and peace. Then I am able to become powerful. This is yoga. It is not yoga when we say one thing and in the practical form we are something else.

There should be such power of peace within us then whoever comes in front of us is also able to become peaceful. Peace draws power. We have to create such a constant stage. There should be no fluctuation inside. What is inside gets reflected on the outside. We need to be stable and balanced.

My Place Is In Baba’s Heart
We only need to sit on the heart of the Comforter of Hearts – One Baba. Ask yourself if your heart is clean and truthful? If there is no cleanliness in your heart then truth will not present. The Innocent Lord Shiva is the Bestower of blessings. In one second, go into the heart of Baba. There is no other place for me. If you ask Baba, “Where are your children?”, Baba will say “The children are in my heart”. When you ask the children, “where is Baba?” The answer should be Baba is in my heart.

Three Types of Souls
There are three types of souls. (Dadi used the metaphor of the different types of soldiers – maharathi – the warrior who rides an elephant; the horse riders and the foot soldiers). We say that someone is a maharathi because they are powerful. The example of the elephant is given. The elephant is powerful but if something as small as an ant enters its ears then the elephant can become unconscious. In the same way, we do not have to listen to anything that will make us unconscious. When you are riding a horse, you need to keep the reins in check and control the horse. Our mind needs to be in our control for only then can we overcome the vices. We have to control our five senses.

It is easy to become arrogant and think that I have reached the stage of a maharathi. Dadi gives this advice to everyone that let these eyes and ears only see and hear what Baba says. If you see only Baba through your eyes, then Baba will keep you in his eyes. We have to become bodiless and we have to be trustees. To be a complete trustee means not to have even the slightest thought that anything belongs to me. There is an old saying that the mind is drawn to where one’s wealth is. That is why Baba says Manmanabhav – give your mind to Baba, then everything that belongs to you – your body and wealth will be used in a worthwhile way. A foot soldier is one whose mind gets distracted by material wealth and relationships.

Mama taught us to be the embodiments of knowledge and peace. Brahma Baba used to listen to what Shiva Baba was teaching, reflect and churn over the knowledge and then share with others. Brahma Baba’s intellect was so clean. His example of surrender is remembered. Even when he was a diamond merchant, everyone used to go his shop because they trusted Brahma Baba because of his honesty. Honesty pulls the heart of God. It is through such honesty that the world is being served.

Time is short. We now need to become the garland around Baba’s neck. Deep from within, make yourself ready and worthy to part of the garland. Baba is our mother. Baba has taken us into his lap and is giving us nectar. We should remember Baba in such a way that on seeing us others also start to remember Baba. To be a yogi means to also be a cooperative soul. If you give cooperation, you become an easy yogi. Global Cooperation House in London, Global Museum in Nairobi and Global Hospital in Mount Abu are all the miracles of cooperation. Our only business is to be yogi and to give the hand of cooperation.

Making Decisions
Keep the mind pure and peaceful, then you get the signals of the right thoughts about what you have to do. Dadi is often asked how does Dadi takes decisions. In any situation, Dadi stays in silence for one minute and then the response comes. Sometimes the response is “Yes” or “No” or sometimes the response is “wait and see”. Dadi remembers that when Dadi was in Pune, the centre was very small and Dadi told Baba that this house is very small. Baba said “It will happen”. We need to have faith that it will happen. Do not have thoughts about how will it happen. It will happen. Simply become a trustee and become bodiless. Baba is the supreme benefactor and Baba makes the children the world benefactors.

Receiving Help
When there is courage, help is received. In your heart, carry the teachings of Baba. the sustenance received from Baba and the attainments from Baba. When you do this, Baba automatically makes you his helper. We do not have to beg for help and power. Where do we receive power from? Never leave your courage and help is received. Baba is happy with a clean heart. Always ask your heart, what will please Baba? Then only do what will please Baba. There should be no one but Baba in my heart, mind, thoughts and in my attitude. This is the real promise and it is with such a promise that I will pass. If you have such an aim then your aim will carry you to your destination and you will become the embodiment of that aim.

The Power of Sustenance
Give the sustenance you have received to others. When you sustain others in this way, they automatically do service and they will automatically have yoga. No one will then look at their watches or fall asleep. Share what you have received with others.

Make your intellect a yogi intellect and give cooperation through your actions. It is not enough to just speak. There are many who can lecture and give class. Baba would always ask “Did the arrow strike the heart?” When we keep Baba in front of us and extend the hand of cooperation, everything is possible. The situation of the world is changing fast. Whatever you wish to do, do it now. We do not know what tomorrow will bring.